The Struggle of Returning to The Other World

Chapter 28 - I’ve Entered the Priest Residential Area

Chapter 28: I’ve Entered the Priest Residential Area

I was dressed in an outfit Sena has picked out for me. I’m surprisingly well dressed as I walk into the priest’s residence area.

The area is simple looking with basic white marbles.

In the hallway, the surrounding courtyard, and large windows were equally simple.

On the other side of the window, the priest’s private rooms are lined up. It looks nostalgic. I lived in the innermost part of this area. I like the atmosphere of the European-style monastery so I used to walk around the residential area. Nothing has changed since I was last here.

At the entrance of the residence area, there was a manager and a guard waiting.

When I informed them that I was to meet Sotini-san in the meeting room, the manager asked me to write down my name and address on the paper. Of course, when I lived here, such paperwork was unnecessary so this is fresh for me. However, the pen wasn’t working very well. When I was the Priestess, I was only able to write “Haruatia” because there were moments where I had to sign my name. It has been almost two years since then. When I finished writing with messy letters, I turned to look at the manager sadly. The characters in this world are looks like symbols and it’s hard to write.

The meeting room was very large with chairs and desks separated by screens.

It became a little luxurious as I continue to walk to the back of the room. Even so, this room is only for priests with a high level of status to use for meetings since it’s not private. It’s probably used to meet people with my status since Sotini-san’s status are similar to Aldina-sama’s status.

I was guided by the manager to the back of the room.

There are a few priests with their visitors in the different booths.

It’s mainly with the different priest’s family members. Since the priests cannot freely leave the city during the apprenticeship, the time spent here are seen as a point of contact with those in the outside world. There’ a rule that all the priests working for the royal palace must live within the royal palace.

Sotini-san hasn’t arrived yet so I sat down on the first seat with the basket I was carrying on the table. It’s not the usual large basket instead, it’s a lovely picnic basket.

“Oh, you’ve arrived.” (Sotini)

The voice appeared from behind so I turned around while sitting.

Sotini-san’s style looks the same as the last time.

“Hello. Here is Sotini-san’s bento.” (Haruka)

Oh, I forgot to address her as ‘-sama’.

However, Sotini-san didn’t look offended and quickly sat down.

“Thank you for your hard work.” (Sotini)

In the meantime, Sotini-san’s looks right at the basket.

“This is an example of a bento. I hope it suits your taste” (Haruka)

“May I open it?” (Sotini)

“Of course.” (Haruka)

Today, Sotini-san seems to be calm.

I relax my tense shoulders.

After opening the lid of the bento, Sotini-san opened her eyes to see the multicolored side dishes lined up. It’s the same reaction as the other people who see the bento for the first time. I secretly like this moment where I can see a mix of joy and surprise on their face.

“So this is the bento that is highly spoken of by the royal soldiers and mages.” (Sotini)

Sotini-san looks at the bento curiously from various angles.

Alright, the first impression is good!

“I’ll have this.” (Sotini)

Sotini-san immediately picks up one of the side dishes to her mouth with a fork.

My heart is pounding really hard.

To be honest, it’ll be quite painful to be punished for this bento. I don’t care what she says about me, but this is a bento that is made with love from the master.

“…Delicious!” (Sotini)

Yes! Sotini-san said the bento was delicious!

Maybe there was no other intention from the beginning. If so, I have to reflect on my behavior.

“How much is this?” (Sotini)

“We charge 4 copper for this.” (Haruka)

“That cheap?” (Sotini)

Sotini-san, who seems to be a noble, seems to be shocked.

Her voice was raised in a surprised tone.

“Ordias-sama also liked the bento, didn’t he?” (Sotini)

I kept silent because Ordias-sama never tried the bento.

“This is the taste of the common people. It’s a taste I’m not familiar with.” (Sotini)

That’s right, Sotini-san became quiet while she ate. I brought out the herbal tea just in case she wants something to drink.

“You’re named Haruka.” (Sotini)

“Y-yes.” (Haruka)

I readied myself.

“This bento is very delicious. Please bring this back again.” (Sotini)

“Huh?” (Haruka)

“Of course, I’ll properly pay you for this one as well. I won’t be doing it every day. When I want to have it, I’ll send a message to Rick from the dining hall.” (Sotini)

“Oh…but for the time being…without the royal palace’s permission…” (Haruka)

If this was true, I’ll have to deliver a bento to the priest without permission.

“It’s fine since my judgment is the same as the judgment from the royal palace. If someone gives you any trouble, please tell them my name.” (Sotini)

Sotini-san is a powerful force. Rather than the aura of a believer who serves God, there is an aura like a certain emperor.

After all this, it’ll be impossible to refuse. The bento will be delivered to Sotini-san.

・ ・ ・ ・

I delivered bentos to Sotini-san several times.

After the first, a different priest would be there to pick it up. For that reason, the interactions are quite business-like. There were no mentions of Ordias-sama and I don’t mind that at all.

I haven’t had any meetings with Ordias-sama so Sotini-san might be in a better mood.


What happened to the matter of finding out who summoned me?

If I don’t see Ordias-same, I wouldn’t know what’s going on. Every day, I’m just doing my bento delivery so there hasn’t been any progress update. Personally, I think it’s a very fulfilling day, but my end goal is to return to my original world.

I have to meet Ordias-sama soon.

I’m not able to do anything if the other side doesn’t visit me.

Of course, I couldn’t just go to Otland-sama or Hamuti-sama.

I feel like I’m being messed around with.

One day, Sotini-san appeared to receive her bento.

I lowered my head.

“Long time no see, Sotini-san.” (Haruka)

“Yes, it’s been a long time. You’ve worked hard to deliver the bentos.” (Sotini)

Oh, after not meeting for a while, we had a decent exchange. Did the bento improve her impression of me? As Sotini-san said, filling the other person’s stomach has a huge effect on interpersonal relationships.

“May I have a moment of your time today?” (Sotini)

Sotini-san suddenly spoke up.

What? Somehow this sounds like bad news.

“…What is it?” (Haruka)

“There is a person who wants to meet you.” (Sotini)

“Who wants to meet me?” (Harka)

I have a bad feeling.

Sotini-san glances around.

Since this is the regular meeting room, people are naturally behind the screens. Sotini-san seemed to be concerned about it so she shooked her head.

“I will guide you there now. We can talk about that person in detail later.” (Sotini)

“Hey! Wait! I need to return soon.” (Haruka)

There is absolutely nothing good waiting for me. I tried to express my intention to reject it. I knew I couldn’t refuse but I need to make my stance clear. Sotini-san gave me a sharp look in response.

“Normally, it’s not easy for a commoner like you to meet her. It’s a great honor so be sure to keep that in your head.” (Sotini)

If I’m a lowly person, I really don’t want to meet that other person…

Sotini-san forcefully walked me towards the back of the residence area.

As an outsider, I shouldn’t be allowed to enter, but no one stopped me.

Sotini-san seems to have great power here. During my time as the Priestess, the female priests seems to also be people with similar status.

After a long time, I arrived at the back.

I know the way back here very well.

Although it was two years ago, it’s the corridor I used to walk in every day.

It’s not something I can easily forget.

…Yes, this is the path to the Priestess’s room.

“Sotini-san, who is waiting to see me?” (Haruka)

Sotini-san was moving at a fast pace so she silently stopped and turned around.

She opened her mouth and said in a very pompous tone.

“My Lord, the Priestess Aldina-sama.” (Sotini)

Oh…is that so.

I had a feeling it’ll be like this.

・ ・ ・ ・

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