The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 707 - Conquering a Man Like God

Chapter 707: Conquering a Man Like God

Feng Tianlan reached over to pull Mei’er’s clothing back in place, then said, “It’s still much better for them to be hunted down than for me to be hunted down. At least, it won’t be a complete extermination. They should still be quite mindful and cautious when it comes to the Shi family.”

The Shi family was one of the seven greatest aristocratic families, and it was also the best at refining weapons. Many spiritual weapons were made by the Shi family, so not many people were willing to take the risk of offending a family that was capable of making and refining spiritual weapons.

But thinking about it, for someone to dare to assassinate her in the name of Bailan Alliance, that person was most likely of a considerable background. This was the reason why she was still feeling so unsettled.

“Xiao Lan’er is just too kind.” Mei’er pulled open her collar and laughed wildly. Such a Tianlan was simply a replica of a perfect gentleman like Liuxia Hui, who could hold a lady in his lap without the slightest undesirable attribute given to his character. She looked really adorable like that.

Feng Tianlan felt the tug at the corners of her mouth but paid no heed to Mei’er. Instead, she turned around and climbed onto her bed.

Mei’er also stopped teasing Feng Tianlan. She went to the bed at the side, twisting her waist from side to side as she moved, and went to sleep. When Xiao Xiao returned, she headed straight for the bed. By this time, Mei’er was already snoring loudly in her sleep, without looking anything like a demure lady at all.

The next day, a few of them got up early to wash up. Feng Tianlan was the first to open the door, and the sight that greeted her was a young girl who looked like the daughter of some middle-class family. She was carrying breakfast in her hands. Apparent, she had come to deliver breakfast.

“When did the shop assistant become a girl?”

Chen Xinyi had been waiting for half an hour with a heart filled with anticipation. Upon hearing what Feng Tianlan said, her expression immediately changed. With an aggrieved look, she looked at Feng Tianlan and said, “I… I am Chen Xinyi. You saved me last night.”

Feng Tianlan simply responded with a single “Oh” and then in an indifferent tone, she asked, “Anything wrong?”

“I was thankful to you for coming to my rescue last night, so Yi’er has specially cooked some congee for you, kind sir,” Chen Xinyi said in a dainty and frail voice.

Feng Tianlan lowered her gaze to take a look. It was lotus seed with bird’s nest congee.

“Brother Lan, where did you put the stomacher that I was wearing last night? Help me look for it.”

The sound of that especially sweet voice of a woman coming from the room, and the mention of that one word “stomacher”, was really thought-provoking for anyone. It made Chen Xinyi, who was holding breakfast in her hands, go instantly pale. The hurt feelings reflected in her eyes were even more apparent. It was like she was looking at a heartless man.

“Brother Lan, where are my socks?”

The voice, though quite deep, was not undecipherable as that of a woman’s, and this, in turn, caused Chen Xinyi to go a shade paler. Her eyes were already filled with tears, and she felt even more hurt than before.

Mei’er, with a thin tulle half-draped over her body, locked arms with Feng Tianlan and looked at Chen Xinyi in a coquettish manner. Then she looked over to the lotus seed bird’s nest congee that the latter held in her hands and reached out a naked arm to take the congee. Then she scooped up a spoonful of it and put it in her mouth. “Sister, you’re so thoughtful. Knowing that your sister here had an extremely tiring night, you prepared this to revitalize and restore some energy for me.”

Chen Xinyi raised her eyes to look at Mei’er and saw the busty bosom that Mei’er was proud of, which seemed ready to burst the seams at a mere shout, the stomacher she donned that was embroidered with only jade-green lotus leaves, and that thin green tulle that she draped over herself, making it seem as though she was not wearing anything at all. And also, that licking-lip action, which made her seem all the more charming.

A man and woman, all alone in one room, and also, dressed in such…

No one would believe them if they said nothing happened last night.

Chen Xinyi bit her lower lip. With a pair of teary eyes, she raised her gaze and cast one look at Feng Tianlan, then lightly stomping her feet, she turned and ran away. Without even venturing more than a few steps away, she raised her hands to wipe her face.

Given this, Feng Tianlan only felt baffled. She turned and look and Mei’er, who was eating the congee, and asked, “When did I take your stomacher?”

Mei’er lightly licked the soup stains from the corner of her mouth, assuming an upright position so that her chest was proudly thrust out, and said, “Brother Lan can take it if you want. You can even take it now.”

“Go back and put your clothes back on.” Feng Tianlan glared at her as she left the room.

Mei’er pulled the layer of tulle back in place and laughed gently as she said, “Xiao Lan’er is really such an interesting person. No wonder she could conquer a man like god.”

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