The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 24 - The Return Of The Powerful Fang Zhihan

Chapter 24: The Return Of The Powerful Fang Zhihan

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By the time Yu Gangan returned home, it was already night time. The hazy moon hung in the sky as the slightly cool autumn wind brushed up against the rustling leaves.

When Yu Gangan opened the door to her apartment, she was pleasantly surprised to find a black-suited man that looked familiar from behind, sitting upright on her sofa. “Master Handsome…” she immediately called out.

The man sitting on the sofa turned around, curving his lips slightly. In a lazy and casual tone, he said, “You’re back.”

Yu Gangan stared in surprise at the face that was so handsome it looked like it had been carved out of jade. She was so shocked, she almost screamed out loud. For a short moment, she even thought she had walked into the wrong place.

She tried closing her eyes and opening it again, but the scene in front of her remained as clear and vivid as before.

It was Fang Zhihan!

Yu Gangan quickly went from feeling pleasantly surprised to feeling astonished. Her eyes opened wide as she focused her gaze on the man’s face. It was shockingly surreal like a dazzling display of fireworks and lanterns, “Fang Zhihan, wh-why…why is it you? How did you get into my home?”

She was certain that she had changed the code on her door.

Fang Zhihan stood up, walked over to Yu Gangan and looked down at her, “It’s my home, so I obviously opened the door and walked in.”

Although Fang Zhihan’s body figure was tall and firm like her teacher’s, his facial features and temperament were completely different.

“Your home? You’re certainly shameless. How is this your home? Get out of my house right away! Otherwise, I will call the police and report you for breaking and entering private property.” Yu Gangan was tough as usual.

Fang Zhihan’s gaze casually fell on Yu Gangan’s face. “Don’t you remember what happened between us at all?” he asked curiously.

Yu Gangan: “…”

Why did he sound so serious?

Did they really know each other?

Yu Gangan was originally certain that she hadn’t lost her memory, but due to these few words from Fang Zhihan’s​ mouth, she was suddenly unsure.

But, wait a minute…how could she be swayed by Fang Zhihan so easily?

She couldn’t fall for his trick.

Both her husband and fiance were the same – they were fake!

A look of understanding flashed across Fang Zhihan’s eyes. “It’s fine. Whether you remember it or not, I am still your husband. You simply need to remember that,” he said.

Yu Gangan curled her lips and said, “You’re lying to me.”

“How am I lying to you?” Fang Zhihan asked as he raised his eyebrows. “Didn’t I already show you our marriage certificate?”

Yu Gangan immediately fell speechless. She opened her eyes wide and looked at the man in front of her, unsure of what to say.

At this time, Fang Zhihan’s phone began to ring.

Fang Zhihan pulled out his phone and had a look at it. He wanted to ignore it, but the phone kept ringing. So, he had no choice but to pick it up.

Before he spoke, a male voice, full of resentment, resounded from the phone, “You’re not serious, are you? How could you leave before everything was resolved?”

Fang Zhihan looked out a window and replied coldly, “Don’t bother me with small matters like that from now on.”

“Mr. Fang…no…Young Master Fang, can you not leave everything with me?” the man asked pitifully. “You know that I, Lu Xuechen, rely on my face to make money…”

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