The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Nightclub and the black market

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The appearance of the delta anti-terror task force taught Sheyan one thing, in this world there were many hidden unknown X factors, and these X factors didn’t surface in the movies. Some may be beneficial, at the same time some may be hostile. Similarly he could confirm that if he merely relied on the movie to determine the Terminator’s power, that would very well prove to be fatal! Because in the movie, the female lead surviving was partially due to luck.

If Sarah Connor was at home when the Terminator first attacked, if one bullet hit amongst the thousands of bullets the Terminator fired, if the dog outside the office where the male and female lead had sex did not start barking and alerted them, if the Terminator was not insistent on using the oil tanker to bang them, if the already half demolished Terminator was able to climb the stairs a tad faster, if…..

To Sheyan, he felt that he wouldn’t be as fortunate as the main leads in the movie, and it was impossible to have so many miracles if he were to risk it, therefore he had to be prudent. Also, his motive for searching through the phonebook was not only to locate Sarah Connor, but also to memorize the location of the two unfortunate ‘Sarahs’.

His goal was very simple: These two women’s address was where the Terminator will show up at. If he could reach beforehand to examine and prepare himself. Then once the Terminator shows up, he could investigate on this world’s main predator the T-800. If he was able to grasp the capabilities or functions of the Terminator, then he would naturally have the upperhand.

After confirming his plans, Sheyan started to deal with the problem of obtaining equipments/weapons. In America, although it was legal to possess guns and they even had firearms stores, there were many procedures like a background check by the police etc before purchasing one. Furthermore, the seller would, most of the time unethically downgrade the gun to save costs leaving the gun specifications to greatly decline. Specifications like lowering the firepower potency, lowering accuracy, removing semi-automatic functions etc… Truthfully speaking, using the products here to protect oneself was practically taking your life to be a joke.

Sheyan wasn’t prepared to patronize these stores, and his aim was the black market. Over there, if one had adequate cash, then he would be able to procure quality products. More importantly, Sheyan felt that these black market sellers would not report to the police if a conflict broke out. These would eliminate countless frustrations, and the only thing lacking now was someone, a local thug or boss to gain him access to the black market.

Sheyan rented a cab, fishing out 20 dollars he asked the cab to bring him to the city’s biggest nightclub. The cab driver gave a perverted cheeky grin as he stepped on the pedal. 10 minutes later, he was standing on the dancefloor of this Nightclub called “Carousal”.

This dancefloor was over a thousand square metres wide, strong dance music was booming, and the air was filled with the stench of alcohol and sweat. On the podium, there was a practically almost naked woman dancing sexily against a pole as a group of males surrounded her. Above Sheyan was a disco ball, made with glass, the disco ball reflected colorful lighting on every corner of the dancefloor.

Sheyan casually sat on a corner sofa, holding a glass of beer on his left hand, slightly closing his eyes, it looked as though he was hunting for female companion. Normally there were brokers selling marijuana or even pimps in this place, these people were well informed, and always hungry for money. Sheyan was following this reasoning as he offered himself as bait.

Very quickly, a female casually sat next to Sheyan. This female had fluffy blond hair, wearing a white top which exposed a cyan rose tattooed on her belly, a short black skirt showing off her long slender legs, and she reeked of perfume. Gazing at Sheyan she said,

“Your first time? Never seen you here before.”

How would Sheyan have a flirtatious mood right now? Waving his hand away as he placed his beer glass on the table, then proceeded to light a cigarette. This action had an underlying hint of playing hard to get, however this woman did not seem to understand the contemptuous ignoring,she coldly snorted while walking away.

Her leaving so blatantly was out of Sheyan’s calculation, he took a puff as he continued appreciating the sexy women dancing as they showcased their curves. In this environment, he felt extremely comfortable like a fish in the water, as he quickly noticed a couple of people on the podium about 20 plus metres away vigorously snorting white powder that was on their telephone card. His heart thumped excitedly, as he walked in the direction.

Although these people were taking drugs, two of them still retained their senses. When they saw Sheyan walking toward them, they folded their arms and said menacingly:

“Oi, wrong way, the restroom is over there.”

Sheyan paused, finally taking out a stack of dollar notes:

“Brothers, I just broke up, share some of these goods.”

These K powder drug addicts were not middle men sellers, they only prepared enough drugs to party hard for a night. Why would they sell it to Sheyan? These people who were unnecessarily interrupted extended their hands in frustration:

“Out! Out and get lost!.”

Sheyan noticed suddenly that there were several people around him glaring at him – needless to say was because of that stack of dollar notes. His expression leaked a chilly smile, returning to his corner to sit. Not long after, a fierce-looking man walked over coldly saying:

“Buddy, this place is Old Harry’s territory, I don’t care if you are a snitch or a snag, Better F**king watch yourself a little.”

Everyone understood what was a snitch (Undercover cop), a snag was someone sent by another gang to spy on enemy gangs. Looks like this “Carousal” Nightclub was a hot property, every gang wanted a piece of it.

Sheyan puffed on his cigar, breathing out a huge dense grey smog and whispered:

What snitch and snag? I just F**king flew over from Detroit, hearing that this place was not bad I decided to give it a go, is this how Carousel nightclub usually treats customers?”

That person’s expression sunk a little, making a short quick eye contact with Sheyan, he picked up his side walkie-talkie and gave several soft instructions. As if gaining the approval from above, he glared at Sheyan and then walked away. After this person left, a young brat with a mohawk wearing a skeleton costume came to strike up a conversation:

“Heard you want to purchase goods?”

Sheyan whispered back:

“Do you have crack cocaine?”

Mixing hydrochloric acid with Cocaine, water and sodium bicarbonate, finally heating and removing the impurities, chlorine and iron, was this “Crack Cocaine”. The reason for its name was due to the mini crackling sounds when smoking it. This drug’s effect was rapid, highly addictive and was extremely expensive. The profits made from this were immense, of course…. The punishments if found with it was extremely severe.

Mohawk’s expression changed after hearing it, standing from his small player viewpoint, he only dared to sell Marijuana, Ice, and a few common drugs. Crack Cocaine was something he did not dare to get involved with, and after listening to Sheyan he wanted to retreat. But just when he was stepping away, Sheyan threw a hundred bucks on the table:

“I am wanted in Detroit for committing a crime, and am now urgently looking for a few helpers to make a comeback. If you can bring me to the ‘market’ to procure quality goods, then this 100 bucks is yours. Of course I would give you a further 10% commission of the deal later on.”

Mohawk greedily gazed at the 100 bucks, swallowing his saliva he said:

“Following the rules, you need to show me your hand,then i can bring you.”

Sheyan impatiently slammed his hands down onto the sofa, fuming with anger he fished out a thick stash of green notes. To Mohawk, it looked like tens of thousand as he immediately relaxed and nodded his head giving a slight small. He did not know Sheyan only had 2000 dollars at hand, only a few notes in his hand were real the rest were counterfeit. However this place was dimly lit, under this low vision environment, Mohawk was easily fooled.

Under Mohawk’s guidance, Sheyan reached the second floor and made several corners, walked past a few corridors and further climbed more stairs, he finally reached his destination. This place was heavily guarded, on the way here he past by several huge bouncers across the corridor, upon reaching here there were another 3 bodyguards standing by the wall. Folding their arms, they had an unfriendly gaze on their face.

After a simple and professional body check, ensuring that there were no weapons on their body, they arrived at a place that could be mistaken as a firearms exhibit by outsiders. This place contained numerous firearms, displaying different kinds of handguns, semi-auto rifles and automatic rifles. However there were only two shotguns that Sheyan wanted.

In the movie, the Terminator’s body had a layer of protection, and it had two uses. One was to disguise himself in a crowd, two was to enable it to time travel – ordinary products and metals were unable to pass through the time machine.

That was why in a battle with the Terminator, an ordinary hand gun that would cause fatal wounds to normal humans, would have little to no effect on the Terminator’s metal skeleton. There was practically no damaging capabilities. However, a shotgun that could only threaten a normal person in close proximity, would possess enough firepower to resist the Terminator, and slow down the Terminator’s movement.

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