The Supreme Lord Donghuang

Chapter 327 (END) - Destruction of a Primordial Soul

Chapter 327: Destruction of a Primordial Soul

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Hearing the Xuesha Sect Leader, Wang Jin, claim that they had already annihilated the Qianqiu Sect, the Shenguang Sect and the Tianwu Sect, the elders and disciples of the Donghuang Sect were all in a state of disbelief.

Soon, the gazes of everybody present landed on the man who stood in front of the Xuesha Sect people.

The man had a stocky build, and his long, flowing gray hair was let down behind his back. As he floated in the air, his gray robe billowed in the wind, giving one the impression that he was an other-worldly being looking down on all of them.

Just as Wang Jin, the Xuesha Sect Leader, was gleefully looking at changed expressions on the Donghuang Sect people’s faces, Zhou Donghuang finally said calmly, “Rule over the entire Ziyun planet?

Since when did the Xuesha Sect have such power?”

Many of those from the Donghuang Sect silently heaved a sigh of relief at Zhou Donghuang’s simple question, and they looked at him with expectation.

“We must trust our Sect Leader!”

“So what if the Xuesha Sect destroyed the Qianqiu Sect, the Shenguang Sect and the Tianwu Sect with the help of an outsider? We are the Donghuang Sect, nothing that the Qianqiu Sect, the Shenguang Sect or the Tianwu can compare with!”

“Exactly! Back then, if not for the fact that our Sect Leader had no intention of claiming the entire Ziyun planet, our Donghuang Sect would have dominated the other four sects, including the Xuesha Sect.”

Many of those from the Donghuang Sect had blind faith in their leader, Zhou Donghuang.

Of course, there were some among the Donghuang Sect who were more realistic and thought, “Since the Xuesha Sect dares to come here, they must have faith in the abilities of this man.”

“How powerful is this man? The Xuesha Sect really thinks that with his help, they can wipe out our Donghuang Sect.”

“Will our Sect Leader be his match?”

Some of those from the Donghuang Sect were nervous as they considered the reality of the situation.

“Zhou Donghuang!”

Wang Jin, the Xuesha Sect Leader, looked at Zhou Donghuang and laughed coldly. He then turned to the man in gray who was standing with his back facing him. “Senior Ke You has already issued you a challenge, and you have yet to accept it.

“Don’t waste time talking about meaningless things… if you do not accept the challenge, then make it clear.

“Of course, even if you do not accept the challenge, you are destined to die by the hands of Senior Ke You today!”

Wang Jin praised the man in the gray robe, Senior Ke You, to the skies.


Then, Zhou Donghuang finally looked at Wang Jin. His lips curled into a malicious smile as he asked, “Your name is Ke You? You were the one who killed the two golden-crowned eagles of our Donghuang Sect?”

Zhou Donghuang’s tone turned cold, and the surrounding temperature in the atmosphere seemed to drop by a few degrees.

“Correct,” Ke You looked up proudly and said. “Come to think of it, I ought to thank the two golden-crowned eagles of your Donghuang Sect. It was only because they provided me with enough essence that I was able to reach the Primordial Soul stage!”

As the words left his mouth, a huge Primordial Soul Power in his form appeared from Ke You’s body. It looked like a massive mountain peak, so huge that it towered over everything else.

Within this Primordial Soul Power that was as massive as a mountain, Ke You stood in its midst, and with a wave of his hand, the Primordial Soul Power mirrored his actions.

As the Primordial Soul Power of Ke You appeared, the disciples and elders of the Donghuang Sect all looked on in horror as their hearts sank.

“Primordial Soul… he is a Primordial Soul adept!”

“Primordial Soul adepts are even more powerful than Dharma adepts. They can live for a thousand years, and the sheer power that they possess is nothing that any Dharma adept can compare to!”

“Our Ziyun planet has never produced any Primordial Soul adepts before.”

“Accordingly, based on the training environment and resources of our Ziyun planet, it is simply impossible to produce any Primordial Soul adept… it would be difficult to even produce a Dharma adept.”

“Even if our Sect Leader has already reached the Dharma stage, would he be a match for this Primordial Soul adept?”

In that instant, those of the Donghuang Sect who were realistic now looked on with despair.

As for those who had originally trusted Zhou Donghuang wholeheartedly, their faith also wavered at this point.

Although their Donghuang Sect Leader, Zhou Donghuang, was an extraordinary presence in the Ziyun planet, the environment and resources of the Ziyun planet still limited his growth no matter how extraordinarily talented he was.

In the past, they heard that their Sect Leader had left the Ziyun planet, but it was only now that they found out that their Sect Leader had not left and was still on Ziyun planet.

In that case, with the limited resources and environment of the Ziyun planet, even after five years, how much could their Sect Leader have improved?”

“How could he possibly be a Primordial Soul adept… the Ziyun planet could never produce a Primordial Soul adept!” cried a Donghuang Sect elder in shock.

Wang Jin, the Xuesha Sect Leader, heard the Donghuang Sect elder and could not help but laugh as he said, “The Ziyun planet definitely cannot produce a Primordial Soul adept. Senior Ke You is not from this planet.

“He is from beyond this planet and a distinguished guest of our Xuesha Sect… this time, after helping our Xuesha Sect to claim the entire Ziyun planet, he will leave.

“Although, with his power, Senior Ke You can easily dominate over the entire Ziyun planet on his own… but a planet as backward and as poor as Ziyun does not attract his fancy at all.”

As he spoke, Wang Jin’s smile grew even more radiant.

Hearing the words of Wang Jin, the expressions of everybody from the Donghuang Sect turned to despair…

From outside of this planet.

A Primordial Soul adept was now helping the Xuesha Sect destroy their Donghuang Sect.

What could the Donghuang Sect do about this?

“Mm, as long as you were the one who killed them.”

Just as everybody from the Donghuang Sect was panicking, Zhou Donghuang spoke once again, his tone as calm as before. He was not surprised at all by the Primordial Soul Power that Ke You had just displayed.

“Didn’t you find it weird… that you were not able to sense my level of skill?”

When Zhou Donghuang spoke once again, his lips curled into a smile of sarcasm.

Hearing this from Zhou Donghuang, Ke You’s eyes narrowed as he asked in surprise, “You, you knew that I was trying to sense your level?”

Just now, he had indeed tried to sense Zhou Donghuang’s level using his Divine Will, something that only Primordial Soul adepts and above had.

But he realized that he was unable to sense Zhou Donghuang’s level of skill.

For something like that to occur, there could only be two reasons:

First, Zhou Donghuang had mastered a secret technique that masked his true level of skill so that Divine Will could not sense it.

The second possibility was that Zhou Donghuang’s level of skill was even higher than his, and his Divine Will was not enough to sense it.

Without a second thought, he had assumed that it was the former.

After all, the environment and training resources on the Ziyun planet were simply too insufficient to produce any martial art adepts beyond the Primordial Soul stage… in fact, it would be difficult to produce even mid Dharma adepts!

Reaching the early Dharma stage on the Ziyun planet could be said to be an extraordinary feat.

But now, Zhou Donghuang had just pointed out that he knew Ke You had used his Divine Will to sense him out. Ke You now had a bad feeling creep up on him.

“Just an early Primordial Soul adept, and daring to act like this in front of my little brother, what a joke!”

He Mengxi, who had appeared beside He Jin, now looked at Ke You condescendingly with a smile of disdain.

As for Lin Lan, Yang Zixi and Ren Jiapei, although they had always known that Zhou Donghuang was now extremely powerful and unafraid of the early Primordial Soul adept that was in front of him, their expressions were still dark at this point.

The line that Zhou Donghuang had said earlier had grabbed all their attention.

Something had happened to Big Gold and Little Gold?

When Ke You heard the words of He Mengxi, he looked at Zhou Donghuang with a look of disbelief, as if contemplating the truth of her words. His expression faltered slightly.

Zhou Donghuang finally took action.

In his left hand, he held on to his sister, Yun Lu. With a wave of his right hand, the Spirit energy in the space around him shook, and a fearsome gush of inner Yuan rose to the skies like a wave. Then it rushed down towards Ke You’s Primordial Soul Power.


Enveloped by the Zhou Donghuang’s inner Yuan, Ke You felt as if his chest had been hit by a huge hammer. He felt suffocated, and he could not help but let out a low cry.

As he was crushed under the huge force that weighed down on him from above, he knew that if he were to allow this force to continue crushing him, even if he did not die, he would be severely injured!

“Destroy it!!”

A sword appeared in Ke You’s hands. With his face turning red from the pressure, he injected inner Yuan into the weapon, which then ballooned.

At the same time, a sword had also appeared in the hands of Ke You’s Primordial Soul Power. Under the control of Ke You, the sword pierced through the translucent inner Yuan that rushed down towards him.

All his force.

He did not dare to hold back at all.

At this moment, the crowd could not help but hold their breath as they stared unblinkingly at the scene before them, as if they were afraid to miss even the slightest detail.


A loud sound rolled across the skies like thunder.

At the same time, Ke You’s Primordial Soul was knocked out of the skies, crumbling under the huge energy from the wave of inner Yuan.

With a light crack, the shaft of the sword in Ke You’s hands cracked, with more cracks forming like a spider’s web.

This sword was no ordinary sword; it was an inferior Primordial Soul spirit weapon.


Ke You’s body, which was withstanding the pressure, finally succumbed to it enormous force. He fell to the ground, his mouth spewing out blood.

It was only when Zhou Donghuang’s hand waved away the inner Yuan in the sky that Ke You heaved a sigh of relief, but he was still gasping for air. The pride was lost from his eyes and was replaced by fear.

“Divine… a Divine Transformation adept… How could you possibly be a Divine Transformation adept!”

With just a wave of his hand and without the appearance of even a Primordial Soul Power, his inner Yuan alone could crush the inferior Primordial Soul spirit weapon in Ke You’s hands.

Such a feat could not be achieved by any Primordial Soul adepts, or even ultimate Primordial Soul adepts!

Just as Ke You cried out in shock, the party from the Xuesha Sect now looked on with despair. Meanwhile, those from the Donghuang Sect were filled with shock and ecstasy.

Zhou Donghuang lightly patted the back of the young girl in his arms, and gently called to her, “Xiao Lu, wake up.”

Yun Lu slowly woke up, but once she awoke, she broke into tears, crying, “Brother, Big Gold and Little Gold are dead, Big Gold and Little Gold are dead… I don’t want them to die, I don’t want them to be dead.”

“Xiao Lu,” Zhou Donghuang smiled and said, “none of us wanted them to die. But their deaths have already been set in stone.

“No, the man who killed them is in front of you… why don’t you personally take revenge for Big Gold and Little Gold?”

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