The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses

Chapter 841 - A Million Times for You (203)

Chapter 841: A Million Times for You (203)

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The woman patted the bed and said, “Lie down.”

Pangs of panic engulfed Gu Dongcheng as he asked, “Just what… are you going to do to me?”

“We’ll cut your tongue off if you continue asking redundant questions,” the woman warned sternly. She then looked at a man who appeared to be in his forties and said with a gentler expression on her face, “Teacher Bei Qi, can we begin now?”

“Yes,” said the man, gesturing for her to start.

The man stepped forward and looked at Gu Dongcheng from above. He said reassuringly, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll just be hypnotizing you. You’ll feel like you’re asleep and you won’t die. Believe me, okay?”

Gu Dongcheng nodded and said, “Okay, but…”

He then looked at the man who brought him here and asked, “Does the deal you promised me earlier still hold?”

“Of course.”

“Close your eyes,” Bei Qi said gently, as if he were coaxing a child.

Gu Dongcheng closed his eyes while quivering and gradually relaxed after hearing Bei Qi’s voice.

He soon lost control of his consciousness and slipped into hypnosis.

He did not even realize that his body was flipped over.

Bei Qi took a vial of blue liquid from the woman’s hands and injected it into Gu Dongcheng’s spine.

He then flipped Gu Dongcheng’s body back. Bei Qi closed his eyes and murmured a chant in a language that no one could understand. Gu Dongcheng then opened his eyes and sat up slowly.

His eyes were glassed over and he did not seem to be focusing on anything.

Bei Qi waved at the woman, after which she handed him a vial of red blood.

“Stick your hand out.”

Gu Dongcheng stuck his hand out abidingly like a puppet while Bei Qi injected the blood into his vein, allowing the blood to transfuse into his blood vessels slowly.

Gu Dongcheng began shivering from head to toe uncontrollably as soon as the needle was removed. The woman tried to hold him down but was quickly stopped by Bei Qi, who said, “Xiao Ling, don’t touch him.”

Xiao Ling nodded and asked, “Teacher Bei Qi, what’s wrong with him?”

“It’s just a normal response. The blood is fusing with his blood. He’ll be fine in a few minutes,” Bei Qi explained calmly. He then turned to the man beside him and asked, “Xiao Lin, what did you promise him?”

“I promised to help him get rid of Gu Beicheng and his wife, as well as to kill Jin Qingyan.”

Bei Qi sneered and said, “This guy is really naive. If we want to take over the Gu Corporation, killing Gu Beicheng and his wife would only be necessary. As for Jin Qingyan, our ancestor would have killed him long ago if it were possible. We wouldn’t have had to wait until he made this request.”

“He wouldn’t have agreed to come here and let us control him willingly if I hadn’t agreed to his requests. No wonder he couldn’t manage to kill Gu Beicheng. He’s such a dimwit,” Xiao Lin said nonchalantly.Read the next chapter on our

“Okay, there’s a limited amount of time that we can control him for. We can’t afford to delay another day at all. We must take action as soon as possible and use him to get what we need. That’ll make it easier for us to explain things to Ancestor.”

“Got it.”

Minutes later, Gu Dongcheng finally stopped trembling and quieted down.

He no longer looked as flustered as he did when he arrived, and he seemed nothing more than a soulless puppet, completely devoid of any feelings of love and resentment.

Gu Dongcheng then left on his own after receiving the instructions from Bei Qi.

“Teacher Bei Qi, is it really effective?”

“Rest assured, Ancestor sent me here for a reason. If An Xiaoning had had her consciousness controlled in this way back then, she wouldn’t have had the chance to escape.”

“Exactly, Ancestor has always been a shrewd person and yet he didn’t do that. How unexpected.”

“Perhaps he has his reasons.”



Several guesses had been made about Jin Qingyan being the culprit behind Ye Xiaotian’s assault during the event that night. The reason was that all the members of the corporate world were aware that Jin Qingyan had his eyes on the Ye Corporation but Ye Xiaotian refused to let him acquire it.

Despite there being various speculations, no one dared to spout any nonsense without concrete evidence.

However, there was a new speculation released on the news today, claiming that terrorists were behind the act.

Everyone immediately had a change of thought, and most of them believed the new claims.

The latest news of a truce being made between the Jin and Ye Corporations was released, and it was said that the Jin Corporation had acquired the Ye Corporation with a high price of 30 billion dollars.

The Ye Corporation could initially command a higher price. However, Ye Xiaotian had had no choice but to settle for less, due to the fact that the company was already out of money and that several employees had absconded with embezzled funds. But of course, Jin Qingyan had had a part to play in the downfall of the Ye Corporation.

Two days after Ye Xiaotian was wounded, both parties signed an agreement, which was immediately recognized by the law.

The Ye Corporation went through a reform and became a sister company under the Jin Corporation.

Jin Qingyan renamed the Ye Corporation as “Xiaoning.”

That was how willful he was.

However, his willfulness had put a huge burden on An Xiaoning.

Eighty percent of the citizens in S Nation knew the name of his ex-wife, An Xiaoning.

He was openly expressing his love for her, wasn’t he?

Besides, An Xiaoning had taken over the company temporarily to help the Jin Corporation tide through the crisis when Jin Qingyan went missing after the tsunami back then. She only managed to do so because of the will he had drawn prior to the tsunami.

However, he had now changed the terms of his will.

It was much more brilliant than the previous one.

In the previous will, it was stated that An Xiaoning and Jin Yiheng would be entitled to all the shares and assets under Jin Qingyan’s name, should he be met with any mishaps, be it death, becoming a vegetable, or going missing.

However, the latest one stated that all of his assets and shares would be bequeathed to An Xiaoning and Jin Yiheng regardless of whether he had met with an accident or not. On top of that, Jin Yiheng would only be entitled to the assets after he becomes a legal adult at the age of 18. If both Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning were to be met with an accident, all of the assets and shares would automatically be transferred to Jin Yiheng.

Fan Shixin was appalled beyond words upon reading his new will. He did not expect that Jin Qingyan would give An Xiaoning the rights that he would give his wife, even though they had yet to reconcile their marriage.

Wealthy men would usually toy with plenty of women and disregard their wives, let alone allow them to enjoy such privileges that Jin Qingyan was giving An Xiaoning.

Not to mention, An Xiaoning was still yet to be Jin Qingyan’s legal wife.

I bet no one else can make Young Sir give up so much for them , Fan Shixin thought to himself.

Perhaps a man would be willing to give up everything he had for a woman he loved when he was penniless and had nothing to his name. However, it was rather respectable of him to be able to do so despite being so wealthy and accomplished.

Fan Shixin and his lawyers were the only ones who knew about the newly-drawn will.

Jin Qingyan told Fan Shixin about his schizophrenia, for Fan Shixin was his most trusted confidante. Fan Shixin was absolutely loyal to him, and Jin Qingyan trusted him more than he trusted Long Tianze and Ling Ciye.

Fan Shixin then asked, “Do you really not plan to tell Young Madam?”

“It’s better for her not to know about it for the time being. Otherwise, she probably won’t be able to feel happy again. She’s already troubled enough, I don’t want to bring her unnecessary worries. Besides, there is no cure for my condition at the moment. Although the doctor said that there’s a chance for me to recover, I’m not too optimistic about it. However, I’ll do my best and fight my inner demon. Shixin, you’ll help me, won’t you?”

“Of course, Young Sir,” said Fan Shixin, staring at him calmly.

“Young Sir, Chief, the Autumn Palace has sent an invitation,” said Xiao Huang, handing them a gift box.

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