The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 10 - Wanna Watch a Good Show with Me?

Chapter 10: Wanna Watch a Good Show with Me?

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Although that day, Si Mobai had stood before Feng Tianlan, even making space for her, she honestly hadn’t seen his face. Not even his profile. All she’d glimpsed was a view of his back. A view of when the backs of a deity and a demon overlap, rather!

“Don’t worry, there’s an auction coming up, and I’m planning to bid for the Beautifying Pill. I’m sure you’ll recover your looks and be the second most beautiful person in the world again,” Luo Yunzhu said, feeling regretful about the hideous scar across Feng Tianlan’s face.

People had deemed the Wargod Si Mobai the “World’s Top Beauty,” followed by that good-for-nothing First Miss, Feng Tianlan.

Feng Tianlan chuckled and shook her head but didn’t disagree with Luo Yunzhu. From what she remembered, the Beautifying Pill was a rare find in the Land of Returning Origins. They might not find it at the auction.

Unable to hold back any longer, Chuling blurted out, “Miss, why did your whip glow, and how did it scorch like a fire whip?” She’d been dying to ask both questions. “Yeah, you’re just at the sixth level of Gathering Spirit. Who would have thought that you’d skip four levels and overwhelm Feng Xiuyu, a First-stage Spiritualist? Do you know how exhilarating it was to see you whip her just now? What a pity that you stopped at eighteen lashes. If only…”

Listening to Luo Yunzhu speak, first cheerful then upset, Feng Tianlan pursed her lips and said, “I’ll tell you later.”

There were three reasons why she’d been able to leap across so many stages and beat Feng Xiuyu to a pulp. First, Feng Xiuyu had underestimated her. Second, her body’s excellent physique had been made just for cultivation. Third, her past incarnation had read copious skill manuals and had an exceptional talent for attaining enlightenment. All in all, she had a first-move advantage. Compared to the strength of the Xuantian Continent, where she’d lived in her last incarnation, the Guiyuan Continent was laughable. In the eyes of the Xuantians, the Guiyuan Continent’s strongest man was nothing more than a frisky grasshopper.

Levels of strength on the Guiyuan Continent were divided as follows: Gathering Spirit Levels One to Nine were followed by the Spiritualist, Spiritual Master, Spiritual Grandmaster, Spiritual King, and, finally, Spiritual Emperor. Each level had three stages: the first-stage, mid stage, and end-stage—as in, First-stage Spiritualist, Mid-stage Spiritualist, and End-Stage Spiritualist.

On the Xuantian Continent, even the weakest boy achieved the stage of Black Supreme just after turning fifteen. Seeing a Spiritual Practitioner from the Xuantian Continent, the Guiyuan Continent’s strongest Spiritual Emperor was required to greet him or her respectfully and fearfully with the honorific “Your Supremacy.”

Feng Tianlan had learned her whip technique by reading all sorts of high-level skills manuals, which had been left behind in the Shen House when she was a young girl. Since she had a photographic memory, she could understand something merely reading it once. Although she lacked power, she could perform the entire skillset from start to finish.

Returning to Feng Tianlan’s physical body, she was surprised at her physique’s potential to become an All-round Spiritual Practitioner. This meant that, on the Guiyuan Continent, where people could only cultivate Spiritual Qi to become a Spiritual Master, she could train with elemental properties to become a Spiritual Practitioner. The elemental nature of Spiritual Qi was further categorized into six different properties: Water, Fire, Ice, Wind, Thunder, and Wood. No one in the Guiyuan Continent knew how to cultivate these properties within Spiritual Qi, so they’d cleansed them from their bodies as “impurities.” As such, they could only train to become single-track Spiritual Masters.

In other words, the cultivators called “Spiritual Masters” on the Guiyuan Continent were, in fact, the “Spiritual Practitioners” of the Xuantian Continent. The people of the Xuantian Continent called these properties “elements.” Every practitioner trained in at least one element, and those who could not cultivate elements were deemed hopeless. In her last life, Feng Tianlan had been called the “Good-for-nothing First Miss” because she hadn’t been able to cultivate any of the elements.

The real Feng Tianlan could cultivate all six Spiritual Qi elements. One could only imagine just how staggeringly astounding her physique was. However, since she did not know how to cultivate, her veins were always blocked. Nor could she expel erratic elements from her body. Her Cinnabar field ought to be jade-like, yet it was currently as murky as black stones. With that sort of “cultivation” technique, a genius in every sense quickly became a hopeless good-for-nothing. It was such a waste.

Nonetheless, she was now in her current incarnation, so she would send the phoenix, who should be soaring above the clouds, back to the high skies. She stand at the pinnacle of all continents and gaze down upon this world, where only the fittest survive!

“Tianlan, are you really attending the dinner with the Third Prince?”

Luo Yunzhu’s question knocked Feng Tianlan out of her daze. Feng Tianlan lifted her eyes and asked softly, “Wanna watch a good show with me?”

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