The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 694 - About Her Bounty Mission

Chapter 694: About Her Bounty Mission

Anyway, the Alchemists gave Pill Medicines, the Weaponsmiths gave Spiritual Weapons and the Spiritual Practitioners gave the Spiritual Crystals. If not, they would give some fun but very thoughtful presents.

Mei’er came forward and took Feng Tianlan’s arm as she said, “Come, let’s take you to register.”

“Okay.” Feng Tianlan glanced down at her chest which was rubbing closer and silently radiated Ice Spiritual Force to freeze her.

The names of Feng Tianlan and Azurite were registered in the United Mercenary Regiment’s member register. When they pressed their handprints on it, they completely became one of them.

“Younger Brother Lan, are you Xiao Xiao’s paramour?”

“Older Brother Lan, come quickly and drink. If a man doesn’t drink, what kind of man is he?”

“Tianlan, come and fight. Whoever wins will accompany Mei’er tonight.”

“Azurite, you look so shy. Do you like your older brother?”


After they had written their names and put the baby pink heart-shaped regiment’s badge on the chest, those people who were had been quiet just now, instantly clamored around and began to come to familiarize on their own accord.

“Completely unrestrained after the initial aloofness.” Mei’er cast a flirtatious glance at Feng Tianlan.

Everyone was very aloof and quiet before because they had not officially become members of the United Mercenary Regiment, lest they scared them off. Now they were completely uninhibited and acted freely.

Feng Tianlan was not used to it. But all the joking and fooling around aside, everyone still acted appropriately. The jokes which absolutely not be played, would not be joked about. It was all harmless fun and jokes, nothing too pointed. They were also worried that she might not be used to it for a while, so they teased her for a bit, and everyone went back to being busy with their own matters.

Although it was ordinary and noisy, Feng Tianlan felt that they had an unspeakable tacit understanding and trust.

“Tianlan, there is a mission to earn Spiritual Crystals. You can look for an escort mission to Dongshu Nation,” said Xiao Xiao, pulling Feng Tianlan to a wall to take a look. All kinds of papers were stuck on it, written with a variety of missions. There were all sorts, similar to bounty missions.

Sister Yue held two pieces of paper and walked toward the commander crouching in the corner and teasing a cat. She said, “Commander, Bailan Alliance issued two missions here a month ago. They were very strange. Please take a look.”

“Bailan Alliance?” The commander followed the cat with a meow and then stood up to take it from Sister Yue’s hand.

Sister Yue utter her approval and said, “The mission inside is to find a person, and it is the same name as our new member, so I immediately bring it to show you.”

The commander took the two sheets of paper to take a look. A portrait of a beauty was painted on top. It was vivid and lifelike. It was alive as if it were a fairy in the painting. With only a glance, he saw that the person in the painting was Feng Tianlan.

Seeing the reward for the mission, the commander gasped, “Anyone who provides the king with any credible information about Her Highness Feng Tianlan, will be bestowed a million Spiritual Crystals and Heavenly Spiritual Weapons as well as be an esteemed guest of Bailan Alliance!”

It was Si Mobai who put pen to paper and there was a white orchid imprint, which was the Bailan Alliance’s emblem.

The scale of the reward was enormous!

Being an esteemed guest of Bailan Alliance was solely enough for people to fight over it.

“There’s one more mission,” Sister Yue reminded.

The commander hurriedly took the other piece of paper to look. It was still a portrait. However, the person in the portrait had a sword in hand and a big white cat at the side. Moreover, the bounty content was, “This person impersonated as the Demon King’s fiancée. Kill without mercy when you see this person! The bounty is a million Spiritual Crystals and Heavenly Spiritual Weapons as well as become an esteemed guest of Bailan Alliance.”

The commander frowned. He was so angry that he almost tore up the paper. He said, “It is simply the same person. This is no impersonation.”

Sister Yue reminded him of something. “Take a look at the inscription.”

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