The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 17 - Suddenly Take The Blame

Chapter 17: Suddenly Take The Blame

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As Dr. Jin spoke, she turned and looked at Song Chabai, “Hasn’t the child been under your care the entire time? Didn’t I tell you to take extra good care of him. What have you done? How did his condition worsen?!”

The child was repeatedly suffering from fevers.

As a parent, it was only normal for Mrs. Yu to feel worried. But, she couldn’t blame the doctors and nurses.

Many diseases had an incubation period where they couldn’t be detected.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Yu was like an ignited firecracker. They had to give her an explanation for everything or she’d never let them go. Where had Song Chabai run off to a minute ago; it was her fault for not watching the kid.

Song Chabai opened her eyes wide in shock.

Filled with fear, she replied, “Dr. Jin, I did take good care of the kid. Before I stepped out a moment ago, I even checked his temperature and it was normal.”

“If it was normal, then why does he have a fever now? When did you check it? Who allowed you to leave your post during your work hours? You can’t handle even a bit of hard work; all you know how to do is slack off. What’s the point of keeping you around here?” Dr. Jin asked angrily.

Song Chabai was flustered; her face pale.

She looked at the department head with her reddened eyes, “Dr. Jin, I was in the room the whole time. I simply stepped out for a bit because…”

“Don’t try to make excuses!!” Dr. Jin cut in coldly.

She then turned to Mrs. Yu and apologized warmly, “I’m honestly sorry, Mrs. Yu. It’s my fault for not teaching my subordinates properly. I shouldn’t have let an intern take care of your son. I was wrong, I’ll take care of him personally from now on. Don’t worry, your son will recover soon.”

Mrs. Yu continued to look upset; the issue wasn’t over. But, she noticed at that moment that her son was twitching a little.

She immediately put everything aside and asked anxiously, “Dr. Jin, what’s happening?”

Dr. Jin hurried over to the child. As she examined him, she explained, “Mrs. Yu, fevers in children sometimes trigger muscle convulsion. It is known as pediatric febrile convulsion. If we lower his body temperature, he should be fine…”

As she spoke, she glared coldly at Song Chabai, gesturing for her to leave.

Song Chabai had no choice but to retreat quietly.

When she saw Yu Gangan standing outside, she smiled at her friend so she wouldn’t worry.

But, her smile was bitter.

Yu Gangan walked over to Song Chabai. With her head held low, she said guiltily, “I’m sorry. I caused you to be scolded.”

If she hadn’t come looking for Song Chabai, then Dr. Jin wouldn’t have scolded her and used her as a scapegoat.

“It’s not your fault. Even if I didn’t step out of the room, she still would have thrown the blame on me,” Song Chabai said with a bitter smile.

This wasn’t the first time.

But, what could she do?

Who told her to be an intern?

When Dr. Jin finally stepped out of the VIP room, she saw Song Chabai standing outside, so she asked coldly, “What are you doing standing around in a daze? Hurry and get lost.”

Song Chabai endured the scolding. She was just an intern; she didn’t dare to offend the head doctor of pediatrics.

Originally, she thought the matter would pass if she endured well, but to her surprise, Dr. Jin suddenly added, “You don’t need to come in tomorrow. I’m going to speak to your university and ask them why their students are of such a low standard!!”

Song Chabai’s face turned white in fear.

She was flustered. In disbelief, she asked, “Dr. Jin, wh-what do you mean by this…?”

Was she being fired?!

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