The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 13 - Yu Gangan, Don't Take Things Too Far!

Chapter 13: Yu Gangan, Don’t Take Things Too Far!

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“Do you think everyone irresponsibly plays around with other’s feelings like you? An ungrateful person like you should get lost and never appear in my grandfather’s clinic again,” He Wanxin yelled loudly.

Yu Gangan: “…”

Was she trying to put on a show of power?!!


“Grandfather said before he died that this clinic belongs to my teacher and I. So, who should be the one to leave?” Yu Gangan asked calmly.

He Wanxin scoffed and replied, “That’s because my grandfather and uncle were deceived by you. That’s how sinister you are. You may call my uncle, ‘Master Handsome’, but you caused him to go missing! How could I leave this clinic in your hands?”

Yu Gangan felt like she had heard a huge joke.

She glared at He Wanxin as her elegant brows exuded an air of disdain, “You’re saying I caused my teacher to go missing? Didn’t you say that I got into a car accident half a month ago? How could I be to blame? I bet you are the ones with evil intentions. You were the ones that claimed I lost my memory as soon as I woke up and you were also the ones that said I had a fiance. Now you’re trying to stake claim on the clinic as well. How could the evil ones try to complain first?”

Back when Grandfather He passed the clinic to Yu Gangan and her teacher, her older uncle’s family already had a lot to say about it. But, they never acted recklessly.

Considering that it was his brother, Yu Gangan’s teacher did not take his family’s opinions to heart. But, her uncle’s family didn’t know what was good for them and continued to push the limits.

So, Yu Gangan was honestly suspicious whether her teacher was missing because of her older uncle’s family.

“That’s because it’s true that you lost your memory. We took care of you because we’re kindhearted people. When Uncle comes back, we will naturally hand the clinic back to him. But for now, we can’t possibly give it to someone that’s lost their memory. We don’t want you to mistreat our patients,” He Wanxin quickly rebuked.

Yu Gangan looked at her cousin in ridicule, “But, are you capable of treating patients?”

He Wanxin pointed her chin upwards and replied, “Don’t underestimate me. I’ve already got my physician’s license.”

Yu Gangan smiled slightly, but her tone was icy cold, “When you were 18, you fought with me to pick out a prescription. In the end, you couldn’t tell the difference between Scutellaria and Lobelia 1 and you even treated Achyranthes as Codonopsis. 2 Worst of all, you almost gave it to the patient. Then, when you were 20, you fought to write out a prescription. In the end, a simple flu lasted an entire month and the patient almost developed pneumonia. Yet, you still want to run the clinic? If you want to embarrass yourself, then go elsewhere, don’t embarrass yourself at Yueming Hall. Grandfather put his heart and soul into Yueming Hall, I don’t want you to ruin its reputation!!”

Yu Gangan’s cold voice spat out each word with ridicule.

He Wanxin was angry that Yu Gangan drove her into a corner.

Unable to contain her anger, she impulsively yelled in a sharp voice, “Do you think you’re that great in comparison?!”

Yu Gangan smiled and replied, “Do you want to compete with me right now? Whoever loses will leave this clinic.”

He Wanxin almost agreed, but her words got caught in her throat.

He Wanxin clenched her fists. The destructive desire inside of her, gave her the urge to tear the smile off Yu Gangan’s face, “Do you think you’re that great just because you had good academic results and made it into the University of Oriental Medicine at the age of 18?”

Yu Gangan nodded her head, “Yes, I’m great indeed!”

He Wanxin’s face turned pale as she shook in anger. “Yu Gangan, don’t take things too far!” she warned.

“The same goes for you!” Yu Gangan sneered.

“How annoying!” He Wanxin almost dug her nails into her own palm and snapped them. She was so angry that she could barely speak, “Yu Gangan, y-you…”

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