The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 30 - She Has a Capacity for Arrogance

Chapter 30: She Has a Capacity for Arrogance

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While fifteen-year-old First-stage Spiritualists were not uncommon, Luo Yuanjie had forgotten that Feng Tianlan was a mere ‘good-for-nothing’ Level 6 Gathering Spirit until yesterday. To power through five levels and become a First-stage Spiritualist overnight required immense talent in cultivation…

Feng Tianlan stayed silent as she calmly looked at Luo Yuanjie. Luo Yuanjie paused for a moment and quickly concluded that such a thing was impossible. Even the First Prince, that genius of geniuses, had not leveled up this rapidly. If Feng Tianlan had indeed shot through the levels at such an incredible speed, her existence would be more terrifying than a genius’ – an unorthodox genius!

“It seems that you deliberately concealed your strength before.” Luo Yuanjie felt that this was the only logical explanation. No one could ever be promoted directly to First-stage Spiritualist overnight.

Feng Tianlan did not explain but just smiled. No one needed to know if she had or had not. Luo Yuanjie looked at this girl, who was as calm as still water. She was nothing like the rumors. Instead, she was graceful and dignified. While she’d risen to become a First-stage Spiritualist, she was humble and modest. Such qualities were scarce these days.

He recalled what Feng Tianlan had just said. True friends in life were precious, not because of how many one had, but because of how loyally one treated them. Zhu’er would indeed have many friends in the future, no doubt. However, it would be difficult for her to find a true friend like Feng Tianlan.

“Miss Feng, so long as you can receive ten hits from the upcoming duel, I will make an exception and admit you into the Blue Flame Academy. I will also assign you a personal mentor to guide your cultivation.” Luo Yuanjie looked at Feng Tianlan and slightly raised his eyebrow. “What do you think?”

As he saw it, taking three hits from Feng Xiuyu would already be quite a miracle for Feng Tianlan. Taking ten hits would be quite the challenge.

“No need.” Feng Tianlan also raised her eyebrow. From between her eyes flowed an indomitable arrogance, as if she had the world under her feet.

“Ungrateful.” Feng Tianlan’s refusal angered Luo Yuanjie. “I would not have lowered my criteria if it were not for Yunzhu’s repeated requests. You should know that, if you’d gone through the formal assessment, you would have failed the first exam straightaway.”

That girl Zhu’er was registered at the academy in name only. She hardly attended classes, saying that she would only study at the academy if Luo Yuanjie also allowed Feng Tianlan to enroll. He was so mad that he wanted to give her a good whipping.

“No one on the entire Guiyuan Continent is qualified enough to guide me.” Feng Tianlan’s brow was full of pride.

Of course, she had the capacity for such arrogance! On the Xuantian Continent, there were only several people who could guide her, let alone on the Guiyuan Continent.

“Brazen!” fumed Luo Yuanjie, who was on the verge of vomiting blood. However, Feng Tianlan’s domineering mannerisms, for some reason, seemed apt. This seemed like her natural color or how she should be.

He was inexplicably impressed by the overwhelming aura she emanated. He regained his composure and tried to convince her in a slightly pleading tone, “Talk to Yunzhu, then. Tell her to attend school. While her talent in cultivation cannot be considered top-notch, it is not subpar either. She skipped classes for years simply because you weren’t admitted. Speak to her, please.”

He could not care less for Feng Tianlan, but he did care for Zhu’er, his daughter. However, seeing how close the girls were, he had no choice but to care for her too.

Feng Tianlan frowned slightly. She finally relented, “Okay, I will attend the academy.”

“Didn’t you say no one was qualified enough to teach you?” Luo Yuanjie, however agreeable, could not help but mock. He added, “In that case, I shall exempt you from the entrance exams. You will be enrolled in the academy straightaway.”

As long as Zhu’er attended the academy, an additional student like Feng Tianlan wasn’t going to bother him.

“I am only enrolling for Yunzhu’s sake,” Feng Tianlan answered mildly. Since Yunzhu treated her well, she would naturally return her friendship.

Although Luo Yuanjie was critical of Feng Tianlan, he could not hate the tenderness she had for Zhu’er. No matter what, he still felt that Feng Tianlan thought too highly of herself. “I look forward to witnessing the brilliance of the First Miss of Feng.”

Feng Tianlan watched as the carriage passed. Luo Yuanjie’s pleading voice came from inside the carriage as it moved away, “Miss Feng. If you are indeed inadequate, I can only beg you as a poor father worried sick about his daughter. Please, stay away from Zhu’er. She has suffered too much because of you. You should not drag down those who truly care about you.”

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