The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 16 - Scolding Without Vulgarity

Chapter 16: Scolding Without Vulgarity

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Feng Tianlan’s humiliation struck the Third Prince like countless slaps in the face. Crisp and substantial. The Third Prince’s expression turned a colorful palette, going green, then red, then black. It was a scene to behold.

“Feng Tianlan, how dare you!” Si Rong exclaimed. He almost vomited blood out of anger. He’d respected the bet and invited her to dinner, and yet she’d shamed him by making a dog sit right in front of him.

Feng Xiuyu stood up, glared at Feng Tianlan, and said, “Feng Tianlan, you must have some gall to instruct a dog to humiliate the Third Prince. Confronting your superior is a crime punishable by death. Hurry up, get on all fours, and beg for mercy!”

“The dog was excited to see another of its kind, so he climbed onto the chair all by himself. I never instructed him to have a seat and start eating.” Feng Xiuyu stared right at Feng Tianlan then challenged, “Which of your dog eyes saw me do anything untoward?”

“I saw it with both eyes!” Feng Xiuyu snarled.

Feng Tianlan let out a long sigh of “Oooohhhh.” She nodded as if a realization had just dawned on her. “No wonder your eyesight’s so keen.”

Pfft! The onlookers burst out laughing.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone refer to themselves as a dog.”

“Ha-ha! Then we can’t blame the dog for taking the seat without being prompted.”

“Feng Tianlan’s so cool! I thought she’d use her comeback to make Si Rong give up on the annulment.”

“Who knows? She might be playing hard to get. But Feng Xiuyu…Ha-ha.”

Listening to the crowd gossip, Feng Xiuyu finally understood that she’d been duped. When Feng Tianlan had asked about “dog eyes,” she’d stupidly replied, “two eyes.” She’d fallen right into her trap! “B*tch,” she murmured. Feng Xiuyu was so mad that her entire face went red. She grabbed a ceramic bowl and flung it at Feng Tianlan’s face. Indirectly, Feng Tianlan had called her a dog. D*mn it!

Feng Tianlan raised her eyes and caught the bowl effortlessly. “Who are you calling a b*tch?”

“You, of course!” Feng Xiuyu bellowed furiously.

She scooped up another bowl and hurled it at Feng Tianlan. Sensing danger, the big yellow dog quickly hid under the table and didn’t move.

“Okay, I heard you.” Another easy catch.

Feng Xiuyu was fuming. She wanted to pull out her sword and stab Feng Tianlan to death, but Si Rong stopped her. He shot her a meaningful look and said, “Yu’er, calm down. There’s no need to stoop to her level.”

It was only then that Feng Xiuyu remembered that they were here to watch a good show. Their goal had still not been achieved, so they had to persevere and not give up so easily. The plan must be carried out so that the engagement could be annulled quickly. After that, it would be easier for the Third Prince to take her hand in marriage.

“I am a man of my words. Since I promised you, I must treat you to this meal, no matter what. But if you do not want to share a table, then…” Si Rong pretended to glance around. Then, he pointed to the table where Si Mobai was sitting. “Then you’ll sit with my Second Brother.”

Every table in the hall was fully occupied, every table except that of Si Mobai’s Second Brother, who had no company but his own. It would be unfair to call this arrangement “intentional.”

They were just sharing a table. For now, Si Mobai’s Second Brother would not move against Feng Tianlan. However, later, once they’d drugged her again, Second Brother would be the only man whom Feng Tianlan could beg to seduce her. Fully understanding how much his brother hated women, Si Mobai was sure that Second Brother would slam Feng Tianlan to death with a single strike. The guilt of killing his brother’s betrothed, then, would push Second Brother over to Si Mobai’s side. If the plan succeeded, he could get rid of Feng Tianlan and also cajole Si Mobai over to his team. It would be brilliant to kill two birds with one stone.

After listening to the first bit of the plan, Feng Xiuyu understood what Si Rong was trying to do. She sneered coldly in her heart, looked at Feng Tianlan, and said, “Big Sister, don’t tell me that you have other weird habits?”

If Feng Tianlan refused to sit at that table, it would mean that she didn’t enjoy dining with dogs. In that case, the Wargod would never tolerate her behavior. He was going to kill her for sure.

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