The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 8 - I'm Your Wife Of Course, Hubby!

Chapter 8: I’m Your Wife Of Course, Hubby!

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Fang Zhihan watched the entire show from a distance with no intention of helping; his gaze remaining distant and cold the whole time.

Yu Gangan stood by his side and smiled at him meaningfully with a sense of warning. If he wanted to be her husband, then he better put on a good show.

But, the man ended up retreating a few steps as though he wanted to leave.

Yu Gangan’s heart dropped as she looked at him in surprise.

Was he not planning to cooperate?

Then what kind of a husband was he? It seemed, there was no point verifying this lie in the future because it was already uncovered at that moment.

As she watched their distance grow, Yu Gangan made up her mind and grabbed onto Fan Zhihan’s arm. She then cried again sweetly, “Hubby…”

Fang Zhihan raised his eyebrows and paused his gaze on Yu Gangan questioningly as though he was asking her who she was and why she was hugging him.

His cold and arrogant expression made it impossible for Yu Gangan to imagine that he was the same man that claimed to be her husband and teased her in the hospital room not too long ago.

She lowered her voice to a volume that could only be heard betwen her and Fang Zhihan and said, “Help me.”

Fang Zhihan slowly pulled away his arm and asked in a voice as gentle as a blossom falling on icy ground, “Help you? Who are you?”

Yu Gangan: “!!!”

Was he taking this opportunity to confirm his identity?

Was this necessary?

What grudge did they have? Why was he ruining her life by forcing her to give herself to him?

Yu Gangan wanted to kick him, but she maintained a smile and replied, “I’m your wife, of course, Hubby!”

The man’s coldness quickly melted like spring snow and the arm he pulled away earlier, immediately wrapped around her waist. He then opened his mouth and said dotingly, “Didn’t I tell you to rest in your room? Why are you running around out here?”

Yu Gangan: “…”

He could have just spoken, why did he have to get physical?

Yu Gangan felt extremely uncomfortable in this unfamiliar man’s arms.

She subconsciously tried to free herself, but Fang Zhihan did not let her get away.

The arm around her waist was secure like iron.

The punk was obviously using this opportunity to make physical contact and take advantage of her!

Yu Gangan’s auntie was so furious that her face turned pale. As she clenched her teeth angrily, she rushed over to Yu Gangan and asked, “Yu Gangan, are you crazy? What did you say? How could he be your husband? He’s obviously a liar that’s taking advantage of you while you’ve lost your memory. Don’t trust him! If something happens to you, how am I supposed to explain it to Father…”

The old aunt realized she shouldn’t have left with Yang Tianyou in the afternoon.

No matter how fierce the two bodyguards were, they shouldn’t have left.

If they hadn’t left, Yu Gangan would probably be calling Yang Tianyou her husband at that moment instead.

Yu Gangan had to continue her act to the end, so she immediately looked at Fang Zhihan in disbelief.

Her innocent expression seemed to be asking him if her auntie’s words were true.

The old aunt thought her words worked on Yu Gangan, so she immediately asked Fang Zhihan, “Who are you? Why are you lying to our Gangan and telling her that you’re her husband? What’s your motive? Let me warn you, if you don’t give me an explanation, we will call the police and get you sent to jail!”

The aunt’s threat made Fang Zhihan squint at her coldly.

His cold and dark eyes suddenly turned sharp and his powerful presence immediately emanated across the air.

The old aunt subconsciously took a couple of steps back.

The bodyguards from earlier had left her with a traumatic experience.

Hence, she felt an unexplainable fear towards this dangerous and mysterious man.

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