The Supreme Lord Donghuang

Chapter 325 - Visitor From Beyond?

Chapter 325: Visitor From Beyond?

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Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, Zhou Donghuang had stayed on the Ziyun planet, visiting the Donghuang Sect for almost a month.

During that month, Zhou Donghuang distributed all the useful items he had gained from the various galaxies and planets he had previously visited to all the people around him.

There were spirit stones, spirit fruits and core drugs.

In that one month, he did not leave the Donghuang Sect at all. Besides spending his time practicing, he spent the rest of his time accompanying his mother, Lin Lan, and his sister, Yun Lu.

“Brother… another month has passed, but Big Gold and Little Gold have not returned yet. Do you think something has happened to them?” Yun Lu asked as she looked at Zhou Donghuang worriedly.

She would only feel less anxious with Zhou Donghuang’s words of assurance.

“Don’t worry,” Zhou Donghuang smiled and said. “Just like what you said, they have already reached the ultimate Primal Core stage… as two great Golden Essence demons, no one among the other four top tier sects of the Ziyun planet would have the power to stop them.

“Even if those sects somehow produced a Dharma adept, they would still not risk taking on Big Gold and Little Gold.

“I am sure they haven’t forgotten that I killed a Dharma adept five years ago. I bet the two of them encountered something interesting while they were gallivanting outside and forgot about the time…

“When they come back, I will help you teach them a lesson and ensure that they will never be so playful again.”

Zhou Donghuang’s facial expression turned serious as he spoke.

“Brother, I won’t allow you to bully them.” Yun Lu sat at a stone table with her hands on her waist as she spoke to Zhou Donghuang with a serious expression.

“You are now a Primordial Soul adept. What if you lose control of your strength while punishing them and end up hurting them?”

“Haha… Xiao Lu, they are tougher than you imagine.” Zhou Donghuang laughed.

“Also, with a higher level of practice, one will also have better control over one’s strength… So you need not worry about me not being able to control my strength.”

“I still won’t allow it.” Yun Lu shook her head angrily. “While you were gone all these years, they were the ones who played with me. They are my good friends, so you can’t bully them.”

“Alright, alright, I won’t, I won’t.”

Zhou Donghuang reached out to pinch Yun Lu’s puffed up cheeks and smiled helplessly.

“Brother will listen to Xiao Lu, alright?”

“You’re the best.”

Yun Lu jumped into Zhou Donghuang’s arms and hugged him as a radiant smile appeared on her adorable face.

“Young Master, are you around?”

Suddenly, they heard an anxious voice coming from outside the courtyard.

“Come in.”

Hearing the voice, Zhou Donghuang could immediately tell that it came from Freezing Wind. Freezing Wind entered with a solemn expression on his face.

“Young Master.”

In public, Freezing Wind would address Zhou Donghuang respectfully as “Sect Leader,” but in private, he would still address him as “Young Master.”

“Just now, an elder from the Shenguang Sect, who was seriously injured, rushed over to our sect, saying that he wanted to meet you… Upon meeting me, he told me to give you a message before taking his last breath.

“I could tell that he had tried very hard to hold on to his last breath while rushing over. Without such strong determination, he would have died on the way here.”

A few years ago, only people close to Zhou Donghuang were aware of his departure from the Ziyun planet. Everyone else on the Ziyun planet was unaware that he had left.

Of course, as Zhou Donghuang had not appeared in the past few years, it was possible that people would raise suspicions of whether he had left the Ziyun planet.

The fact that the Ziyun planet had very little Spirit energy was a known fact to the public. In outer space, there were many planets with more Spirit energy and resources than the Ziyun planet.

All the people who had their suspicions would have thought that someone with such talent like Zhou Donghuang would never be willing to continue his practice on the Ziyun planet.

This was why they believed that the probability of Zhou Donghuang leaving the Ziyun planet was very high.

“What is the matter?”

Zhou Donghuang’s expression became more serious. An elder from the Shenguang Sect with such severe injuries rushed over to see him at the Donghuang Sect?

It was difficult to imagine what would have caused an elder from the Shenguang Sect to do such a thing.

To the Shenguang Sect, their impression of Zhou Donghuang was relatively good.

After all, the land that the Donghuang Sect was residing on belonged to the Shenguang Sect.

“He said that the Shenguang Sect was extinguished… and it was done by people from the Xuesha Sect!”

As Freezing Wind spoke, his expression turned even more serious as he remembered something.

“The Xuesha Sect?” Zhou Donghuang frowned. “Didn’t you tell me that ever since I killed the Sect Leader of the Xuesha Sect, the Xuesha Sect had become the bottom of the top five tier sects on the Ziyun planet?

“The Xuesha Sect has the ability to extinguish the Shenguang Sect?”

In Zhou Donghuang’s opinion, even if he had not killed the Xuesha Sect Leader a few years back, it still would have been impossible for them to have the same ability as the Shenguang Sect.

If this was true, there had to be something that he was not aware of.

Freezing Wind’s expression became more solemn as he nodded with dread. His tone became even more anxious as he continued, “The elder from the Shenguang Sect also told me that when the Xuesha Sect arrived at the Shenguang Sect, they were not led by the current Xuesha Sect Leader and the two Golden Essence elders.

“The current Xuesha Sect Leader and their two Golden Essence elder adepts were following a middle-aged man with gray hair and who was dressed in a long, gray robe.

“When the middle-aged man in the gray robe appeared, he easily killed the Shenguang Sect Leader! After that, every single one of the Golden Essence elders of the Shenguang Sect were killed!”

As Freezing Wind spoke, he looked at Zhou Donghuang. “Young Master, even for an early Dharma adept, it would be impossible for him to do that, right?”

Zhou Donghuang frowned. “The Xuesha Sect has adepts with such abilities?”

“The elder from the Shenguang Sect said that the man in the grey robe did not seem to be from the Xuesha Sect as the Xuesha Sect Leader and the two Golden Essence elders of the Xuesha Sect all addressed him as “Senior…” If he was from the Xuesha Sect, he would definitely be their junior, and they would not address him in such a way,” Freezing Wind replied.

“Not someone from the Xuesha Sect?” Zhou Donghuang frowned.

“Seems like it may be an adept from outside the Ziyun planet.”


Just then, Yun Lu, who was in Zhou Donghuang’s arms, started speaking in an anxious tone.

“Could this adept from outside the Ziyun planet be related to Big Gold and Little Gold’s disappearance?

“Before Big Gold and Little Gold left, they told me they were planning on visiting the Xuesha Sect.”

As Yun Lu spoke, her expression grew more worried.

Upon hearing her words, Zhou Donghuang’s expression also started to change.

“Young Master, the last words of the elder from the Shenguang Sect were, ‘The Xuesha Sect’s target was not only the Shenguang Sect, the Xuesha Sect wants to dominate the Ziyun planet with the help of that man!'”

Freezing Wind’s expression grew dark. “Young Master, could the ability of that man possibly be stronger than yours and Senior He Jin?”

“Probably not.” Zhou Donghuang shook his head.

“Not only is it rare for the Ziyun planet to have adepts who have reached the Primordial Soul stage and beyond… but even in neighboring galaxies, there are only just a few Primordial Soul adepts, and rarely anyone reaches the Divine Transformation stage and above.

“That person is probably an extremely powerful Dharma adept or a Primordial Soul adept.”

Considering the situation of the galaxies around the Ziyun planet, Zhou Donghuang had his own deductions as to where this visitor from beyond had come from.

“Do you know the location of the Xuesha Sect?” Zhou Donghuang asked Freezing Wind as he stood up and carried Yun Lu in his arms.

“Yes.” Freezing Wind nodded.

“Follow me to meet the Valley Head.”

Following closely behind, Freezing Wind accompanied Zhou Donghuang to meet He Jin. On the way there, he did not forget to comfort Yun Lu, who seemed restless in Zhou Donghuang’s arms. “Xiao Lu, don’t worry… Big Gold and Little Gold will be alright.”

Though he was comforting Yun Lu, his heart could not help but sink as he had a bad feeling.

If not for the appearance of a Dharma adept or above on the Ziyun planet, he would not have been worried about Big Gold and Little Gold being outside.

However, now that he knew a person who had the power to easily kill a Golden Essence adept had arrived, he could not help but be worried.

“Donghuang, is there something going on?”

Upon seeing Zhou Donghuang hurrying over, He Jin’s expression turned serious. “Has the Qi Dynasty found us?”


After hearing He Jin’s words, Zhou Donghuang’s appeared less anxious. “I only told Third Sister about the existence of the Ziyun planet, nobody else.

“It was impossible for anyone to follow me when I returned here… If someone with weaker abilities had tried to follow me, I would definitely have found out. If the person had stronger abilities than me, there would be no need to follow me as they could have just directly killed me,” explained Zhou Donghuang.

“So why have you come here?”

When He Jin heard his words, he realized that he had made a big fuss over nothing. If the Qi Dynasty had known that they were at the Ziyun planet, they would not have waited until then to find them.

“Valley Head, it seems like a visitor at the Dharma stage or higher has arrived on the Ziyun planet, and they’ve formed an alliance with the Xuesha Sect. I would like you and Freezing Wind to visit the Xuesha Sect and find out the truth.

“As for me, I plan on staying and protecting the Donghuang Sect. With the current information that I have, it seems like the person may visit the Donghuang sect at any time,” Zhou Donghuang said.

“Alright, I will go.” He Jin nodded.

He knew that for a planet with such weak resources, a Dharma adept would easily have the ability to dominate if the they didn’t intervene.

With He Jin’s incredible speed as a Divine Transformation adept, he was back with Freezing Wind in less than an hour.

However, both He Jin and Freezing Wind had terrible expressions on their faces.

“What is the matter?”

Zhou Donghuang had a bad feeling.

Freezing Wind looked at Yun Lu, who was in Zhou Donghuang’s arms. Before he could look away, Yun Lu could sense that something was wrong.

“Uncle Freezing Wind, did something… did something happen to Big Gold and Little Gold?” Yun Lu looked at Freezing Wind anxiously as she asked.

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