The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 7 - Hubby, Come And Save Me

Chapter 7: Hubby, Come And Save Me

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Yu Gangan was decisive and did not leave Yang Tianyou with the slightest chance.

But, when Yu Gangan’s auntie saw this, she immediately fell into a panic.

With a roll of her eyes, she suddenly turned to look at Yang Tianyou and said jokingly, “Tianyou, did you do something to upset Gangan? Why don’t you hurry and comfort her.”

Yang Tianyou understood the old aunt straight away and got her hint.

So, without warning, he pounced forward and held onto Yu Gangan’s leg, stopping her from leaving, “Gangan, don’t be angry. Everything I do is because I love you too much and I’m afraid that I’d lose you. I really can’t live without you, so please marry me. I will definitely be good to you from now on, Gangan. Please don’t leave…”

As Yang Tianyou spoke, tears began to fall from his eyes.

This grown man was crying emotionally and pitifully.

Yu Gangan was shocked!!

She couldn’t stand it when a man cried like this.

It was so embarrassing.

But, an onlooker was so moved that she not only criticized Yu Gangan, she also spoke up for Yang Tianyou, “It’s rare to come across such a sensitive young man. If someone loved me that much, I would definitely marry him.”

“He’s so moving and loving. Young lady, you should just marry him.”

“That’s right, stop hesitating, it’s not easy to come across a man that loves you so much. The two of you should hurry home and enjoy your life together.”

At that moment, Yu Gangan’s aunt acted like a wise elder and spoke up as though she was giving honest advice, “Gangan, a dating couple is like a married couple, they should resolve their fights quickly. Although I’m not sure what happened between the two of you, I can tell that Tianyou truly loves you. Don’t throw your temper around recklessly and hurt his sincere heart.”

Yu Gangan was speechless.

Somehow, this woman ended up placing herself on a moral platform and criticized her.

Yu Gangan wanted to leave; she wanted this show to end as soon as possible.

But, Yang Tianyou was holding onto her legs tightly.

Yang Tianyou had already decided to play a persistent and shameless character, so even if she kicked him aside and ran away, he would probably chase after her.

It was such a headache.

Just as Yu Gangan was stressing over how to resolve the matter before her, she suddenly noticed an amused man standing not too far away.

His lips were curved in a sharp angle and his expression was emotionless, but his ink-like dark eyes contained a sense of amusement as though he was watching an entertaining show.

It was Fang Zhihan…

Yu Gangan’s mind reacted quickly.

She decided to choose the lesser of two evils.

Even though Fang Zhihan was also a fake and he felt like a serious, cold, arrogant and black-bellied 1 person with bad intentions, he was obviously not on the same side as her auntie.

When two parties got in a fight, a third party always benefited.

So, Yu Gangan opened her throat and called out with a big smile, “Hubby!”

As soon as she said this, everyone immediately followed her gaze.

Their eyes fell upon a handsome man with wide shoulders, a narrow waist and a pair of long legs. He was tall and refined and he had a well-sculpted face. His stern presence made him feel arrogant, cold and unreachable…

At first, Yang Tianyou thought Yu Gangan was calling him.

But, after a moment of shock, he turned his gaze towards Fang Zhihan.

His expression immediately changed as he began to shake with anger. Who was this man? Why was he here to ruin things again?

Yu Gangan took advantage of this moment to free her leg from Yang Tianyou’s hold and ran straight over to Fang Zhihan at the speed of lightning.

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