The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 708 - Young Master, Still Keen?

Chapter 708: Young Master, Still Keen?

If Lan’er was really going to be a man, then she had to trust men again.

Xiao Xiao was done getting dressed and upon walking out, she said, “You better not go overboard with all that teasing. Be careful of getting beaten up.”

Beware of getting beaten up by the Demon King! That was an extremely scary man.

Mei’er dismissed her warning easily, making nothing of it as she said, “How can he even be jealous of a woman? Men are not so petty and ungenerous.”

But when Mei’er was flung away and sent flying into the distance in the days to come, not only was her body in pain, even her face was hurting. It was then that she realized that there were really petty men who were even jealous of women!

Shi Moning, who was dressed very neatly, looked at the cold expression on Feng Tianlan’s face as she walked down from the second floor. With a green leaf clasped at the side of his mouth, he roguishly whistled at her and said, “Young Master, shall we give it a shot as a gay couple?”

He was not afraid of her so long as that big cat was not by her side.

Feng Tianlan lifted her pair of cold eyes. With a wave of her hand, two icicles rapidly flew out towards him, sliced through the air on either side of him, and plunged deep into the pillar behind him with a loud thud. Then she said, “Next time, it will slice your tongue.”

Shi Moning went pale in the face and his body stiffened as he slowly turned around to look at the two icicles that had completely disappeared into the pillar. He lifted his hand to wipe the cold sweat off his face and rub the wounds on both corners of his mouth. Then swallowing mouthfuls of saliva in horror, he exclaimed, “Oh my God!”

It had only been two months since he last saw Feng Tianlan, but she was even more ferocious than before.

Rather than letting her attack him, it would be better to let that big white cat out. At least he could still make a dash for his life.

Mei’er moved her body seductively as she slowly walked down from the second floor. Then she walked to Shi Moning’s table and propped one hand on the table. As she leaned slightly forward, he could see the deep cleavage between her breasts, which seemed ready to burst out of the seams, while she stretched her pretty leg over to provoke him from under the table. She threw him a wink and spoke in a cloyingly sweet voice, “My dear Master, are you sure you are still keen on becoming a gay man?”

Shi Moning looked at the alluring beauty in front of him, who looked just like a fairy, with one of her pretty legs stroking its way up his calf, and suddenly felt an evil fire rising within him. He hurriedly swallowed a mouthful of saliva before saying, “With such a beauty like you, would I still want to fool around with another man?”

Feng Tianlan lifted her gaze and saw Mei’er’s extremely captivating smile. The corners of her mouth tugged slightly upwards into a faint smile as she waited to hear the howls of Shi Moning.

The smile on Mei’er’s face became even more alluring, while her dainty foot had already worked its way up his inner thigh, and this sent a great shock through Shi Moning’s entire body. That feeling was about to come. Just a little more and he would be able to release himself.

Shi Moning, who was in great anticipation as he waited for that feeling, suddenly screamed. Then he covered his crotch with this entire body sprawled on the table. With a finger pointing at Mei’er, he stuttered, “You…” Even more ferocious!

Just as he felt like he was about to reach his point of release with all her teasing, she actually kicked him so hard and forcefully, and it was that private part of his that she had kicked. She was really bent on making him die without descendants!

Mei’er flashed an alluring smile, then slowly retracted her beautiful leg as she stood up to adjust her collar a little. Her voice was dripping with even more sweetness than before as she said, “How dare you hit on my Brother Lan. Even if it’s no Brokeback Mountain, I still want to make you be the one in front.”

“I…” Shi Moning’s fingers were so tensed up that they were stretched out so straight. Then he simply lay sprawled all over the table, because he was really in such great pain.

He would keep her in mind!

The first woman to kick him in the groin!

Feng Tianlan swept a dismissive look at Shi Moning, who was writhing in great pain, then said with indifference, “Let’s go.”

Never trust Mei’er so easily, especially when she was smiling at a man in an exceptionally flirtatious manner. The more revealing she got, the further away a man should stay from her, for what she was going to do the next moment would definitely bring a man such overwhelming pain that he would hardly wish to live.

The last time she snooped around, she had spiked their wines with croton seeds, and now, she had kicked Shi Moning in the groin, at the lifeblood of his male entirety.

This was why it was better if men avoided offending Mei’er so easily, for one could be so taken by her one moment and then, find himself cutting his own throat the next.

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