The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 29 - Divorce Is The Best Solution

Chapter 29: Divorce Is The Best Solution

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What was happening?

She was meant to be kicking him out, but how did she get kicked out instead?

Fang Zhihan must have angered her so much that she lost all logic. No, more likely, he had teased her so much that she lost her mind!

She had been too weak…

But, on second thought, that wasn’t right. The truth was, she had accidentally fallen into his trap because he was too good at negotiating and bluffing.

Yu Gangan sat down on the bed in frustration and slammed her hands on the sheets furiously. She then looked angrily at the wall that was connected to the master bedroom.

This was all her auntie’s fault. If she didn’t create a fake fiance and lie about her losing her memory, how did she end up with a husband?

With two problems to deal with at once, Yu Gangan was quite flustered. There were moments where she actually thought she was mentally unwell and had lost her memory.

But, did he really think he could force himself into her home?

Did he say that she liked him?

Did he claim that she insisted on marrying him?

Fine!! She was going to file for a divorce with him the next day. If they got a divorce, then he wouldn’t be able to use their marriage as an excuse anymore.

She was going to take that opportunity to visit the Civil Affairs Office and check if they had truly gotten married.

If they had actually gotten married, then she was going to file a divorce on the spot. If they weren’t actually married, it would prove that Fang Zhihan lied and she hadn’t lost her memory.

Yu Gangan sat up thinking until late into the night before she fell asleep.

That night, a light autumn rain fell from the sky, creating the perfect weather for a comfortable sleep. In fact, Yu Gangan slept so well that she didn’t even hear the doorbell ring; she simply rolled over and continued sleeping.

At that time, Fang Zhihan had just finished having a shower. Dressed in a bathrobe with his hair still dripping, he listened as the doorbell kept ringing.

It seemed, ‘someone’ had no intention of opening the door.

So, he walked out while drying his hair, glanced at Yu Gangan’s bedroom and went to open the front door.

Standing in the doorway was a little boy. He looked roughly 3-4-years-old with clean white skin and a chubby body. He looked just like a porcelain doll.

When little Haohao saw Fang Zhihan open the door, he was slightly stunned. With his mouth open wide in shock, he exclaimed, “This big brother is really good looking!”

But, why was he at this big brother’s home. He was meant to be looking for a big sister.

Fang Zhihan glanced down at the chubby little boy. If he remembered correctly, Yu Gangan didn’t have a boy of this age in her life.

Who was he?

The big man and the little boy stared at one another in seriousness.

After staring for some time, little Haohao felt his eyes sting a little. So, he blinked and said, “…I’m looking for Big Sister.”

[Isn’t this meant to be Big Sister’s home? Why is it a Big Brother’s home instead?] Little Haohao was a little lost as he looked around for help.

Fang Zhihan wiped his hair with the towel in his hands.

At this time, Mrs. Yu approached. When she saw the tall, handsome man standing in the doorway, she was also surprised. With a laugh, she said, “Hello, I’m looking for Miss Yu Gangan. We made an appointment yesterday, we are here for an acupuncture session.”

When Mrs. Yu saw Yu Gangan the other day, she looked quite young, so she assumed she was still single, who would have thought that she already had a boyfriend. As Fang Zhihan was drying his hair, his towel practically covered his entire face, but it was still obvious that he was cool and handsome.

Realizing that it was one of Yu Gangan’s patients, Fang Zhihan did not close the door. Just as he was about to go call Yu Gangan, he saw her walking out of her bedroom. She had been awoken by the noise.

She rubbed her eyes as though she had just woken up from a dream and asked as she squinted, “Who is it?”

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