The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 27 - Tianlan, This is Too Much of a Waste!

Chapter 27: Tianlan, This is Too Much of a Waste!

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Feng Tianlan shook her head and said, “I’m alright. Don’t move. You know what they always say: A broken bone takes at least one hundred days to heal. You need to rest in bed, properly.”

Chuling had thrown herself before Feng Tianlan to block a fatal blow. While Feng Tianlan had only obtained light injuries, Chuling had suffered multiple fractures all over her body.


“Be obedient. Otherwise, who will stand next to me and protect me from the bad guys?” Feng Tianlan looked at Chuling sternly.

“Fine,” Chuling replied. Here was a little dilemma. Maybe she was out of line.

Feng Tianlan poured some water for her and said, “From now on, we are each other’s only family. There’s no need to be too proper.”

“Miss.” Chuling’s eyes were red as she tried to hold back tears. She was just a servant, but Miss treated her so well.

“Have a good rest. I have an errand to run. Don’t move too much and wait for me to come back.”

“Miss, be careful and don’t do anything silly,” Chuling said worriedly.

Feng Tianlan laughed and reassured Chuling. Then, she left for Luo Manor. The Luo Manor was only one street away, so she arrived quickly. Since Luo Yunzhu often brought Feng Tianlan to her home, the guards recognized her. They let her in, no questions asked.

Feng Tianlan stepped into the room and said, “Yunzhu.” She frowned slightly when she saw Luo Yunzhu lying on the bed with her head down.

“Tianlan, why are you here? Did that b*tch Feng Xiuyu bully you again?” Luo Yunzhu lifted her head and asked, her expression anxious and worried. Tianlan had never come to her house on her own. Something must have happened.

Feng Tianlan sat down next to the bed and looked at Luo Yunzhu. “You were beaten?”

“No, I’m just sleeping in. I like to sleep on my stomach.”

Luo Yunzhu endured the pain in her back and smiled with a babyface. She looked so innocent and harmless; people would never know she was lying. Feng Tianlan did not say anything. Instead, she lifted the quilt and saw red marks all over Luo Yunzhu’s back beneath her thin undergarments. Although her flesh had not been torn, it still looked frighteningly painful.

“There is no pain, no pain at all. My injuries are nothing compared to yours. Insignificant. How can you even call them injuries? It doesn’t hurt at all.” Luo Yunzhu hadn’t expected Feng Tianlan to be so bold as to raise her quilt, so she rushed to explain.

“Did Dean Luo hit you?” Feng Tianlan looked back at her. Luo Yunzhu genuinely treated her well.

Luo Yunzhu nodded and smiled again with her baby face. She looked bubbly as she said, “My father loves me, so he didn’t beat me hard. You can rest assured that, after resting for a couple of days, I will be up and running.”

Feng Tianlan looked at Luo Yunzhu and pursed her lips.

“It’s fine! It really doesn’t hurt. There may be bruises on my body, but they don’t compare to the one scar on your face,” Luo Yunzhu said sadly while staring at Feng Tianlan’s scar, from her eyebrows to the side of her cheek.

If we omit the Wargod, Tianlan is the real first beauty. Now that she’s disfigured, she must be devastated. It is only the nature of a woman to care about her looks. She had to win the bid for the Beautifying Pill in a few days. She must restore Tianlan’s former beauty.

Feng Tianlan fished out a porcelain bottle and dispensed a Nurturing Pill. “Eat this Nurturing Pill. It will speed up your healing.”

“Ah?” Luo Yunzhu was stunned.

Feng Tianlan took advantage of the moment and popped the Nurturing Pill directly into Luo Yunzhu’s mouth. Tinged with a slight herb fragrance, it slid down Luo Yunzhu’s throat into her stomach. Luo Yunzhu felt some warmth in her abdomen, which was comforting. She soon understood what she’d consumed and looked at Feng Tianlan in surprise. “Grade 5 Nurturing Pill?”

Feng Tianlan nodded softly. Last night, Si Mobai hadn’t wanted the rest of the pills, so she’d brought the bottle with her wherever she went. She’d wanted to return it when she got a chance, but it seemed that, for now, she still needed these Nurturing Pills. When she earned more money in the future, she would refine a higher-grade medicine and pay back the favor double.

Luo Yunzhu’s expression turned aghast when Feng Tianlan confirmed that she had just swallowed a Grade 5 Nurturing Pill.

“Tianlan, this is too much of a waste!”

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