The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 9 - A Truly Strong And Domineering Man

Chapter 9: A Truly Strong And Domineering Man

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Fang Zhihan kept his arm wrapped around Yu Gangan with an emotionless expression. His indifferent attitude made him seem both conceited and frivolous.

“If the two of you harass my wife again, I will contact my lawyers and send you a legal notice,” Fang Zhihan said calmly. His voice did not contain any anger, but it was as cold as a winter’s day.

A legal notice?

The old aunt’s eyes immediately grew big.

She was annoyed that she couldn’t get the better of him.

But, her calculative mind told her to hold back and act cautiously, so she did not argue with Fang Zhihan.

Yu Gangan: “…”

That’s right, this man was truly strong and domineering.

But, he was also sinister, black-bellied and tricky.

“Auntie, he is really my husband, I can’t be with anyone else apart from him, otherwise, I would be committing adultery. If you don’t believe me, we can show you our marriage certificate,” Yu Gangan said as she smiled at Fang Zhihan. “What do you say?”

Yu Gangan actually wanted to take another look at the marriage certificate and confirm its authenticity, but Fang Zhihan did not budge…

Everyone around them looked at each other confusedly. What was happening? If this young woman was already married, then why was that man proposing to her earlier?

“What are you doing? She’s already married. Why are you harassing her?”

“How could you destroy someone else’s family? What game are you playing?”

“I hate people that use love as an excuse to commit adultery. Worst of all, he’s a man.”

Everyone was stunned as they started to criticize Yang Tianyou and the auntie.

But, of course, Yang Tianyou and the old aunt weren’t pleased with the scolding.

All of a sudden, they felt a little helpless and didn’t know what to say nor how to explain their actions.

Fang Zhihan’s expression was cold as a sense of impatience swept across his eyes. It seemed, he didn’t want to give them any more of his time. So, he wrapped his arm around Yu Gangan and leisurely turned to leave.

He remained calm, refined and comfortable.

Anyone that looked at the couple would believe that they were in love.

As they walked, Yu Gangan acted obediently like a good little wife.

However, as soon as they were out of everyone’s sight, she laughed and said, “The show’s over, you can let go of me now.”

But, Fang Zhihan kept his arm wrapped around her as his lips curved slightly upwards, “Who told you that was a show?”

Yu Gangan rolled her eyes.

A moment later, she hissed in pain and said, “Whether it was a show or not, can you let go of me first? If you continue like this, my hip might snap.”

Fang Zhihan squinted slightly and loosened his hold.

His suddenly empty hands gave him a strange feeling.

“There is a cafe up ahead, let’s go there and sit for a bit. We can discuss how we met. I’ve spoken to a doctor: I lost my memory and can’t remember anything.”

Fang Zhihan looked deep into her eyes, his piercing gaze seemed to see completely through her.

Yu Gangan swallowed nervously. She felt as though he was looking at her like a prey in his cage.

This wasn’t good.

As time ticked by, Yu Gangan began to feel like she had been waiting for a long and arduous century.

Just as she thought Fang Zhihan wouldn’t respond, she heard him gently grunt in agreement. He then led her to the parking lot.

But, when she saw Fang Zhihan’s car, Yu Gangan was a bit surprised.

Judging by his cool act in the afternoon and the bodyguards by his side, Fang Zhihan looked exactly like a typical domineering CEO, so Yu Gangan expected him to drive something like a Lamborghini, a Maybach or a Rolls Royce.

But…he ended up driving an old worn-out jeep.

What kind of person was he?

Was he a cold, arrogant and domineering CEO like the kind found in novels?

Or was he a country bumpkin that drove around in a tractor?

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