The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 16 - The Sudden Incident

Chapter 16: The Sudden Incident

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Song Chabai took a sip of her drink and replied, “Forget about dinner. You just woke up not long ago, it’s best that you don’t have hot pot. You should go home and cook a light meal. Also, stop drinking so many sweet drinks.”

Yu Gangan placed her drink on the desk in front of her, “Fine, you can drink it all. Let’s go eat something light tonight.”

“I really can’t tonight. I might need to work through the night.”

“Judging by the look on your face, I bet you already worked all night last night and haven’t slept. Why are you continuing today as well?”

“The child just then, Haohao, has been suffering from a persistent fever that keeps coming and going. We did a full body check-up and couldn’t find anything wrong with him, but he’s already had this fever for three days and it hasn’t fully subsided. Our department head also stayed back until the second half of the night last night. So, how could I leave?”

As Song Chabai spoke, she handed a medical record to Yu Gangan and said, “Have a look…”

Yu Gangan opened up the medical record and replied, “Even the head of your department stepped in? Isn’t that a bit too much?”

Song Chabai increased her volume and said, “Don’t you know whose child that is? You must have heard of the Yu Family. They are the richest family in Baiyang City.”

Yu Gangan quickly read through the child’s dozen or so reports. Whether it was his EEG, ECG, or pathology results…there were no problems with any of them.

She then closed up the medical record and asked, “Who does he have at home? Do they have any inheritable diseases?”

Song Chabai shook her head, “No.”

Yu Gangan furrowed her brows. The child had a persistent fever that came and went, but there were no apparent problems with his body.

“By the way, you didn’t come looking for me just to have dinner, did you?” Song Chabai asked.

“You’re right, I want you to examine something for me…” Yu Gangan opened her handbag and pulled out the brown powder she got from the clinic. But, just as she was about to hand it to Song Chabai, the call bell from the VIP room suddenly rang.

Song Chabai immediately stood to attention. She then asked Yu Gangan to wait for her and rushed out of the room.

Yu Gangan waited inside the resting room for quite some time, but Song Chabai did not return.

She even started to hear some arguing coming from outside. She was a bit worried about Song Chabai, so she stood up and started looking for her friend.

The arguing was coming from the VIP room.

“How many days has it been? My son simply had a fever, but he’s gotten worse with your treatment. He’s started to cough, he doesn’t have energy to talk anymore, and a moment ago, when I helped him to the toilet, he couldn’t even walk straight. Plus, his fever has started again. Tell me, what’s going on? A word of warning, if anything happens to my son, I’m going to tear this hospital down!!”

The door to the room was open.

As Yu Gangan stood in the doorway, she looked inside and spotted an attractive young woman dressed in a black dress, standing inside.

At that very moment, her pretty face was burning with anger.

Her beautifully painted nails trembled as she pointed at the group of nurses and doctors in front of her and yelled at them fiercely.

Everyone looked like they were being wronged.

The head doctor of pediatrics, Dr. Jin, put on a bold face and said, “Mrs. Yu, there’s no need to worry. Coughing and not being able to talk could be be due to a respiratory infection caused by the fever. Moreover, fevers always make children weak and a bit light on their feet…”

This Yu Family daughter-in-law was someone that many people feared in Baiyang City.

Plus, many of the medical equipment in the hospital was sponsored by the Yu Family. So, they naturally couldn’t offend this woman.

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