The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 32 - You Couldn't Afford it Even if We Sold You!

Chapter 32: You Couldn’t Afford it Even if We Sold You!

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Pill Medicines ranged from Grade 1 to 9, with Grade 1 being the best. Although there was something to be said for every grade. Pills with medicinal effects that achieved 90% fusion were known as ‘Supreme Grade Pill Medicines,’ while those with over 95% fusion rate were called ‘Perfect Pill Medicines.’

“I need a better Pill Refining Furnace,” Feng Tianlan said.

She glanced at the Pill Refining Furnace and frowned slightly at the cracks running through it. The furnace that she was using was the most common kind. Not only was its pill formation rate abysmally low, but it also broke way too quickly.

She stowed away the pills and left the chamber. Seeing that the sky had darkened, she turned and entered the room to pay another visit to Chuling.

“Miss.” Chuling immediately tried to sit up the moment she saw Feng Tianlan enter. She had laid in bed for the entire day instead of taking care of her lady. She had failed in her duties.

Feng Tianlan quickly rushed over and helped Chuling sit up in the bed. She said, “Don’t move so carelessly. Rest well and stop worrying about me. My battle with Feng Xiuyu is just around the corner, so I’ll be focusing on my cultivation these next few days. You’ll be doing me a great favor by taking good care of yourself.”

“Miss, allow me to guard you. If not…”

“I don’t think there’s a need for that. Feng Xiuyu is injured. Most likely, she’s busy trying to achieve a breakthrough in her cultivation. She won’t have time to pick on me. All you need to do is recuperate.” Feng Tianlan poured a Nurturing Pill out of the ceramic flask, then fed it to Chuling. “I’m waiting for you to recover, so that I can teach you how to cultivate. I don’t need useless people around me.”

Chuling was stunned for a moment, then turned to look at Feng Tianlan in wide-eyed disbelief, “I, I…can cultivate too?”

Feng Tianlan nodded. “Of course.”

“As you say, Miss.” Chuling’s eyes reddened in agitation. She was but an ordinary human, weak and powerless. If she could cultivate, she would be better able to protect her lady.

“Take care of yourself. I have something to do and need to head out.” Feng Tianlan got up and put on the rabbit mask she’d bought earlier that day. Moving like a shadow, she left the Feng Manor without alerting anyone else.

Chuling stared at the room, now empty. She recalled the ways in which her lady had seemed different over the past two days. While her behavior was strange, she quickly felt reassured. At the very least, they, the master-servant duo, would not be easily bullied in the future.

An ill-fitting overcoat, tattered and patched all over, enveloped Feng Tianlan’s frail body, and the rabbit mask covered her face. She walked into Tianhai Trade House. A slightly oversized shopkeeper yawned with eyes half-lidded.

“Shopkeeper,” Feng Tianlan said, lowering her voice.

At first, the Shopkeeper thought that this was a big customer. He snapped his eyes open and greeted enthusiastically, “Sir… …”

However, he quickly shut up after uttering that word. Seeing that the ‘customer’ was a person in tattered clothing, he shooed Feng Tianlan out, “Where did this little beggar come from? Scram! I don’t want to be tainted by your bad luck.”

Feng Tianlan frowned slightly. Taking out a small, beaten parcel, she said, “I have something to sell.”

Tianhai Trade House was the largest Trade House in the South Winds Nation. It frequently held auctions, including the upcoming one. The integrity and honest reputation of the Tianhai Trade House was spread far and wide across the Guiyuan Continent. There was no better place to sell pill medicines.

The Shopkeeper took a look at the small, battered parcel, and concluded straightaway that this was a little beggar. His annoyance increased.

“Leave quickly, we don’t take in rubbish here. If you linger, I’ll call the guards and throw you out.” He bet that the beggar only had some stones in the parcel. So this beggar was trying to fleece him, huh? “Do you think the Tianhai trade House is a place where you can beg? This is a place that you can’t afford to taint, even if we sold you! What bad luck to let a little beggar into the door,” the Shopkeeper sneered as he waved in disgust. “Men, come in and beat him up. Then, throw this beggar out of the store. Before he offends our esteemed customers’ eyes!”

Feng Tianlan frowned slightly. Taking one last look at the Shopkeeper, she picked up her parcel and turned to go without hesitation. So much for the largest Trade House. She’d simply go to another one.

Before she could take any more steps, Si Rong came in straight toward her. Seeing how tattered her outfit was, Si Rong winced and immediately covered his nose. “Shopkeeper Sun, since when did you start entertaining beggars?”

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