The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 691 - He Lianhuang’s reminder

Chapter 691: He Lianhuang’s reminder

So, when she stepped in to save him and used the Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon technique, he had recognized her. Even though she was currently a man, even if she had changed her face, he still recognized her.

Because the Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon technique was not created by other people. It was a High-level Skill Manual personally created for his Wind Spiritual Force and Ice Spiritual Force by Dai’er. No one else knew about the matter except for the two of them.

Dai’er was so clever. Even if she physically could not cultivate it, she could create a lot of High-level Skill Manual. She was a genius.

Feng Tianlan looked at He Lianhuang in front of her and could not speak for a moment, because the Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon technique was her own creation. She had not told other people about it. Accordingly, ever since she cultivated the Wind Spiritual Force, she also practiced the Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon technique, because it was a Double Spiritual Force. It was especially handy to use, so she was not adverse to using it.

She had not expected that, in a moment of habit, she would be revealed in front of He Lianhuang, and was thus recognized. As a result, he really recognized her, because of the Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon technique.

He Lianhuang looked at the calm and collected Feng Tianlan and smiled. “She has seen too many techniques and taught too many techniques. I am a little afraid if there is any chance….”

If she used any more familiar techniques, it would not matter if he recognized her. But if she were to be recognized by the assassins, what was she going to do? What if she were to be targeted again?

But it did not matter. He would protect her this time. He had the ability to protect her.

Feng Tianlan looked He Lianhuang who smiled as brightly as before. He reminded her not to use the technique which she had taught them before. Moreover, he did not seem intent on recognizing her. He had his own ideas.

Feng Tianlan stood up and said calmly, “You’re still injured. Have a good rest. We still have to set out on our journey and hurry on the road tomorrow.”

It was just as well that they acted as if they did not know each other before. It was good for her and beneficial to him as well.

“I don’t even know your name yet,” He Lianhuang asked anxiously as he quickly stood.

“Feng Tianlan.” With that, she left.

He Lianhuang looked at the departing back view of Feng Tianlan and gently murmured, “Feng Tianlan.”

It turned out that she was not called Shen Qingdai. Her name was Feng Tianlan.

Even though she was now a man, it did not change his feelings about her.

At the thought that she was still alive, He Lianhuang could not help smiling. There was still warmth in the world. It felt particularly good.

“Feng Tianlan,” He Lianhuang called the name again. However, after he called out, his face changed. Wasn’t Feng Tianlan the master of Bailan Alliance and the fiancée who the Demon King was searching for in the entire continent?

But wasn’t she a man?

How could she be the Demon King’s fiancée?

The Demon King stayed far away from women and already had a fiancée. So, could it be the Demon King had become a homosexual because of her?

But it did not make sense. He had seen the portrait. The Demon King’s fiancée, Feng Tianlan, was a woman and a beautiful woman at that. It was not Feng Tianlan from a moment again. The gender was different. How could it be the same person?

It must be just the same name, not the same person.

Otherwise, how could he compete against the Demon King?

Previously he had missed his opportunity with Dai’er due to Jiang Ying. He could not miss the opportunity with her because of the Demon King. He absolutely must not!

Back in the room, she somewhat found it difficult to fall asleep thinking about He Lianhuang’s words on what actually happened in the two years after her death and what Shen Yunya did to her friends.

When Feng Tianlan got up, she opened the window and gazed at the bright moonlight outside. She sighed deeply. She wanted to go back earlier. This time she wanted to let Shen Yunya know that she, Shen Qingdai, was back!

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