The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 25 - The Powerful Black-Bellied Fang Zhihan

Chapter 25: The Powerful Black-Bellied Fang Zhihan

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“Then why start a business? I think a host club is more suited to you,” Fang Zhihan said in a cold and nasty tone.

A host club was a place for male escorts.

“Just because I rely on my face to make money, you don’t need to treat me like an escort for rich old ladies,” the man complained.

He then softened his voice and asked, “What are you doing in Baiyang City anyway? Are you visiting your old army unit?”

“Hey, Mr. Retired Army Officer, you also have a share in this business…”

Before the man finished talking, Fang Zhihan directly hung up the phone; the cold aura around him ever-present.

[What a nasty person!!] Yu Gangan glared at Fang Zhihan.

The man’s deep eyes were like a vast black sky that drew in a person’s soul. So, it didn’t take long before Yu Gangan let her guard down and decided to have a proper discussion with him, “Speak, what do you want?”

However, it didn’t look like Fang Zhihan wanted to talk as he dragged his suitcase straight into Yu Gangan’s bedroom.

Yu Gangan was shocked as she quickly followed behind.

By the time she entered the room, Fang Zhihan had already opened his suitcase and pulled out a towel and a set of pajamas.

Yu Gangan looked at the man in surprise, “What are you doing?”

“Having a bath and going to bed.”

The man’s voice frightened Yu Gangan. It was like she was listening to a horror talk show on the radio. “This is my home. If you want to have a bath, you should go back to your own home.”

Yu Gangan snatched away the pajamas in Fang Zhihan’s hands and threw them back in his suitcase before she went after the towel on his shoulder.

But, her hands were quickly stopped by Fang Zhihan. “What are you doing? Do you want to have a bath together?”

Fang Zhihan slightly leaned forward as he spoke, his hot breath falling upon Yu Gangan’s face.

Yu Gangan felt her heart tingle as though she had been electrocuted.

As she blushed a little, she quickly retrieved her hand. She then increased her volume and said loudly, “I don’t care who you are. I don’t know you right now and it’s very inappropriate for a single man and woman to live together. So, please leave.”

This man appeared cold with good self-restraint, but he was actually inherently evil and perverted.

Yu Gangan couldn’t let him stay. Otherwise, he’d eat her whole and not even spit out the bones.

Yu Gangan closed the suitcase and ignored Fang Zhihan. She then pulled the suitcase with her and threw it out the front door.

When she realized that Fang Zhihan wasn’t following, Yu Gangan yelled out, “Hey, the guy inside, I’ve already thrown your suitcase out. Don’t blame me if someone takes it.”

The house was quiet. Fang Zhihan did not respond, nor did he come out.

“Are you assuming that no one will take it from the front of the apartment?” Yu Gangan laughed in frustration. “Fine, I’ll throw it downstairs.”

There was still no response from Fang Zhihan.

“I’m really throwing it!” Yu Gangan threatened.

It was a facepalm moment for Yu Gangan. The man completely ignored her. What an annoying person!

He was meant to be a cold, proud, noble and refined man, how could he force his way into someone’s house?

Yu Gangan returned to her room to find that Fang Zhihan had already gone into the bathroom.

The walls weren’t very soundproof, so the sounds of splashing water could be heard clearly from the outside and the slightly transparent glass in the middle of the bathroom door allowed Yu Gangan to faintly see the man’s tall and firm body inside.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere felt a little ambiguous.

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