The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 709 - Once Wanted to be a Virtuous Wife and Good Mother

Chapter 709: Once Wanted to be a Virtuous Wife and Good Mother

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On the way, He Lianhuang rarely spoke. Basically, he did not speak at all. All he needed was to be able to follow her and that made him very satisfied. It did not matter to him whether or not she recognized and acknowledged him, so long as he knew that it was her.

As for Chen Xinyi, since that day she saw that there were actually two women in Feng Tianlan’s room, she would look at the latter with an especially grudging and hurtful look in her eyes. It was as if Feng Tianlan was a heartless man who did her wrong.

Chen Xinlu’s hand, which had been severed by the Ice Soul Sword, had been reattached and she was still able to cultivate and practice with that hand. The only problem was that leg which had been crushed so hard that a good half of it was smashed to a pulp. Even if she had the Bone Growing Pill, her leg would not be able to heal completely. Thus, she was crippled for good.

However, from the way she spoke and behaved, it was clear that she still had not learned a lesson. She was still very senseless and tactless; she was still very conceited and self-opinionated. She simply took everything for granted and considered everything as simply a matter of course.

It only took them a few days and they had reached the outskirts of Lin’an City. However, the city gates were already shut by the time they arrived, so they could only camp out in the suburbs for the night and enter the city again the next morning.

In front of the firewood, Feng Tianlan and the others gathered together. Lu’er was leaning against Feng Tianlan’s body while roasting a huge demonic rabbit. She was telling her how to roast and season the rabbit in order for it to be delicious with crispy skin on the outside and tender flesh on the inside.

It had to be said that Mei’er’s cooking skills were really good. She roasted the rabbit very quickly and soon, a delicious aroma wafted out.

“Mei’er, you’re such a good cook. Whoever marries you will be blessed with the luck of a gourmet.” Feng Tianlan thought that she would be able to tell Mobai about this method of roasting rabbits. Then in the future, whenever she craved it, she could get Mobai to roast it for her.

The hand that Mei’er was using to put ingredients suddenly paused as she looked at the golden-brown roasted rabbit that smelled really good. No one knew what she was thinking about. She just seemed somewhat lost in thought.

“Mei’er.” Feng Tianlan pulled Mei’er’s hand back and asked, “What’s the matter? You burned your hand, and you didn’t even realize it.” As she spoke, she took out the Fat Congealing Cream and applied the medication over Mei’er’s scalded and blistering fingertips.

Mei’er looked at how carefully Feng Tianlan was applying the medicine for her and smiled lightly as she said, “There was a time where I also thought of being a virtuous wife and a good mother.”

Feng Tianlan raised her eyes to look up at Mei’er. Those charming eyes of hers were now filled with sadness, and it was heartbreaking to see her in such a different light.

Mei’er looked at Feng Tianlan, then immediately broke into a smile as she said with a teasing look in her eyes, “Xiao Lan’er, how about I get married to you? Then become your virtuous wife and a good mother to our children?”

“Why is it a must for women to be virtuous wives and good mothers? Can’t men be virtuous husbands and good fathers?” Feng Tianlan watched as she resumed her licentious ways of before and knew that she had something weighing on her mind. But Mei’er did not say anything, so she did not probe.

Like Mei’er, who had disguised herself as such a dissolute woman, there had to be a deep scar in her heart. If no one were to uncover it, then it would not hurt. But the moment it was exposed, the hurt would be even more intense than before. And when all was quiet in the dead of night, she had to nurse the deep scar all by herself while feeling sad and depressed.

Hearing this, Mei’er bowled over from laughing so hard, then said, “Don’t tell me you are holding the same thoughts about him as well?”

Feng Tianlan solemnly nodded and let out a gentle hmm. She did not think that much before. Besides, Yunzhu was the one who came up with this term “virtuous husband and good father” because she felt that Mobai actually cooked by himself, and sometimes, he would even help with cleaning up and washing the dishes. That was simply too virtuous.

“Silly Lan’er.” Mei’er chuckled lightly. She only felt seeing how Feng Tianlan trusted and loved someone so deeply made her envious, yet worried.

What she was envious of was that Tianlan could still love and trust another person so unconditionally; and what she was worried about was that the man would let her down and hurt her.

But one should always tread upon the paths that one’s life presented along the way. After gaining all kinds of experiences, having thoroughly tasted the sweets and bitters, as well as the ups and downs of life, and having gone through all the sorrow and happiness, as well as separations and reunions in life, only then one would understand.

Feng Tianlan looked at Mei’er who was illuminated by the firelight. She was smiling so flirtatiously and seductively, but Feng Tianlan saw a trace of fog in Mei’er’s eyes, as well as that matter that was weighing on her mind, which she buried deep within her heart.

Had Mei’er suffered betrayal in the past, just like her? And thus, disguised herself in such a way?

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