The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 28 - Jinxes Should Know Automatically to Stay Away

Chapter 28: Jinxes Should Know Automatically to Stay Away

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“Eh?” asked a puzzled Feng Tianlan.

“The Grade 5 Nurturing Pill is so precious that money alone can’t buy it. There’s a lot of demand but no supply, and I can’t believe you used it on my light whip bruises. If that’s not a waste, I don’t know what is.” Luo Yunzhu patted her chest and looked at Feng Tianlan tearfully. “I feel like I just swallowed money, not a pill.”

A Grade 5 Nurturing Pill could easily sell for over five million gold coins at auction. A Grade 9 Pill would have been more than enough to heal her injuries. To think that Feng Tianlan had used a Grade 5 pill on her!

If that wasn’t an excessive waste, what was?

“Is our friendship and your body worth less than a Grade 5 Nurturing Pill?” Feng Tianlan looked at her, amused. It was cute how Luo Yunzhu thought about such things at a time like this.

“Uwaa, Tianlan, I’m really touched.” Feng Tianlan’s words moved Luo Yunzhu to tears. “I’ve decided, in this life, you’re the one. For my entire life, you will be my best friend forever!”

Feng Tianlan laughed. “Isn’t it too easy to move you? What if I treated you even better? Wouldn’t you want to marry me?”

“Haha, I don’t mind.” Luo Yunzhu broke into a smile. Although she felt that Tianlan was somewhat different from before, she was still her good friend, and that was all that mattered.

Feng Tianlan chuckled as she stood up. “I’ll come by to see you again tomorrow. Have a good rest.”

“Okay,” Luo Yunzhu answered, then suddenly looked at her in surprise. “Right, Tianlan, where did the Grade 5 Nurturing Pill come from?”

In Tianlan’s case, even generic healing medications were a luxury, what to speak of a Grade 5 Nurturing Pill. Something was amiss.

“I’ll tell you later.” Feng Tianlan pouted slightly. Her friend was somewhat dense.

Judging from the fact that Si Mobai had secretly come to her yard yesterday, it was likely that he didn’t want others to know that they were in contact. In the end, she decided to keep her mouth shut.

“Okay,” Luo Yunzhu readily accepted Tianlan’s answer. She asked too many questions.

Feng Tianlan left after offering a few caring words. At the courtyard gate, she met Luo Yunzhu’s servant. She stopped her and asked, “What happened to Yunzhu yesterday when she returned?”

Seeing that it was Feng Tianlan who was asking, the loyal servant became curt and hostile, “Master whipped her good and then grounded her. He now forbids her to see you.”

“Lady Feng, you are a good-for-nothing shunned by all. I say, can you not bother my young Lady anymore? My young Lady has suffered so much because of you, ever since you were kids. How many beatings has she already taken for you? Even so, she will always run to you after she is beaten up and bring you medication. Even if her own medication were confiscated, she would still find a way to bring it to you.”

“Because of you, my Lord has gradually distanced himself from my young Lady. What happened yesterday infuriated him greatly. If Luo Yunzhu continues to act so recklessly, he is threatening to promote his concubine to the first wife. When that happens, she can kiss being his only daughter goodbye and forget all about inheriting the academy.”

“The Lord has issued my Lady a stern final warning. If she continues to see you and fails to advance to the level of a First-stage Spiritualist within a year, he will promote his concubine to the first wife. She will lose all chances of inheriting the Blue Flame Academy.”

The servant glared at Feng Tianlan indignantly, “Lady Feng, please stay away from my Lady. Jinxes like you should know to stay away from others lest trouble comes to them, especially those who care about you.”

The maid’s words struck Feng Tianlan’s heart like lightning bolts. While she was shocked, deep down, she felt warm and fuzzy. She never thought that Luo Yunzhu would go to such lengths for her. Although Luo Yunzhu was the younger one, she protected Tianlan like an older sister and never complained about it.

Feng Tianlan clenched her fist. She must become stronger. Not only would she protect them, but she would also help them become more powerful. She would see to it that no one ever dared bully them again.

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