The Struggle of Returning to The Other World

Chapter 29 - The Priestess Aldina

Chapter 29: The Priestess Aldina

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This is bad. This is very bad.

This is normally impossible.

Why is this happening to me? It’s kind of funny how I’m only here to deliver bentos to Soniti-san and somehow end up in this situation.

After all, don’t you think it’s better if my existence was put to the side for Aldina-sama? So…for her to ask for me while I make my bento delivery surprised me. Why is she looking for me? Am I in the way of her? Is she is trying to eliminate the former Priestess?

If it’s for that reason, that’ll explain the situation.

In that’s the case, will I be able to escape from Sotini-san?

However, the priests are familiar with magic. The female priests who were my companions were able to use magic. Sotini-san should probably be able to use magic too. She should have mastered many techniques that can probably stop me.

I should wait and see what happen.

My right hand is still wearing the bracelet Ordias-sama gave me.

I shouldn’t depend on the bracelet, but if something were to happen to me, Ordias-sama would be alerted. He should be able to help me. Right?

“Excuse me.” (Sotini)

While I was thinking, we’ve arrived to Aldina-sama’s room.

It’s in the same room as I’ve stayed in.

If you’re trying to capture me, you shouldn’t have guided me to Aldina-sama’s room. What are you waiting for?

“Aldina-sama, I’ve brought Haruka-san.” (Sotini)

As soon as Sotini-san open the door, a soft fragrance tickled my nose.

In the large room, there is an eye-catching carpet with a calm deep green pattern. The white walls also have a green pattern. When I was living in this room, it was a pretty pinkish atmosphere. This impression is totally different from that time.

“I’m waiting. Come on in.” (Aldina)

Sitting on the chair, she stood up slowly as she invites us into the room.

There’s no doubt that this is the Aldina-sama who I saw previously at the parade. Today Aldina-sama is wearing a simple white dress with her soft golden hair sweep loosely to one side. She looks relaxed compared to that time at the parade.

Geez…it’s really her.

When I see her up close, her beauty is much more prominent. I think that she is around the same age as me. Her face is small with pale skin and slender arms. Her height is considerably taller than me who stands at 160 cm. Even so, she still a delicate beauty.

“I’m sorry for suddenly inviting you here.” (Aldina)

The person spoke to me in a gentle voice with a dignified expression.

I looked around the room, but it seems like it’s unlikely for soldiers to be waiting for us.

If they’re not hiding in the closet, Aldina-sama would be the only person in this room.

“What are you standing for? Please sit down. I will prepare the tea.” (Aldina)

“Eh…” (Haruka)

Aldina-sama directed me to a chair across from where I was sitting.

It’s uncommon for the Priestess and a simple commoner to be sitting together. I glance over to Sotini-san, who guided me so far, for some help. She instead stood at the corner of the room like a statue. In this country, it is a tradition to be still and not speak in front of someone of higher status.

Since there’s no helping it, I sat down on the chair.

Soon a lady brought in tea. She immediately left the room so there’s only the three of us together. Moreover, Sotini-san seems to have taken over a supervisory role with no intention of joining the conversation.

“You’re Haruka-san. I’m glad because I wanted to see you.” (Aldina)

“M-me?” (Haruka)

“Yes, you are the one who delivers the delicious bento. Thank you so much for everything.” (Aldina)

Bento! An unexpected word jumped out Aldina-sama’s pretty lips. Perhaps the bento I delivered have been eaten by Aldina-sama. Well, that would be bad. What happens if you were poisoned? I sent a glance fill with criticism at Sotini-san. But, as usual, Sotini-san continues to be a statue.

“I’m surprised Aldina-sama had been able to eat it.” (Haruka)

What else should I say?

“Yes, I’m sorry.” (Aldina)

Aldina-sama laughed happily.

Oh, that smile is too lovely. If you can show a smile like that, all man will fall for you.

For example, even a sturdy solid knight would fall for that smile.

“After a long time, I finally had a great meal inside the city. Sotini-san heard about the good reputation of the bento that was being delivered to the royal palace so I arranged one to be sent to me. I’m sorry if this sounds ridiculous.” (Aldina)

“No, that’s not ridiculous.” (Haruka)

It’s surprising that Aldina-sama has an interest in the taste of the common people. I’m not sure if this is the case.

“I’m no more than a young lady who had originally served God in a small rural church.” (Aldina)

Aldina-sama starts to talk about herself.

She was a very ordinary girl who was living in the countryside without any nobility. At home, she has a father, a mother, and a little sister.

Aldina-sama, who was living in a very humble way, went to the church in the town and spent the day praying to God. However, Aldina-sama’s “power” drawn in the public’s eye. The “power” was in fact magic. It’s common for a person who excels in magic to become either a magician or a priest.

At the time, Aldina-sama said that the priest of the church said she has a good chance with either of them. Aldina-sama, who was used to spending time at the church from a young age, chose to go down the path of priesthood without hesitation. She began as a priest’s assistant in the small town and began to climb up the stairs to the top with her rare magical power.

“I was surprised when I was suddenly chosen as the Priestess. I still continue to try my best since I’ve been chosen for the role. Every day I have to put in the effort to be a worthy person to be everyone’s ideal Priestess. I don’t have a lot of power so I feel sorry for those who is currently standing up for me. But I have to work hard to inspire myself every day.” (Aldina)

Aldina-sama smiles weakly.

“It’s so hard to keep up with what’s going on in front of me, so I just feel nostalgic about the past. This meal was one of them. The meal here is very nice and I am thankful. It reminds me of the simple taste I used to have at my parent’s house. Sotini-san understood my feeling so she brought me a bento from Haruka-san’s diner.” (Aldina)

The soft voice was directed to Sotini-san.

Sotini-san remind still, but I could tell her cheeks is slightly flushed.

“I was very impressed with the taste of the bento. It was delicious and nostalgic. It’s a mysterious feeling that warms me from the bottom of my heart so I had to call for you.” (Aldina)

Is that all?

I secretly pat my heart to calm down.

Maybe she’s not lying to me. It shouldn’t be profitable to have to make up such a lie. It looks like she didn’t realize my status as the former Priestess. It was simply a matter of gratitude when she invited me here.

Even so, it’s surprising that Aldina-sama was an ordinary town girl.

I didn’t know about Ardina-sama’s existence when I was the Priestess. If you’re a strong priest with status, they would’ve greeted me at least once. Aldina-sama had climbed up those stairs herself and have finally become the Priestess who stands at the top. If it is said in the language of the original world, would it be known as the American dream? * Is there any difference?

After listening to Aldina-sama’s personal story, I was tempted to support her.

I know her situation very well since I came from a different world. I was lonely every day, but I cannot return. The people around me just lift me up high as the Priestess without seeing the real me.

There’s definitely anxiety and impatience since no one can understand so it was smoldering in my heart.

Aldina-sama may have spent the same day as me with the same thought.

Even so, she is still able to do her best. Aldina-sama is amazing.

Because I wouldn’t have been able to.

(I also wish I could do something for Aldina-sama.)

I felt strong, but it was clear that I could not support her.

Rather, my existence would only bring harm for Aldina-sama. It is said that Aldina-sama would be driven to a bad position if it made known that I’m the former Priestess. I don’t have any power left so I don’t think that’ll be possible. I rather have Aldina-sama as the Priestess.

(Aldina-sama is trying to do her best.)

I don’t want to interfere.

The only thing I can do is to just disappear from this world.

(Oh, that’s right.)

The loneliness that Aldina-sama feels can be healed by someone.

For her sake, Sotini-san has prepared the bento for the common people for her. She shouldn’t feel lonely if there someone who cares for her. Aldina-sama seems to have a good relationship with her other companions.

And. There’s another person.

“Aldina-sama, I’m coming n.”

Suddenly, a sharp man’s voice appears in the room.

The door opens widely without waiting or Aldina-sama’s reply.

The one who came in was Noel, who is currently Aldina-sama’s escort knight.

・ ・ ・ ・

* For those who may not know, the American dream is the idea that everyone has the freedom and equal opportunity to achieve their highest

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