The Supreme Lord Donghuang

Chapter 326 - Enemy Attack

Chapter 326: Enemy Attack

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Faced with Yun Lu’s anxious questions, Freezing Wind’s expression turned even more ugly. He turned to look at Zhou Donghuang as if there was something he wanted to say but was unsure about.

“Go ahead,” said Zhou Donghuang seriously.

“Young Master.”

Freezing Wind took in a deep breath and said, “Senior He Jin and I headed to the Xuesha Sect, and found that all the adepts who were above the Primal Core stage had left, and…”

At this point, Freezing Wind paused momentarily before continuing, “Behind the courtyard in a corner of the Xuesha Sect, I also found the decayed carcasses of two flying beasts. From the shape of their wings and their body sizes, I thought that they could have been Big Gold and Little Gold.”

The moment Freezing Wind’s words left his mouth, Yun Lu burst into tears. Then, her cries suddenly stopped, and she collapsed into Zhou Donghuang’s arms.

After confirming that his sister had only fainted, Zhou Donghuang heaved a sigh of relief, but his eyes were furious.

“To confirm this, I grabbed some Xuesha Sect disciples nearby and questioned them, and they confirmed the identity of Big Gold and Little Gold.

“Because Big Gold and Little Gold had gone to the Xuesha Sect many times in the past and frightened many of the Xuesha Sect’s disciples, most of the Xuesha Sect disciples recognized them.

“A while ago, a powerful adept had appeared in the Xuesha Sect, and even the Sect Leader and the Golden Essence elders of the Xuesha Sect were all very respectful towards him.

“Some time ago, Big Gold and Little Gold headed to the Xuesha Sect again, and the Xuesha Sect Leader asked for help from that powerful adept in killing both Big Gold and Little Gold.

“I was told that he used just two blows to kill them.”

Freezing Wind took a deep breath and looked at Zhou Donghuang with a tinge of worry.

“Young Master, please accept my condolences,” he comforted.

Freezing Wind was well aware of the relationship that Zhou Donghuang shared with Big Gold and Little Gold.

Their relationship was nothing less than the relationship Yun Lu had with the two eagles.

Zhou Donghuang looked at He Jin.

At the same time that Zhou Donghuang turned towards He Jin, He Jin added, “From the injuries that they sustained, it was definitely the act of an ultimate Dharma adept.

“After they died, all their essence was taken away, and it was definitely used to aid someone who had practiced an evil technique.”

He Jin shared what he had found out.

“Ultimate Dharma stage?”

Zhou Donghuang’s eyes flashed coldly. Just an ultimate Dharma adept, but being so arrogant and acting in such an unrestrained manner on the Ziyun planet… and even killing Big Gold or Little Gold!

“Big Gold, Little Gold…”

Zhou Donghuang was reminded of how he had first met the two golden-crowned eagles in the past and the times that he had spent with them. The fury in Zhou Donghuang’s eyes grew like flames burning in a field, growing brighter and brighter!

“Someone is here.”

Zhou Donghuang was still reminiscing the times he had spent with the two golden-crowned eagles when He Jin seemed to have noticed something, and he suddenly looked into the sky.

Upon hearing him, Zhou Donghuang turned to look up right away. With his senses, he easily discovered a group of people approaching from beyond the clouds.

The same time that Zhou Donghuang discovered them, a voice traveled in from a distance, “Donghuang Sect Leader, Zhou Donghuang, I heard that you are the most powerful person on the Ziyun planet, so I have come to learn from you!”

When they finished speaking, the group of people had already broken through the clouds, and they were led by a middle-aged man dressed in a long, gray robe. The party appeared in the skies beside the Donghuang Peak.

“It is the new leader of the Xuesha Sect, and the two Golden Essence elders of the Xuesha Sect!”

Even from this distance, Freezing Wind was able to identify the three men standing behind the man in gray.

“Young Master, the man standing in front must be the one who killed Big Gold and Little Gold.”

Freezing Wind looked again at the man standing in front, his eyes filled with a murderous glint.


The moment that the words left Freezing Wind’s mouth, Zhou Donghuang took Yun Lu, who had fainted in his arms, up into the skies. Instantly, he appeared in front of the party from the Xuesha Sect led by the man in the gray robe.

The next instant, He Jin and Freezing Wind had both appeared behind Zhou Donghuang.

“Sect Leader.”

At the same time, Su Mo had also appeared with a gush of wind, dressed in his scholarly robes. Behind him, Zhou Han and Zhou Feng had also appeared.

Besides them, many other figures came flying in from all directions.

Among them were He Mengxi and Da Zhuang.

In fact, even Lin Lan, Yang Zixi and Ren Jiapei had all appeared.

In the last few years, Yang Zixi and Ren Jiapei have been staying at the Donghuang Sect, training hard in order to catch up with Zhou Donghuang.

Now, just like Lin Lan, they were both Primal Core adepts who could fly.

Within just ten breaths, a huge group of people had gathered behind Zhou Donghuang, all made up of the highest-ranking people in the Donghuang Sect.

“Greetings, Sect Leader.”

The group of them bowed in greeting to Zhou Donghuang, who was standing in front of them. Their tone was reverent.

At this time, people had gathered from everywhere. Any space that could be stood on was now filled with someone.

These people were all disciples of the Donghuang Sect.

“Is that the mysterious leader of the Donghuang Sect who nobody has ever seen before?”

The eyes of the Donghuang Sect disciples were locked on Zhou Donghuang’s back, their gazes filled with excitement.

Every single Donghuang Sect disciple viewed Zhou Donghuang, their Sect Leader, as an idol.

Even if they had never seen him before, this did nothing to dampen their devotion towards him because Zhou Donghuang’s reputation on the Ziyun planet was simply that impressive!

Not only was Zhou Donghuang the youngest Primal Core adept born on the Ziyun planet, but he was also widely recognized as the most powerful person on the entire planet!

“Zhou Donghuang…”

Hong Yunfei was a part of the crowd. As he looked at the young man in white floating a distance away, his expression was complicated.

Since Zhou Donghuang was not calculative and had not taken revenge on him last time, he guessed that Zhou Donghuang probably wouldn’t find trouble with him anymore.

However, that was only a guess on his part.

After that incident, he was still worried about Zhou Donghuang, and it was only recently that his worry had lessened.

“Who would have thought that someone would dare to come to our Donghuang Sect and challenge our Sect Leader. Are they doubting the strength of our Sect Leader?”

Now, not only were most of the Donghuang Sect disciples thinking this way, even some of the elders of the Donghuang Sect who were floating behind Zhou Donghuang also thought this.

“Who is this person? Our Sect Leader is clearly the most powerful person on the Ziyun planet, but this person is here to challenge him!”

Many people looked curiously at the man standing in front of the Xuesha Sect people. His long gray hair fell behind him.

Behind this middle-aged man was an old man dressed in red, his face radiant, as well as two other aged men.

“It’s the Xuesha Sect Leader, Wang Jin! At his side are the two Golden Essence elders of the Xuesha Sect, Xue Chan and Meng Yidong!”

Among the high ranks of the Donghuang Sect, someone had quickly recognized the three people behind the man in the gray robe. They were none other than the strongest and highest-ranking people of the Xuesha Sect.

At the same time, many other people of the Donghuang Sect also realized that the three from the Xuesha Sect were all sect elders.

And all of them were Primal Core adepts.

“They’re from the Xuesha Sect!”

“This Xuesha Sect has always been known as the weakest among the top five sects of the Ziyun planet. How dare they come and challenge our Donghuang Sect! Are they out of their minds?”

“Who is the man in gray? Even the Xuesha Sect Leader and the two Golden Essence elders are all so courteous towards him and even standing behind him.”

“He… could he be the backing of the Xuesha Sect?”

After realizing that the group of people behind the man in gray were from the Xuesha Sect, the elders and disciples of the Donghuang Sect were all fuming.

Many people now turned to look at the man in gray standing in front.

Some old Donghuang Sect elders were the first to become wary.

“The Xuesha Sect Leader and the two Golden Essence elders definitely would not come to seek death… they are here with unfriendly intentions.”

“Who exactly is this man standing in front?”

After a moment, many Donghuang Sect elders looked at the man again, curious as to his identity.

Just now, it was this man who had challenged their Donghuang Sect Leader.

“Zhou Donghuang, we meet again.”

At this time, Wang Jin, the Xuesha Sect Leader who was standing behind the man in gray, now glared at Zhou Donghuang with eyes filled with hatred.

He declared through clenched teeth, “In the past, you killed my senior… today, our Xuesha Sect will avenge his death!”

“Your senior?”

Zhou Donghuang glanced slightly at the man but could not remember if he had seen him before.

Perhaps he had seen the man in Xuanyan City during the Ziyun Feast back then?

“The Xuesha Sect Leader who you killed five years ago in Xuanyan City!” yelled Wang Jin coldly.

“Oh, it’s him. I remember now.” Zhou Donghuang nodded, then simply said, “So you are here today… just to challenge me?”

“Of course not,” Wang Jin answered arrogantly. “Today, we are here to annihilate your entire Donghuang Sect!

“Come to think of it, because of you, your Donghuang Sect was very fortunate that we came here as our last stop.

“The Qianqiu Sect, the Shenguang Sect and the Tianwu Sect have all been destroyed by our Xuesha Sect! From this day on, our Xuesha Sect will rule over the entire Ziyun planet and be the sole power on this planet!”

As he spoke, Wang Jin’s eyes shone brightly.

Hearing his words, Freezing Wind, He Jin and the rest were all taken aback, their expressions changing.

“The Xuesha Sect destroyed the Qianqiu Sect, the Shenguang Sect and the Tianwu Sect? Is this for real?”

“From the looks of Wang Jin, the Xuesha Sect Leader, he seems to be speaking the truth.”

“Is the Xuesha Sect even capable of doing that?”

“Maybe not in the past… but now, it’s possible. After all, this group takes this man in gray as their leader, and this man had said that he wanted to challenge our Sect Leader.”

“He can’t be a simple man… he is very likely a Dharma adept!”

“So what if he is a Dharma adept? Five years ago, our Sect Leader had killed a Dharma adept. After five years, his powers must have gotten even stronger with his talent and skill.”

“It was no secret that back in the day, our Sect Leader killed a Dharma adept, and his martial arts talent is also known to all. For the Xuesha Sect to come here, they must really have a lot of confidence in this man in front.”

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