The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 17 - Sharing a Table with Si Mobai

Chapter 17: Sharing a Table with Si Mobai

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Feng Tianlan arched an eyebrow as her gaze swept over them. It looked like they had some scheme in store.

“Of course,” Feng Tianlan said, then sat down gracefully opposite Si Mobai. “You mortals are unworthy of dining with a god.”

Feng Xiuyu stared intently at Si Mobai. She saw his face move slightly and perked up at once. The Wargod was going to make a move soon, and she couldn’t help cheering him on in her heart, “Quick! Jill Feng Tianlan! Kill her now.”

However, up until the point in the meal when Feng Tianlan received a new set of utensils, the tables were cleared, and the dishes served again, it was said that none of these actions on the part of the Wargod could be considered “sharing a meal” with a woman.

Si Rong was disappointed, too. He gave Feng Xiuyu a reassuring look then prompted his guests to begin the banquet. Luo Yunzhu watched for a while and saw that Si Mobai did not lose his temper. Maybe he isn’t as scary as the rumors say? She moved to the seat beside Feng Tianlan, but before she could sit down, Si Mobai shot her two icy looks. They pierced her like cold daggers. Alarmed and afraid, she straightened her back and squeezed herself into a place at the table beside them. Holy moly, the Wargod can kill with a look! She lost all courage to dine with them and decided to sit further away. If she couldn’t fight, she could always hide.

Chuling had wanted to stay by Feng Tianlan’s side and serve her, but the intense aura that Si Mobai was emitting was cold enough to freeze a person to death. Chuling immediately retreated to Luo Yunzhu’s side and prayed in her heart that Lady Luck would shine on First Miss!

The corners of Feng Tianlan’s mouth twitched as she watched Luo Yunzhu and Chuling hide further and further away. They have the guts to oppose Feng Xiuyu but run this far away when the Wargod is in the house? Is the legendary Wargod this scary? A curious Feng Tianlan raised her eyes to monitor Si Mobai. The Wargod, meanwhile, ate as gracefully as a swan, and his features were as prominent as if they’d been carved. The orange-red sunlight shone through the window and cast its glow on him, giving the illusion of a high deity descended from the heavens.

Feeling her gaze, Si Mobai lifted his head and peeked at her. He then poured himself a cup of wine and pressed it to his lips, taking a small sip. Thump, thump, thump! One look was enough to send Feng Tianlan’s heart racing. It was like a deer had been living in her heart and was now banging against her chest, trying to knock her heart out. What eyes are these? Orbs decorated with cherry blossom petals. With the arch of an eyebrow, he could entrance souls willing to sink into his gaze, just to be his forever.

Her heart only trembled for a moment, and Feng Tianlan quickly regained her composure. She pressed down her erratically beating heart and, without betraying her genuine emotions, reached for the wine flask in front of Si Mobai. When she looked up, however, she saw Si Mobai purse his lips slightly into a very faint smile. Her heart shook again, and she almost threw down the wine flask.

Why does it feel like the Wargod, rumored to hate women, is trying to seduce me?

she wondered. But when she looked up again, Si Mobai had returned to his usual expression, cold as a ten-thousand-year-old ice mountain. Is it simply my imagination?

Feng Tianlan calmly poured a cup of wine for herself and raised it to her lips. She slightly frowned as she glanced at Feng Xiuyu and Si Rong, who quickly averted their gazes. A look of achievement and triumph was plastered on their faces.

They’ve put an aphrodisiac in the wine! So, that’s what they have in store. Feng Xiuyu stared long and hard at Feng Tianlan until she’d finished the wine. As Feng Tianlan wiped her lips with her handkerchief, her eyes lit up at once. Success!

The dog’s bark was suddenly heard. Woof! Everyone turned toward the sound, but all they saw was a yellow figure suddenly dart out from under the table and pounce on Feng Xiuyu.

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