The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 5 - Overpowering Feng Xiuyu

Chapter 5: Overpowering Feng Xiuyu

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Feng Tianlan was sure to lose, and her engagement to the Third Prince would be annulled. Very soon, Feng Xiuyu would be the princess consort!

Feng Tianlan stood on top of the battle ring with both hands behind her. Her clothes fluttered in the wind as she coldly narrowed her stunning eyes. Between her eyebrows, a ruler’s pressure overflowed. “Fight!”

This engagement could not be dissolved that easily. There was no point in trying to be assertive with words!

“Feng Tianlan, I’ll stay put and give myself a handicap of three moves. Don’t say that I’m bullying the weak,” taunted Feng Xiuyu with a tone laced with contempt. She believed that, even if she remained in the same position throughout the entire challenge, Feng Tianlan could never touch even a single strand of her hair.

Ha! Feng Tianlan let out a light laugh, and her figure swept out into the ring like a phantom. Pa! The soft red whip tore through the void and attacked Feng Xiuyu like a lightning bolt. Since she’d given her an advantage and decided to belittle her opponent, Feng Tianlan didn’t mind teaching her a painful lesson.

Feng Xiuyu’s gaze fell on the weapon’s shadow. She harrumphed disdainfully and raised her hand, and nimbly caught the soft whip coming toward her. She looked at Feng Tianlan and mocked, “One move!”

“Looking at her speed, I thought she’d counterattack. But it seems that she’s still the worthless trash we’ve always known. A battle with no surprises is boring.”

“There’s no way that a Sixth-level Gathering Spirit can defeat a First-stage Spiritualist.”

“Even if Feng Xiuyu stands there without budging for a whole day, Feng Tianlan will definitely still lose. Feng Xiuyu could even give her a head start of one hundred moves.”

Just as the crowd was discussing among themselves, they heard a sarcastic, cold scoff that was especially grinding on their ears. They couldn’t help but look up at Feng Tianlan. How dare this woman ridicule them so blatantly when she’s doomed to lose?

However, before anyone could call her brazen, the soft red whip began to glow with a red light. Feng Tianlan flipped her wrist and sent the soft whip rippling like a snake. Feng Xiuyu, still holding onto the end of the soft whip, suddenly felt a scorching burn on her palm.

“Ah!” she screamed and let go.

Her white, tender palm was seared red from the heat and began to blister. During the split-second when she was checking her palm, she sensed a heatwave pressing near. She looked up and saw a fire dragon coming for her!


“Ah!” Feng Xiuyu covered her face and shrieked in misery and fear, “My face, my face.”

Her face was in horrible pain, the scorching type, like someone had set her on fire.

Feng Tianlan, of course, did not stop despite Feng Xiuyu’s screaming. She continued to wield the fire dragon-like lash. It wrapped itself around Feng Xiuyu’s waist, picked her up ferociously, and slammed her back to the ground.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Feng Tianlan’s gaze was icy as she threw the whip non-stop. Piercing cries of pain cut through the air. Blow after blow landed on Feng Xiuyu, followed by fresh wounds and more shrieks of pain!

Her original soul had been flogged to death by Feng Xiuyu and So Rong, so, today, she was merely collecting the interest. She would doubly avenge her enemies, beating them in the same way they’d battered her original host!


The sudden turn of events stunned the onlookers. They forgot how to react, and simply stared at the battle ring with their jaws dropped. Feng Tianlan had utterly overpowered Feng Xiuyu! And they’d called her… worthless trash?

“Yu’er!” Si Rong cried.

He’d blanked out for a second but quickly regained his footing. He drew his sword and jumped out like lightning, slashing toward Feng Tianlan’s back. He must kill her with a single stroke! How dare this woman whip Yu’er like that in public? She deserved to die!

Feng Tianlan felt Si Rong’s ice-cold murderous intent enter the three-yard radius surrounding her. She tried to avoid him, but it was too late…

Bam! Si Rong was sent flying and crashed heavily on top of Feng Xiuyu. Puu! Puu! Both of them coughed up mouthfuls of blood.

“Third Younger Brother. You’ve broken the rules!”

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