The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 690 - Digging up Dai’er’s Grave

Chapter 690: Digging up Dai’er’s Grave

Feng Tianlan’s heart involuntarily skipped a beat. He could not have assassinated Shen Yunya, could he?

Come to think about it, that would not be possible either. He did not know that Shen Yunya was her murderer.

He Lianhuang looked up and smiled in an especially weird and horrifying way, then he said, “The night before I returned home, I went grave-digging. I went to dig up Dai’er’s grave!”

He went to dig a grave. Who could understand that feeling? Someone he cared deeply for, dead and buried there, should have been resting in peace, but he had to go and dig up her grave; he had no choice but to dig up her grave.

Hearing what he just said, Feng Tianlan’s heart lurched. Her pupils shrank as she looked incredulously at He Lianhuang. He actually went to dig up a grave?

He Lianhuang spread his hand open and started plucking out the shattered glass fragments embedded in his palm. In a calm voice, he said, “After I’ve dug up the grave, the corpse I found inside was not that of Dai’er’s at all. It was just someone who had a human skin mask with Dai’er’s apperance.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Tianlan was not the least bothered at all. The Shen Family buried her on April 11, but the true time of her death was April 12. So it was definitely someone else who had been buried.

It was just that it had never crossed her mind that He Lianhuang, who used to have the most non-existent presence, would actually suspect that she was not the one who died. And for him to literally dig up the grave to investigate the matter, this was indeed a very crazy thing to do.

It was heartwarming for her to know that she had a friend like him. But even so, she would not admit the fact that she knew him. She would not acknowledge any friend that she knew from her previous life at all, at least not until Shen Yunya was dead.

“I was so relieved to learn that the one in the grave was not Dai’er. But I was still unable to put my mind at ease because I didn’t know if she was still alive or already dead. I could only pray that she was still alive. I didn’t dare to tell Xi Jin and the others about this matter again because no one would believe me. It might even be that the killer was one of them.”

He did not know whether anyone had found him digging the grave that night, but the moment he ventured beyond the borders of Dongshu Nation, he became the target of a spate of frantic pursuit by people hunting him down. He encountered batch after batch of killers, and barely made it back to his palace alive after a narrow escape from death. But as soon as he returned, he was bullied by those royal brothers of his, as well as the various nobles and geniuses.

He broke down. He wanted to find Dai’er, but he was utterly powerless. He was reluctant to simply let things be. How could he be willing to go on being bullied by others when he clearly knew that it was not Dai’er lying dead inside the grave, and that her life and death were unknown? He would never get the chance to find the truth.

In order to find Dai’er, in order to find the truth about Dai’er, he had to become stronger. He had to gain immense power. He had to become the Emperor of Xi Yuan Nation.

Fortunately, there was someone who came to his aid later on to help him become strong, and also, secretly helped him become the Emperor of Xi Yuan. Though he had to pay a price because of this, he had no regrets at all.

At least for now, he finally waited till the day where he found Dai’er. Even if this Dai’er was very strange and appeared to be a man, so long as she was still alive, then all was good.

Feng Tianlan looked at He Lianhuang. All this time, she could not help feeling as if there was something not quite right with his mental state. For a moment, he would be timid in a careful way, and then he would become hateful in an insane manner. And another moment later, he would become so calm that it was scary.

Feng Tianlan opened her mouth and spoke hesitantly, “You… Are you okay?”

He Lianhuang shook his head. He looked up at Feng Tianlan with burning eyes and firmly said, “I will still continue to investigate, until the day the truth surfaces.”

Feng Tianlan did not say anything. She felt that he had recognized her, and these words were deliberately meant for her ears. But she was also afraid that this was all designed by Shen Yunya, who had gotten him to test her.

“One day, I will find her. Because she had taught me the Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon Technique.” He Lianhuang’s lips curled into a little smile as he said, “This is a technique that only she and I know.”

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