The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Using a Bullet as payment

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As Sheyan started surveying a set of weapons, the back door swung open as a woman emerged from behind it. The woman had a familiar look, it was the woman that Sheyan rejected before. Glancing at Sheyan, she coldly spoke out:

“You are the one that wants to buy?”

Sheyan remained silent, extending his hand to pick up and examine a flashy designed pistol, immediately gaining several insights through his nightmare imprint:

[ M500 revolver. (Class: Ordinary) ]

[ Made in: America,Smith & Wesson company. ]

[ Equipment rarity: White. ]

[ Firepower: 75-95 ]

[ Material: Titanium steel, classic spray mix with phosphorous ]

[ Additional installations: Still model Silencer. Wooden strap holder. ]

[ Ammunition type: 0.50 Magnum Hi-power calibre. ]

[ Bullet Effective range: 100 metres ]

[ Weight: 2.1 kg. ]

[ Length: 450mm ]

[ Magazine capacity (2 rounds) (manual reload) ]

(ED: The S&W M500 has capacity for 5 rounds, this one is damaged)

[ Equiping condition: Strength must be 7 points. ]

[ Attack speed: 8 seconds/round, super slow, reloading time extremely slow: 15 seconds. (Manual load) ]

[ Pistol classification and additional function: Shooting accuracy: 10. Shooting distance – 10. ]

[ Equipment battle score: 9 ]

[ Evaluation: Possessing it can help you conquer the world – If this weapon had a normal shooting speed. ]

[ Equipment cannot be brought out of this world. ]

This pistol’s devastating power left Sheyan a little surprised, reaching a high of 95 points of damage, which meant that he could only receive two shots from it. However this pistol’s low attack speed, low capacity and low loading speed demands a lot from the user.

Sheyan then picked up another weapon, a shotgun.

[ Italy SPAS 15 MIL Combat shotgun. (Class: Ordinary) ]

(ED:Is based on the Franchi SPAS 12 if anybody wanted to know)

[ Made in: Italy IK Company. ]

[ Equipment rarity: White. ]

[ Equipment position: Hand, Weapon. ]

[ At 8 Metres attack power: 68-678

8-20 metres attack power: 35-45

20-40 metres attack power: 27-37. ]

[ Material: Nickel, chromium and steel plate, classic spray mix with phosphorous ]

[ Additional installations: Grenade Launcher (damaged). ]

[ Usable Ammunition: Both military or police ammo. ]

[ Bullet effective range: 40 Metres. ]

[ Similar calibre tear gas grenade and over calibre explosive grenade: 150 Meters (Manually load before use). ]

[ Weight: 3.9 Kg. ]

[ Length: 915mm ]

[ Magazine capacity (6 rounds) ]

[ Attack speed: Fast, 1 round/ second, may reload anytime. ]

[ Full capacity Reloading speed: Slow, 8 seconds ]

[ Equiping condition: Strength must be 8 points. ]

[ Shotgun additional Specifications: Within 8 meters, person hit will be blown back on impact. Firepower beyond 20 meters is greatly weakened. (Weapon will weaken upon leaving this world) ]

[ Additional specifications: Within 8 meters, a hit will cause 3-5 seconds of stunned effect. Movement and attack speed dropped by 60. (Weapon will weaken upon leaving this world) ]

[ Description: This weapon will be extremely useful. ]

[ Equipment battle score: 9 ]

[ Equipment cannot be brought out of this world. ]

[ Note: Equipment grading in shop’s books: Grey (illegal shop) ]

(TN: This is not the equipment rarity, different from the description below as well)

[ Equipment grading: White (Common), Light blue (1 bonus attribute), Dark blue (1-2 Bonus attribute), Black (1-2 Bonus attribute, 0-1 passive ability), Silver storyline grade Equipment (Unique boss loot, possessing uniquely strong attribute), Green Equipment (Set items), Light green Equipment (Maturing weapon)/ Gold equipment. ]

[ White type equipments like the rest can have additional attributes, however it will be a common attribute meaning that all equipments of the same kind will possess this attribute. For example, all shotguns will have the same special attribute, that is why in rare scenarios, a white grade equipment may be better than a dark blue equipment. ]

(TN: A shotgun’s stunning and slowing attribute may be better than a dark blue grade normal pistol with an additional slowing attribute)

“How much for these two items little girl?”

After looking at the selection of guns, Sheyan realized these two pairs of guns are what he need the most. He pointed at the two M500 Pistols and the shotgun, as he spoke in an unconventional tone.

That woman’s expression was resentful, seizing back the guns as she said:

“It’s Ms Katrina, if you call me a girl again, then don’t blame me for stuffing these two weapons up your detestable mouth and blowing your brains off! 5000 dollars!”

It was obvious this woman was testing her customer with an awfully high price, even if the weapons were brand new, the military market price was only probably at a maximum of 4000 dollars. These two already partially damaged old goods actually sold for 5000 bucks. Sheyan folded his arms on his chest, coldly arguing back:

“The pistol’s magazine is partially spoilt, only fitting two rounds, even worse the shotgun’s grenade launcher is completely broken, how could these pieces of junk be so expensive?”

Katrina immediately replied sarcastically:

“You’re an idiot, using a grenade launcher in the streets of Los Angeles? Are you looking to die? If you don’t want to buy then f**k off.”

Obviously this woman was still resentful over Sheyan’s previous rejection. As Sheyan was about to reply, the back door swung open once again and two people emerged. The one leading the way looked quite similar to the Mohawk guy, he should be one of the brokers . Another was a medium sized black man, his hairstyle was the trendy pigtail, and he had quite muscular arms giving a buff look. His eyes were extremely small as if they were permanently closed, but had a radiating gaze giving one the feeling of shrewd and capable person.

“This is Mr Cazider.” The broker was beaming brightly and said:

“He is here to purchase several personal protection items”

This broker obviously had several benefits to gain from Mr Cazider, which explained his enthusiasm. Sheyan also noticed another point, after Mr Cazider had entered, he similarly begin eyeing the shotguns on display!

“Is this fella another contestant?” Sheyan’s heart was pondering this notion. His expression remained, but had already taken two steps back into the nearby shadow to make himself less noticeable. Cazider’s gaze was on the dazzling line-up atop the counter, looking intently, he finally examined Sheyan’s guns with his hand. Looking pretty satisfied he said:

“How much for these two guns? I want them both.”

Katrina coldly replied:

“6000 dollars.”

Without hesitation, Cazider fished out a thick stack of dollar notes intending to pay up. Standing at the side, Sheyan understood that this guy did not resort to diversionary tactics like himself, but actually had tens of thousands on him! Sheyan’s eyes flickered faintly with radiation, immediately shouting out:

“Wait, I saw these two guns first.”

“Katrina looked at him with disdain and spoke:

“Village kid, over here we are not particular on who comes first but it is all about who produces the cash.”

Sheyan spoke softly:

“Very well, I offer 7000 dollars.”

Katrina turned around, shrugging her shoulders at Cazider, her body language was very clear. Cazider remained expressionless:

“Ten thousand dollars.”

Although Sheyan was hard pressed for cash, after experiences in his previous world, he immediately imitated the wealthy buyers in his previous world as he replied with unconcern.

“Twenty thousand dollars.”

Cazider calm replied: “Thirty thousand dollars.”

“Sheyan replied instantaneously:

“Fifty thousand dollars.”

Cazider’s face darken, he had fifty thousand dollars, however his opposition’s relentless bidding gave his firm hard a deal of pressure. That could mean that his opposition was extremely confident in his financial abilities! 50 thousand dollars was also nearing Cazider’s financial limitations. On him right now, there was only 80 thousand dollars!

The atmosphere became extremely awkward, Sheyan’s heart was throbbing. This feeling was hard to explain, it was as though something was piercing his chest causing his heart to feel a sense of palpitation. Almost immediately, Cazider swiftly pulled out a pistol from the hood of his coat, aiming with it!


Cazider’s action was very swift and precise, as if he could put on a performance in front of an audience. As the gunfire emerged from the muzzle, holes appeared on Sheyan’s clothings on the left of his chest, he had consecutively took three shots!

Sheyan’s face was filled with shock and disbelief, clutching his chest he retreated several steps, eventually slamming to the ground backwards and remained motionless. Crimson red blood flowed out slowly through the finger holes on his coat, giving it an awful jam color.

Obviously, this punk Cazider had managed to slip past the body check and hid his pistol inside his hood. After murdering Sheyan, he did not take any further actions, facing Katrina and shook his head. Calmly, he used a thick nasal english accent to speak:

“Anyone who is a hindrance will face the same consequences, hand over the ammunition.”

Looking at his actions, killing was as simple as eating and drinking to him, he probably already stained his hands greatly beforehand. This place was a secret arms shop, very naturally they would not place the ammunition together. Very often those people that bought from the black market were poor and vicious, and were likely to use the shop’s own weapons against it. With a gun pointing at her, Katrina remained fearless, staring at the pistol within Cazider’s grip she gritted her teeth and said:

“This bastard snitch!”

Carousel nightclub had the means to open an underground arms market, they were definitely experienced in working in the white and black of society. Hearing gunshots, the huge bodyguards came rushing, as Mohawk and the other broker also pulled out their daggers. Not minding their enemy’s pistol one bit, they rushed forward with killing intent!

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