The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 10 - Start Our Married Life Together

Chapter 10: Start Our Married Life Together

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From the start, Yu Gangan had never wanted to actually leave with Fang Zhihan.

She was continuously looking for a chance to escape.

So, she slowly waited for Fang Zhihan to get in the car first. Then, without a warning, she slammed the car door and smiled at him like a kitten that had successfully stolen something, “Nature’s calling, my stomach hurts all of a sudden. I need to go to the bathroom.”

After saying this, Yu Gangan turned and left without checking if Fang Zhihan agreed.

This sudden incident made Fang Zhihan slightly stunned.

He lazily lifted his gaze and watched as Yu Gangan ran off before his lips curved slightly upwards.

Even now, she was still a two-faced woman that was smart, cheeky and fickle like a cat.

Yu Gangan ran into the medical building and left again through the backdoor. Her plan was to wave down a cab and leave from a different exit.

That man called Fang Zhihan was obviously taking advantage of the situation to drag her home with him. A wise person knew when to retreat. She was just a weak woman, no matter how tough she was, she would never be able to beat a grown man.

Her auntie wasn’t a good person, but this Fang Zhihan was equally bad.

She could roughly guess what her older uncle’s family was up to.

But, she didn’t know about the background of this sudden ‘husband’, so she had no idea what he wanted to do.

Luckily, she had plenty of tricks up her sleeves.

And running away was the best option.

Yu Gangan waved down a cab and returned home.

But, her home looked the same as how it looked half a month ago when she left; nothing changed. What exactly happened? Was her teacher in trouble? Was that why he never returned home and never contacted her?

Yu Gangan went online to check the seminar that her teacher attended half a month ago and discovered that it had ended smoothly.

In that case, where did he go after the seminar was over?

Yu Gangan contacted He Shigui’s colleagues and friends.

But, just like her, they had no news about him and didn’t know where he went.

Yu Gangan was flustered and worried about her teacher.

Ever since she woke up, everything was so strange. She had so many questions, but she didn’t have any answers.

Did the fake fiance created by her older uncle’s family have anything to do with her teacher’s disappearance?

And her ‘husband’, Fang Zhihan, it was lucky that she got rid of him today…

At this time, Yu Gangan’s doorbell suddenly rang.

Yu Gangan was a little surprised. No one knew her new address, not even her older uncle’s family.

Was her teacher back?

Yu Gangan’s eyes immediately lit up as she ran for the door.

But, standing in the doorway was a tall and refined man dragging a black suitcase in his hand as his dark figure towered above her.

The man’s cool, arrogant and handsome face was a bit unclear under the dim lighting.

He looked at her in a cool and unfazed manner, but it felt colder than being treated cruelly.

Yu Gangan was speechless.

Wasn’t this her husband? No! Wasn’t this the guy that CLAIMED to be her husband?

How did he know that she lived here?!!

Yu Gangan was shocked!

As his tall figure stepped forward, Yu Gangan immediately blocked his way, “How did you know that I live here?”

Fang Zhihan’s suitcase spun and the wheels rattled.

Without answering Yu Gangan’s question, he simply said, “You’ve been discharged from hospital.”

Yu Gangan’s eyes opened wide as she looked at him cautiously, “So? What do you want to do?”

Fang Zhihan’s eyes were profound and deep and his voice was low and mellow, “I want to be a married couple.”

Yu Gangan: “…”

“I want to start our married life together.”


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