The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 695 - It Hurts to Be Punched in The Face

Chapter 695: It Hurts to Be Punched in The Face

When he heard the words, the commander looked at the inscription of the bounty for kill without mercy mission in fury and said, “This is a cloud imprint.”

Sister Yue lightly acknowledged it and said, “The Bailan imprint is currently used by the Bailan Alliance but the cloud imprint is from the past when it was called the Yunyi Alliance.”

The commander took the two pieces of paper. He first compared the two and then focused his attention upon the writing of the Demon King’s Princess and the Demon King’s fiancée and was momentarily stunned. “Well, I’ll be damned.”

“What’s going on?” Sister Yue looked up in confusion at the commander.

The commander took the bounty mission and ran to Feng Tianlan. He stared wide-eyed and asked, “Crazy girl, you’re really the Demon King’s fiancée?”

Feng Tianlan nodded earnestly and replied, “You didn’t believe me.” She had said it many times, but they did not believe her.

“What about the Demon King’s Princess?” Of these two bounty missions, one referred to the Princess and the other was the fiancée. It was a little contradictory.

Feng Tianlan thought about it, and then said, “Mobai likes to tell the outside world that I am Her Highness, and his subjects all address me as Her Highness.”

“Grandpa, what’s going on here? Didn’t we agree not to mention the Demon King which will hurt Big Brother Lan’s heart?” Xiao Xiao ran over too when she heard the commander bring up the Demon King.

Mei’er held Feng Tianlan’s arm and said, “Little Lan’er, don’t think of him. He’s a high and mighty god, completely untouchable. You’d better let Mei’er warm your bed instead.”

The commander handed Feng Tianlan the two pieces of bounty missions and said, “Take a look at them for yourself.”

Feng Tianlan was puzzled as she took the two pieces of paper. She unfolded them to take a closer look while Xiao Xiao and Mei’er watched at the side.

“Isn’t that Big Brother Lan drawn on the painting?”

“Little Lan’er, I still like the way you used to look.” Mei’er looked at the person who was like a fairy in the painting. How could the world have such a beautiful person, so much so that she also adored as a woman?

“Anyone who provides the king with any credible information about Her Highness Feng Tianlan, will be bestowed… Her Highness, Feng Tianlan?” Xiao Xiao looked at the portrait and read the bounty mission. Then she jerked her head up to look at Feng Tianlan and uttered, “Her Highness, Feng Tianlan?”

“Impersonated as the Demon King’s Princess, Feng Tianlan?” Mei’er also read the paper and looked up at Feng Tianlan. “Are you Her Highness or fiancée?”

Yang Zhengfei looked at the two pieces of paper as well as the content and said, “I know which one is real.”

Feng Tianlan held the piece of fine paper with the Bailan imprint and Si Mobai’s penmanship and said, “This is Mobai’s handwriting. He also personally drew the portrait.”

Yang Zhengfei nodded and said, “That one is truly authentic.”

“Regardless of which one is real, it can be said clearly that Tianlan and the Demon King know each other, whether she is the fiancée or Her Highness.” There was no other choice on the paper.

After listening to Da Da’s words, several people raised their heads and looked at Feng Tianlan at the same time, staring directly at her for a long time.

“She’s really the Demon King’s fiancée?”

Feng Tianlan briefly nodded and extended her left hand. showing them she was wearing a half-heart-shaped ring. She pressed it down in the right corner of the paper, and then a heart shape appeared. She said, “This is a token of love between Mobai and I. Each of us gets a half.”

Listening to Feng Tianlan’s words, and then looking at the heart in the right corner of the paper, Xiao Xiao and the others were stunned and briefly exchanged glances with each other.

Xiao Xiao held out her face and asked, “Mei’er, take a look. Is my face red?”

“You take a look too. Is my face swollen? It hurts.”

The commander also stuck out his wizened face and said, “Look, is my old face also red till you can fry an egg on it? It feels scorching.”

“It’s so stupid to put your face up and get beaten.” Da Da lightly patted himself on the face.

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