The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 11 - You’re Such a Boss Today!

Chapter 11: You’re Such a Boss Today!

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“A good show?” Luo Yunzhu asked, interest sparking in her eyes.

Feng Tianlan nodded and replied, “Two more hours to go. Let’s rest before heading to the banquet at the Fragrance Restaurant.”

“Didn’t you say you don’t fancy dining with dogs?” Luo Yunzhu relished throwing shade at the Third Prince.

“Yet, some do.”

Luo Yunzhu listened, and her eyes shone with anticipation. “Spill. What do you have up your sleeves? Psyche me up a little!”

“You’ll see later.” Her body was fragile, vulnerable, and weak. She’d consumed too much energy without having practiced spiritual arts. She urgently needed to rest.

“Tianlan, you are such a boss today! Especially when you were whipping Feng Xiuyu, and that speech you delivered to the Third Prince. Ahh, speaking of the deathmatch at the battle ring, I keep thinking about the Wargod. He’s such a divine-like being. What a perfect match for you…”

Luo Yunzhu chattered agitatedly about what had happened in the battle ring. She embellished her story so much that she sounded like a professional storyteller. How exciting and hot-blooded it must have been! A gifted genius defeated by a worthless good-for-nothing—it was such a dramatic turn of events. Initially, the charming Heavenly Phoenix Court had been Feng Tianlan’s residence. After the death of the former Feng Clan Head, Feng Xiang had taken charge as the new master only for Feng Xiuyu to seize the residence. She’d been living there now for ten years.

In the pink boudoir, Feng Xiuyu nested in Si Rong’s arms as she cried heartrendingly. Pearl-like tears rained down her cheeks, and she looked exceptionally fragile and pitiful. “Big Brother Rong, I’ve got scars on my body and face. You should marry my sister. She’s powerful now, and she would be a better match to…uwaa.” Before she could finish speaking, Feng Xiuyu’s tears splashed the back of Si Rong’s hand. Although she was crying, her eyes were full of viciousness. I must return to Feng Tianlan the humiliation she made me suffer today, she silently swore.

Si Rong, who had been gentle and soothing, became enraged at her suggestion. He gritted his teeth and rebuked, “I’d rather marry a chicken than Feng Tianlan.”

Feng Xiuyu looked at him with tears in her eyes and said, “Big Brother Rong.” She put on a look of loving selflessness and pleaded, “But, Big Brother Rong needs to think about his future. Now that my sister has become strong, the Emperor will not agree to your annulment. For your future’s sake, let’s forget about our love.”

Haha! In Big Brother Rong’s eyes, thought Feng Xiuyu, Feng Tianlan is worse than a chicken. So what if she’s become a little more powerful? Feng Tianlan can never shake my position in Big Brother Rong’s heart—Feng Tianlan is nobody to be afraid of. After seven days, once she rose to become a Mid-stage Spiritualist, Feng Xiuyu would make sure to teach Feng Tianlan a good lesson.

“Who does she think she is? I must have roughed her up too badly last time, so she hates me and took secret poisonous drugs. That must be why she suddenly became so strong. Besides, this engagement will soon be broken off. It’s been the greatest insult of my life to be engaged to marry her.”

When Feng Xiuyu saw Si Rong’s complete aversion to Feng Tianlan, her face was smug. She was intentionally arrogant and domineering in public, so that she could bully Feng Tianlan more effectively. It had to be done to convince people that a good whipping could dispel her anger as well as make them doubt that she would actually try to kill Feng Tianlan or make her life worse than death.

“But…” she began, but Si Rong held Feng Xiuyu’s hand tightly. His eyes filled with tenderness and affection. “You can rest assured that I will marry you,” he promised. “As for that scar on your face, I will bring you the cure once the auction starts, even if I diminish my fortune.”

“Big Brother Rong…” Feng Xiuyu looked at him, deeply moved to tears.

Si Rong smiled insidiously and said, coldly, “Just you wait. It’s no small matter to dine with me. Tonight will be our best chance to publicly make a fool out of Feng Tianlan.”

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