The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses

Chapter 840 - A Million Times for You (202)

Chapter 840: A Million Times for You (202)

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“I want to hear your answer again.”

“Jin Qingyan, regardless of how horrendous you become, I’ll still love you as much as I do now and I’ll never leave you, you three-year-old kid.”

He nodded and smiled in satisfaction.

An Xiaoning had a hunch that Jin Qingyan was feeling insecure and seemed to be afraid that she would leave him and never come back again. That explains why he keeps asking me the same question again and again. I didn’t give him the security he needed.

She wiped her lips and rinsed her mouth before saying, “Piggy, shall we have another dog?”

“Another dog?” he asked in astonishment.

“Yes, another dog that’s as spiritual as Maomao. It can be our beloved pet.”

“You were so upset when I told you that Maomao had died of an illness and even said that you don’t want a dog anymore. Why do you suddenly want one now?”

“Well, at least you’ll have our beloved pet to accompany you whenever I’m not around to accompany you. Yiheng is rarely home anyway.”

“Hmm… am I so love-deprived that I’ll need the company of a dog?” he asked with raised brows.

“I like dogs. Do you want one?” she asked, staring at him intently.

He could never bear to say no whenever she stared at him with those puppy eyes of hers.

“I have no objections against your decision to rear a dog. After all, I was the one who brought Maomao home back then. However, we must make an agreement beforehand. Dogs have short lifespans and you’re not to be incredibly upset when it dies.”

“I’ll be treating it as a part of our family. Of course I’m going to be upset when it dies. But I’ve thought about it this time. Maomao was a boy, so let’s have two dogs this time, a boy and a girl. At least we’ll still have their children after they die. How does that sound?” An Xiaoning asked with a smile.

“Maomao was a pomeranian. Do you still want another pomeranian?”

“No, how about a husky?”

“Huskies!?! You mean those silly dogs that appear slow-witted?” Jin Qingyan asked, placing a hand on his forehead.

“That’s adorably silly, not slow-witted.”

Jin Qingyan nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll get Shixin to buy two of those.”

“They must be spiritual.”

“Got it,” he answered with a nod.

Fan Shixin returned with two newborn huskies soon after Jin Qingyan left for work.

“The seller said that these two are the most spiritual amongst the litter. They could respond to humans and obey commands right after they were born. They’ll grow up to be clever dogs if you train them properly.”

“Are they going to become dog prodigies?” An Xiaoning asked.

“That’s not impossible. Young Madam, give them a name each.”

“Hm… the gray female dog shall be named ‘Wang Cai’ while the black one shall be named ‘Fu Gui.’”

Fan Shixin gave her a thumbs-up and said, “Such simple and catchy names.”

“Shixin, let me ask you a question. Why haven’t I seen that Bu Xianxian around lately? Did she return to her hometown?” An Xiaoning asked softly.

“No, she’s been admitted to the plastic surgery hospital to get some work done on her face. I haven’t seen her in a long time either. I’m guessing she’ll only return once she’s satisfied with her new features.”

“Reassignment and adjustments can be made to her features, but how is she going to alter her skin color?”

Fan Shixin chuckled and said, “Beats me. Aren’t there those whitening serum injections available on the market? I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of her surgery. I just hope she won’t end up ruining her face. I heard that going under the knife will only allow one to look beautiful when they’re young. The side effects will start to show once you’re older. Besides, plastic surgery does become addictive.”



Gu Dongcheng had no choice but to coop himself up at home and drown his sorrows in alcohol every day.

He was in low spirits and, to make matters worse, he had been labeled as the murderer of his wife.

He was filled with exasperation, anxiety, helplessness, and grief.

Alcohol was his only solution for numbing his feelings.

He had nothing to his name.

He lay on the couch with empty liquor bottles all over the table.

The entire area was cluttered and reeked of the odor of alcohol.

He finally sobered up.

His phone began to ring all of a sudden. However, he did not wish to look at it at all and refused to answer.

A while later, the doorbell rang.

He remained still and quiet, refusing to get up to answer the door.

He only decided to open the door the moment he heard a man’s voice.

Upon the sight of the man who was wearing a mask, he returned inside the house and said, “I’m already in such a state right now. There’s nothing left for you to gain from me. What are you looking me up for?”

“I’m here to save you,” the man said softly.

“Save me? I don’t believe you,” said Gu Dongcheng, staring at him.

“You landed in such a plight all because of Gu Beicheng and his wife. Also, based on the birth characters and timing you’ve given me, your wife is already dead. Don’t you want to seek revenge for your late wife and unborn child?”

Quivering from head to toe, Gu Dongcheng placed his hands on his head and said with a look of agony, “There’s no way out for me at all.”

“Like I mentioned, I’m here to save you. The organization will help you, as long as you’re willing. But of course, there has to be a substantial trade-off.”

“What do you want? You’ve seen for yourself what I’ve become. I have nothing now,” Gu Dongcheng said frankly.

“Don’t you still have yourself?”

Gu Dongcheng did not quite understand what he meant and said, “Are you thinking of making me work for you guys again?”

“You don’t have to know the details. You just need to know that we can help you seek revenge and get rid of Gu Beicheng and his wife. We can also snatch the Gu Corporation back for you.”

“Can you also kill Jin Qingyan?”


“You’re lying,” Gu Dongcheng said apprehensively.

“Why don’t you try us? I’m giving you two minutes to consider,” the man said impatiently in annoyance.

“What if I don’t agree?”

“Then you shall die.”


“I’ll go ahead with your suggestion.”

“Come with me.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll know when we get there.”

Gu Dongcheng followed the man out of the door.

They managed to shake off the people Gu Beicheng had sent to tail Gu Dongcheng and stealthily arrived at an abandoned factory.

It was Gu Dongcheng’s first visit to their quarters. “Do you guys usually work here?”

“No, it’s just a makeshift place we found at the last minute.”

“Just what do you want me to do?”

“Cut the crap and come in.”

Gu Dongcheng entered to see that there were about eight people inside of mixed genders. They appeared to be locals and seemed to be waiting for him.

A woman handed him an agreement and said, “Sign your name here and stamp your thumbprint.”

A grave expression formed on Gu Dongcheng’s face the moment he read the terms stated on the agreement. “You.. you… Why aren’t there any terms that you promised to offer me on this agreement? Why does it state that I’ll have to be voluntarily manipulated by you?” he questioned in astonishment.

“Hurry and sign it,” said the woman, holding him at gunpoint.

He slowly signed his name and stamped his thumbprint on the designated boxes with his trembling hands.

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