The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 30 - Examination Results For The Brown Powder

Chapter 30: Examination Results For The Brown Powder

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“Your patient,” Fang Zhihan said before he returned to his bedroom.

Yu Gangan looked at the mother and son standing in the doorway. That’s when she remembered she had an appointment, so she immediately welcomed them into the apartment.

“I’m sorry, I slept a bit late last night.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, we came too early. We’re sorry for bothering you,” Mrs. Yu said politely.

Yu Gangan washed her face and brushed her teeth as quickly as possible, she then tipped her guests some tea, “I’m sorry for making you wait. Please have some tea, Mrs. Yu.”

After taking a sip of tea, Mrs. Yu said with a smile, “You don’t need to be so polite. My name is Su Zijing. If you don’t mind, you can call me Sister Su from now on.”

“OK, Sister Su,” Yu Gangan nodded. She then looked at Little Haohao and smiled.

Little Haohao felt a little shy when he looked into Yu Gangan’s eyes, so he quickly hid behind Su Zijing.

“Is he shy?”

“He actually likes you a lot. When he knew we were coming to see you, he was actually very excited…” Su Zijing teased. If her son didn’t like someone, he would directly ignore them. Why would he be so shy and nervous?

“Mommy~~” little Haohao blushed as he warned his mother with the whiny voice of a child.

Su Zijing looked at Yu Gangan with a helpless smile.

Yu Gangan also smiled as she touched Little Haohao on the cheek.

Little Haohao was a bit chubby, but his handsome little face immediately turned red. He looked extremely dopey and cute with a shy expression that melted Yu Gangan’s heart.

The acupuncture session was separated into two halves with a half-hour break in the middle. After the first half of his session, Little Haohao’s condition already improved a lot.

Su Zijing was extremely thankful. After chatting to Yu Gangan, she realized she had just left the hospital and reminded her to get some rest. She also listed a whole heap of things for her to be cautious of.

Yu Gangan felt her heart warm up. Because of what happened at the hospital previously, Yu Gangan thought Su Zijing was a proud and arrogant person that was difficult to get along with.

But, after getting to know her for a bit, she realized she was quite a good person. Of course, she was only good to people that she acknowledged.

All of a sudden, Su Zijing said she had something she needed to pop out for and asked Yu Gangan to take care of Little Haohao.

As soon as Little Haohao heard this, he immediately hugged Yu Gangan and kept trying to bury himself deeper into​ her embrace. He then lifted his head and whined, “Big Sis, kiss.”

Yu Gangan’s eyes curved like two crescent moons as she immediately placed a kiss on the little boy’s cheek.

Su Zijing smiled happily. After leaving a few reminders she turned and left with her mind at ease.

While Su Zijing wasn’t around, Yu Gangan received a phone call from Song Chabai. The results for the brown powder were out and she was forwarding them straight over to Yu Gangan.

Yu Gangan was shocked and furious after she saw the results. If Little Haohao wasn’t at her apartment, she would have stormed straight over to Yueming Hall.

While Yu Gangan was on the phone, Little Haohao ran around the room with a ball, so when Fang Zhihan stepped out, he accidentally ran into him.

Fang Zhihan was tall, intimidating and filled with arrogance. Little Haohao froze. He then ran over to Yu Gangan and hugged her, “Big Sis…”

As he hid in Yu Gangan’s arms, he snuck a look at Fang Zhihan.

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