The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 1308 - Another Word Form Him And She’d Beat Him To Death

Chapter 1308: Another Word Form Him And She’d Beat Him To Death

Feng Tianlan was still holding the exquisite bowl in her hand, with her anger, her body trembled, her beautiful phoenix eyes were filled with rage, and her small face flushed.

“Helian Huang, are you still a man?” Feng Tianlan’s voice was trembling, if the person in front of her was not someone she had known since she was young, then what splashed over would not be just a bowl of soup, she would wave a sword and slashed him.

Helian Huang calmly raised his hand to wipe the soup off his face, he looked at the furious Feng Tianlan and quickly lowered his head, he knew he had said something wrong, but he could not control himself.

Why was she able to be nice to Jiang Ying, she could have deep feelings for Xi Jin, but she could not feel for him? Why was she pushing him away?

Feng Tianlan was furious, she looked at the table full of delicacies and then at Helian Huang who lowered his head in silence, she felt like throwing all these delicacies on him, to seek justice for sister Lin.


“Don’t call me Dai’er, my name is Feng Tianlan,” Feng Tianlan interrupted Helian Huang angrily, her small face was still flush with anger, “Remember, Shen Qingdai is already dead, she doesn’t like candied chestnuts anymore, and she doesn’t like peonies anymore, the Shen family was exterminated by a woman with peonies on her wrist.”

Helian Huang raised his head and looked at Feng Tianlan, there was still some grease on his eyelashes, and his vision was still somewhat blurry, however, he could clearly see her anger, her phoenix eyes full of hatred.

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t know there’s a peony on Chen Xinyi’s wrist?” Feng Tianlan took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, otherwise, she would beat him to death!

Helian Huang looked at Feng Tianlan and was somewhat silent, after all, he knew that she was looking for a woman with a peony on her wrist, but he didn’t tell her.

Feng Tianlan looked at him and didn’t have the slightest intention to continue talking to him, she turned and left. If she continued talking, she would really beat him to death!

Helian Huang looked at the table of delicacies, she didn’t take any of them, he raised his hand to touch his greasy hair, he wanted to persuade Feng Tianlan to stay, but he felt irritated, he didn’t know where the irritation came from.


The table full of delicacies was swept to the floor by him, the bowls and plates shattered into pieces, the delicacies were mixed in between, it was a complete mess.

Feng Tianlan raised her head and looked at the originally orange sky that turned to gray at this moment, in just a while, the sky would turn dark very quickly, the night was here.

“Take me to Chen Xinyi’s palace,” Feng Tianlan said coldly to the imperial maids by the side.

She followed the imperial maid to the palace where Chen Xinyi lived, before she entered, she saw Xi Lin squatting at the entrance of the palace and talking to a chubby little girl.

“Wang’er, be good, stay here and take good care of yourself. When you’re well and healthy again, mom will come and pick you up.”

Wang’er blinked her round eyes and nodded obediently, her speech was still not very clear. “Listen… to… Mom.”

Xi Lin bit her lower lip and held back the tears in her eyes, she stood up and said, “Please go in. Mom will come to see you again when free.”

The nanny bent down and carried Wang’er, Wang’er’s voice was a little choked up. “Mom… pick me up.”

Xi Lin nodded with tears in her eyes. “I’ll definitely come and pick you up.”

“Wait a moment.” Feng Tianlan saw that the nanny was going to carry Wang’er away, she spoke coldly and walked forward quickly.

The nanny looked at Feng Tianlan who had suddenly appeared and took a step back in caution, her eyes were very alert.

“Give Wang’er to me.” Feng Tianlan coldly stared at the nanny, the powerful aura radiating from her caused the nanny to be stunned, when she regained her senses, the child was already in her hands.

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