The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 6 - An Otherworldly Deity

Chapter 6: An Otherworldly Deity

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His voice was as mellow as wine that had been aged for a century, intoxicating to the ear! Feng Tianlan looked up and saw the white figure standing tall like proud bamboo. Light on his feet, he landed before her. His white clothes fluttered in the wind. A feather-like strand of hair brushed her face, and a whiff of cold, mint fragrance drifted into her nose.

At the mere sight of that broad back, the thought flashed across Feng Tianlan’s mind: otherworldly deity. However, when she felt the cold and violent aura coming from him, another came to mind: demon who emerged from hell! Two extremely contradictory temperaments coexisted in one person. Instead of clashing, they neutralized each other and highlighted something human in him.

“Second Brother, Feng Tianlan is ruthless and cruel. She’s about to kill Xiuyu. Xiuyu will die if I don’t intervene.”

Si Rong looked up at Si Mobai. The man’s immensely beautiful face scared him, but, right now, he felt more doubt than fear. His second eldest brother had always disliked leaving the house. He hated meddling in other peoples’ business, issues of women even less. Why would he interfere in good-for-nothing Feng Tianlan’s affairs?

“In a battle ring fight, people are accountable for their own lives and deaths!” Si Mobai said coldly.

Si Rong was rendered speechless by Si Mobai’s icy words, but he was unwilling to give up. He replied, “She tried to kill her younger sister. I just wanted to teach her a lesson and save Yu’er.”

Si Mobai tossed a side glance at Feng Tianlan and gave way to her without saying

anything more. Feng Tianlan was somewhat taken aback but quickly hid her surprise. She stared chillingly at the lacerations from Feng Xiuyu’s whipping; they looked like burns. Feng Tianlan parted her lips slightly and said, “You lost!”

“No, I didn’t. Feng Tianlan, you sorceress, you must have used sorcery.” Feng Xiuyu curled up and trembled in Si Rong’s arms. Her voice was full of rage and deep fear.

Feng Tianlan cracked her whip gently in the air and asked, “Is that so?”

“Feng Tianlan…”

Feng Tianlan shot Si Rong a cold glance. “Shut up!”


Upon being scolded by Feng Tianlan, Si Rong fell speechless. He looked up at her. That hideous scar ran long across her face, but the sternness between her brows immobilized him. She is different from the past! He was not impressed, and anger filled him. He was stunned by the words and glare issuing from that trash. It was incredibly humiliating—he would never let it slide.

Still, a light, fluttering side glance from Si Mobai froze him in place. On the spot, all Si Rong’s anger was extinguished, and he did not dare utter another word. Now that the mad dog had stopped barking, their ears could finally enjoy some peace and quiet.

Feng Tianlan stepped out lightly and stood in front of Feng Xiuyu. She looked down at her from above, like she was nothing but a bug, and asked, “Do you admit defeat?”

“I…” Feng Xiuyu wanted to insist that she hadn’t lost, but then she noticed that the soft whip in Feng Tianlan’s hand still was still glowing a little red. Remembering how the burning pain had terrified her, she ground her teeth and spat out three words laced with hatred and unwillingness, “I lost!”

In response, Feng Xiuyu urgently challenged Feng Tianlan, “Consider this time me letting you win. I’ve never attacked. It’s a loss I could not swallow. We will fight again in seven days, and, on that day, I will surely defeat you!”

Feng Xiuyu could not accept defeat. She didn’t lose! Feng Tianlan’s attacks had simply stunned her into totally forgetting to fight back. This fight should not count. She would challenge Feng Tianlan again and beat her. She would return the pain she’d suffered today one hundredfold!

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