The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 15 - Feng Tianlan Showed Up with a Dog

Chapter 15: Feng Tianlan Showed Up with a Dog

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“Nevertheless, what Feng Tianlan said yesterday certainly grabbed enough attention. Although it only made the Third Prince hate her more.”

“At least, back then, she still had her looks. Now that she’s got such a deep scar across her face, I bet she isn’t worthy of being the Third Prince’s concubine.”

“The way she looks now, she would never be considered the second most beautiful person in the South Winds Nation. I bet she’s gonna have to give up that title soon.”

Surrounded by a murmuring crowd, Feng Tianlan strode in with a big yellow dog on a leash. Her back was straight as proud bamboo, and a regal aura flowed from her eyes. As the crowd split, layer by layer, to make way for her, one could describe the immense importance she exuded along the lines of, “It’s the return of a king!”

Her regality was so overwhelming that even the big yellow dog, a most ordinary breed, seemed to take on a tinge of beastly, demonic ferociousness. The deep red scar that ran from Feng Tianlan’s eyebrow to the side of her nose was as visible as ever. However, her overwhelmingly stately presence stunned and captivated.

When Luo Yunzhu saw admiration flashing in the crowd’s eyes, she puffed up her chest, straightening out her posture. She was here to be a pillar of support for Feng Tianlan, so she had to be domineering.

“Didn’t you say that you were too busy to attend?” scoffed Si Rong coldly.

Cruelty flared in Si Rong’s eyes when he saw Feng Tianlan arrive. It’s great that she came, he thought. It would have disrupted my plans and rendered my efforts futile if she hadn’t shown up.

Feng Tianlan, who stood about a head shorter than Si Rong, tilted her face slightly up toward him. “Which table?” she asked.

“You’re this eager to please me?” Si Rong sneered as he pointed to the table he’d reserved.

The table was in the very middle of the hall. Whatever took place at that table could be viewed from the backyard, the front of the hall, and every open window. Now, he was simply waiting for the show to start.

Feng Tianlan withdrew her gaze. Then, she walked toward the table to which Si Rong had pointed. Si Rong felt like the look Feng Tianlan gave him was demeaning, like he was an ant, and it made him very uncomfortable. Feng Tianlan was, by all means, shorter than him, but how dare she look at him with such eyes! Hmph, he’d let her off for now. Anyway, she’d lose all will to live soon enough.

“Feng Tianlan, what are you doing?” Si Rong blurted out.

As he sat down, he saw Feng Tianlan lead the dog up onto the seat opposite him. The dog sat upright, obediently, and rested its two paws on the table’s edge. Sticking out its tongue, it stared straight at Si Rong and drooled uncontrollably. The big yellow dog was seated right in front of him. How could Feng Tianlan let a dog sit directly opposite him when they were supposed to dine together? How deeply insulting.

Feng Xiuyu, who was sitting beside Si Rong, darkened at once. She glared with revulsion at the large, salivating dog. She lifted her eyes gracefully and said, “I do not fancy eating with dogs.” A small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. “However, it seems like other dogs do.”

Woof! Woof! The yellow dog barked at Si Rong, greeting him. Then, it buried its nose in the bowl and began to lap up the soup. Feng Tianlan’s words and the dog’s barks after it had enjoyed a few licks of soup made Si Rong feel like the dog was telling him not to stand on ceremony and eat quickly. The whole scene made Si Rong’s face turn green. To think that Feng Tianlan would humiliate him with a dog!

“Feng Tianlan, you…” Si Rong was speechless. He could not even come up with the words to scold her. His chest heaved laboriously. It was like he was going to pass out from the anger or vomit blood.

“Tianlan, you’re truly my idol,” remarked Luo Yunzhu.

Luo Yunzhu had been standing, stunned, at the sidelines for quite a while. Once she regained her senses, she applauded with all her might simply because what had just happened was so awesome. Her anger had been vented!

On their way here, Feng Tianlan had bought the dog offhandedly. Luo Yunzhu had assumed that she was just going to make the big yellow dog bark at the Third Prince. What an unexpected performance!

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