The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 12 - If He's That Great, Then You Marry Him

Chapter 12: If He’s That Great, Then You Marry Him

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The Yueming Hall that Grandfather He left for Yu Gangan and He Shigui was located on Nanzhen Street.

The hall was made up of two floors: the first floor was a pharmacy and a walk-in clinic; the second floor was used for acupuncture and other forms of treatment.

Yu Gangan grew up there. At 8-years-old, she already familiarized herself with every herb and started learning Chinese medicine from her grandfather.

She spent every day running up and down the stairs of the clinic and Nanzhen Street, so all the store owners in the street watched her grow up.

Yu Gangan stood at the entrance of the clinic and watched as the pharmacist, Wang Xuebang, calmly walked out holding a cardboard box.

Uncle Wang noticed Yu Gangan, so he hurried over to her excitedly, “Gangan, you’re finally back.”

Yu Gangan slightly furrowed her brows and looked at the box in the old man’s hands, “Uncle Wang, what’s going on here?”

When Wang Xuebang heard this, the smile on his face quickly disappeared. He then said angrily, “Ten days ago, Dr. He came to the clinic to see some patients…”

Dr. He? Yu Gangan quickly realized he was talking about her Master Handsome, so she asked excitedly, “Did my teacher return??”

Wang Xuebang shook his head, “Not your teacher…It was your cousin. She forced me to call her Dr. He.”

When she realized her teacher hadn’t returned to the clinic, Yu Gangan was a little disappointed, “…”

Her cousin, He Wanxin, was the daughter of her older uncle and auntie, and the niece of her teacher. Technically speaking, they were actual family.

Yu Gangan remembered that He Wanxin didn’t have her physician’s license yet, so why did she come to the clinic?

Wang Xuebang then added, “When He Wanxin came to the clinic, I immediately gave you and Shigui a phone call, but no one picked up. Three days ago, He Wanxin told me I was no longer suitable for the clinic, so I came today to pack my stuff.”

After a short pause, he continued, “She even told me…that the clinic belonged to her.”

Yu Gangan sneered.

How could the clinic belong to He Wanxin? Although Grandfather He passed the clinic to Yu Gangan and her teacher…

…Yu Gangan had always considered her Master Handsome as the true owner.

Her teacher had always treated He Wanxin well and took good care of her. Who would have thought that she’d shamelessly stake claim on his clinic while he was missing.

Uncle Wang was a famous pharmacist that Yu Gangan’s teacher personally hired. So, there was no way she was going to let He Wanxin dismiss him.

Yu Gangan apologized to Wang Xuebang and asked him to go home and get some rest. She also told him to treat this time off as a vacation before she headed into Yueming Hall.

But, He Wanxin seemed to have expected Yu Gangan’s arrival, so she was not surprised when she saw her.

She simply sat on a mahogany chair and looked at her freshly manicured nails as she said in ridicule, “You are such an ungrateful wench. My mother spent every day in the hospital looking after you, but you ended up kicking her aside as soon as you woke up.”

Yu Gangan smiled and replied, “I should be thankful to your mother for that…”

Yu Gangan admitted with sincerity.

But, for some reason, He Wanxin suddenly lost her temper.

She immediately stood up and pointed to Yu Gangan with blame, “Yu Gangan, you should appreciate what you’ve got! You’re lucky that Yang Tianyou likes you and wants to marry you. How dare you reject him? What right do you have? You’re just an orphan that no one wants!!”

Yu Gangan furrowed her brows and looked at her cousin in ridicule, “If he’s that great, then why don’t I ask auntie to hold a wedding for the two of you tomorrow?”

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