The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 1309 - With Her Around, No One Could Stop

Chapter 1309: With Her Around, No One Could Stop

It was Feng Tianlan’s first time carrying a child, and she was so soft, she was not used to the smell of milk on the little girl’s body, so she carefully handed her to Xi Lin.

“You… you can’t do this, this is Consort Chen’s child.” the nanny was afraid of Feng Tianlan’s strong aura, so when she spoke in anger, she stuttered, and her body could not help but tremble.

Feng Tianlan watched as Xi Lin hugged Wang’er tightly in her arms, and Wang’er’s little arms wrapped tightly around Xi Lin’s neck, it was obvious that she was afraid of being separated from her mom.

Looking at the soft little child, Feng Tianlan’s heart melted.

“Tianlan, let’s return Wang’er to her.” Xi Lin looked at Wang’er’s chubby little face, even though she was extremely reluctant, but as she thought of the poison in Wang’er’s body, she couldn’t bear it and had to let go.

Feng Tianlan looked at Xi Lin and then said coldly to the nanny, “I’ll take Wang’er away. If Chen Xinyi has any objections, let her come and look for me.”

“Tianlan…” Xi Lin looked at Feng Tianlan anxiously.

Feng Tianlan stood beside her, she looked at the little girl’s curious eyes, she could not help but soften her voice, “Wang’er, can you go home with Mom?”

Little Wang’er blinked her starry eyes and nodded, then she shook her head and lowered her head in disappointment. “No… crying.”

What she meant was that her mother could cry, so she could not go home with her mother.

“Mother will not be sad, I can cure Wang’er,” Feng Tianlan coaxed gently, this little girl was so obedient, so cute, so adorable, even if she did not speak, her starry eyes alone would be enough to melt her heart.

Little Wang’er didn’t answer her, instead, she turned to look at Xi Lin. “Listen to Mom.”

“Tianlan, Wang’er, she…”

Feng Tianlan saw that Xi Lin’s eyes were red again, she hugged little Wang’er tightly with both hands, she smiled and spoke. “It’s okay. I can save her, did you forget that Xi Jin was fine at that time?”

Xi Lin suddenly raised her head to look at Feng Tianlan, she remembered that previously when her imperial brother committed suicide by taking poison, she was so happy that she cried, she hugged little Wang’er even tighter. “Let’s go home. go home. Mom will take Wang’er home.”

Yes, how could she have forgotten about this, Tianlan could save Little Wang’er. She definitely could.

Seeing XI Lin’s tears fall one after another, little Wang’er reached out her chubby little hand and gently wiped her tears, in her childish voice, she said, “Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Feng Tianlan looked at the mother and daughter getting along and couldn’t help but thought of Feng Shu, she hoped that her mother was fine, she needed to find her mother as soon as possible.

The nanny watched as Feng Tianlan escorted Xi Lin away with little Wang’er in her arms, afraid that something might happen to her, she quickly turned and entered the palace, she knelt before Chen Xinyi, who was having her meal. “My lady, Consort Lin has taken the little princess away.”

“Got it. You may leave now.” Chen Xinyi didn’t even raise her head, it must be Feng Tianlan, with her around, no one could stop her.

The nanny replied “Yes” with a trembling voice, she trembled and left.

Feng Tianlan followed Xi Lin to Zhaoyang Palace, looking at the decoration that was exactly like the one in Dongshu Nation, she raised her eyebrows slightly, however, when she thought of what Helian Huang had said earlier, she felt really upset.

“This is specially built by the emperor, it looks exactly like the Zhaoyang Palace.” Xi Lin looked lovingly at little Wang’er who was sleeping on her shoulder.

Hearing Xi Lin’s loving tone, Feng Tianlan felt even worse. “I’ll take you and Little Wang’er away tomorrow.”

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