The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 31 - Pill Refining

Chapter 31: Pill Refining

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Zhu’er might not be as talented as others when it came to cultivation, but, no matter what, she was his daughter. Because she lacked talent, he was determined to nurture her. Not only in terms of strength, even if he only helped her develop her interpersonal relations, he was going to make sure that his Zhu’er had something to fall back on. That way, Zhu’er would not be an easy pushover when she inherited the Blue Flame Academy after he was gone.

Feng Tianlan tilted her head as she watched Luo Yuanjie’s carriage slowly disappear into the distance. She looked up at the clear blue sky and promised, “I will take Yunzhu to the peak.”

Seeing how much Luo Yuanjie cared for Yunzhu, Feng Tianlan was reminded of her parents in her past life. Since a young age, she’d lacked the physique to cultivate, despite having exceptional talent. While people labeled her a ‘good-for-nothing,’ her parents were extremely doting. They, too, had plans for her, and they’d taught her how to run the Shen family from a very young age.

To think that, in the end…

Feng Tianlan thought about the truth of her parents’ deaths, which she’d heard from Shen Yunya. She clenched her fists and teeth in deep hatred. Shen Yunya! Very soon, she would be back to exact revenge!

Afterward, Feng Tianlan bought a simple Pill Refining Furnace and the medicinal herbs required to refine Spirit Boosting and Nurturing Pills. She also needed to purchase ingredients for the Marrow Cleansing Pill, but she didn’t have enough money on her right now. The only thing she could do was refine a Spirit Boosting Pill and sell it, then use the profits to buy better Pill Refining Furnaces and medicinal herbs.

Feng Tianlan went to take a look at Chuling before she began to refine pills in her chamber.

Swoosh! A red flame appeared atop Feng Tianlan’s palm. It was the ‘Fire of Pill’ that she’d grasped through enlightenment in her previous incarnation. Combining the Nature and Fire elements allowed for better control over fire. Due to the presence of the Nature element, not a single drop of the pill essence would be lost, which increased the success rate of pill formation.

One by one, she put the ingredients for the Spirit Boosting Pill into the Pill Refining Furnace. She controlled the Fire of Pill with her left hand and tossed the medicinal herbs into the furnace with her right. This prevented the medicinal herbs’ most precious essence from seeping out and would ensure pill quality as well as increase the ingredients’ fusion rate.

Although this was the first time Feng Tianlan had tried her hand at pill refining, she had reenacted the process tens of thousands of times in her mind. From a raging flame, the Fire of Pill in her hands slowly dwindled into a small spark. Whiffs of medicinal fragrance wafted out of the Pill Refining Furnace. They refreshed and soothed the soul.

Feng Tianlan extinguished the Fire of Pill and took off the furnace lid. A strong medicinal fragrance washed over her face. A single whiff comforted her. With spiritual force, she lifted the pills out of the Pill Refining Furnace. In her palms lay two Spirit Boosting Pills, pearl-like and pristinely white. They gave off a faint pill fragrance.

“Just two Grade 9 Spirit Boosting Pills? Not enough. They need to be stronger.”

She set the Spirit Boosting Pills aside and continued refining. Had any Alchemists been present, Feng Tianlan would have angered them to death. Countless Alchemists experienced endless failures before they could even form a proper pill. Even then, their product, the pills, could be pit-black and rough. She, on the other hand, had only made one try and refined a pill of such tremendous color. And she was still complaining about it? Most aggravating!

Feng Tianlan never stopped refining the pills. By the time the last batch was done, two hours had passed. She retracted the Fire of Pill and slowly took off the furnace lid…Finally, pearls of pristine white, that is, beautifully rounded pills with a medicinal fragrance, emerged from the furnace. Feng Tianlan narrowed her eyes slightly and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Five pills. Grade 9 Spirit Boosting Pills of supreme grade.”

Although this grade was still slightly lower than she’d expected, she was satisfied. She thought to herself, wait until I sell these and get some money back. Then, I can afford a better Pill Refining Furnace and refine pills of an even higher grade!

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