The Wizard World

Chapter 18: Intent to Kill (1)

Chapter 18: Intent to Kill (1)

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“Though my left arm is not fully recovered yet, I think I will be fine on the road,” the baron said. He completely drank the soup and stood up.

“I am leaving,” he said, “Angele, stay in the castle. Just don’t go out until I am back. Understood?” The baron looked at Angele.

“Yes, father.” Angele answered as he nodded in affirmation.

“Um… I think this trip will take me about half a month. The situation is terrible outside the territory. Wade, take good care of the castle.” The baron turned back and said to Wade.

“Don’t worry, I will protect the castle and Young Master Angele when you are out there,” Wade said.

The baron nodded his head and left the dining hall. His wives and children stood up and bowed to him until they could not hear his footsteps anymore. They sat down and started talking, the atmosphere becoming much more relaxed.

Angele sat on his seat, and it looked like he was thinking of something. He was actually looking at the baron’s body data Zero provided. The blue-colored information were presented in front of his eyes clearly.

“Karl Rio, analyzed 19 times. Body condition: Strength is around 2-4, Agility is around 3.4, and Stamina is around 3.9. Healthy. Attributes naturally increasing.” Zero reported. Angele smiled after seeing the report. ‘Healthy’ meant the baron had already fully recovered, but for some reason he was trying to hide it.

“Father’s arm was already fine, yet he pretended to still be injured. Maybe he realized something.” Angele thought. He felt relaxed now after knowing the truth. The baron was stronger than ordinary top level knights and was probably also stronger than some of the assassins from the Dark Emblem. However, assassins like Dice were experts of stealth combat; they might be able to win a fight against the baron in certain situations.

Angele started to eat again; he put a piece of fish into his mouth.

“I have finished my meal. Brother Angele, take your time.” One of the girl on the left side said and bowed to Angele. She had silk-like red hair.

“I am done, too.” A girl in black named Chia said, and she bowed to Angele. They left the table together.

Angele nodded and let them leave. The two girls were about 11 years old, and their mothers were the baron’s maids. They looked pretty cute, and the baron liked them. Their mothers were not maids anymore, so they were allowed to sit on the table. Though they were still not real nobles, but their position in the castle was higher than Maggie’s family.

People started to leave the dining hall after they finished their meals. Only Angele and some other teenagers remained after ten minutes, and he saw Celia was there too. She was sipping the thick, white fish soup, and she took a glance at Angele. Angele left the table after finishing his food, but someone stopped him before he left the dining hall.

“Brother Angele.” Celia said, her voice was cute and crispy.

“Yea?” Angele turned back and looked at her.

“I heard Maggie went to your room several times recently…” Celia walked towards Angele quickly and said; she was blushing.

“Well, is there anything wrong with that?” Angele asked. He did not touch Maggie at all, and even if he did, there was nothing wrong with it. It was a convenient way for smaller noble families to build relationships with noble families that were in higher positions.

“I was trying to wash myself in the bathroom, but the hot water there is not constant, and I am wondering if I could…” Celia said with a very faint voice. Angele smiled; he knew what was going on. In the castle, there was a special bathroom built for people like Angele, while the low rank peasants could only go to a large bathroom. In the large bathroom, there were some individual rooms built for people like Celia.

The castle made sure the high-ranked nobles could have nice showers. For Celia, she could only use the individual rooms in the large bathroom. For the baron, Audis, and Angele, they had totally separated individual bathrooms, and there were maids making sure they could get constantly hot water. It would take the maids some effort to keep the water warm, so only a small amount of high-ranked people could enjoy their showers.

However, Celia wanted more than just a shower. She wanted to shower with Angele. Angele looked at Celia; he could see her long black hair. The red one piece she was wearing made her look gentle but beautiful. She did not have a sexy body like Maggie, but she was still very cute. Angele stared at her white skin, and he could smell the fragrance she used.

“Sure, I think I am going to get rid of the dust on me, too.” Angele was enthralled by Celia and spoke with a smile on his face. Celia gave Angele a hug; Angele could see her face blushing heavily. Some of the girls in the room were jealous of Celia, while some of the boys were looking down on her. However, everyone was trying to maintain eye contact with Angele because no one wanted any trouble.

“Let's go.” Angele put his arms on Celia’s shoulder and said.

“O…Okay.” Celia answered.

Angele knew Celia wanted something from him, so he decided to take advantage of her. He was not actually trying to have s*x with her, but he still wanted to have some fun. He avoided s*x because he wanted to make sure his body could develop properly.

They left the dining hall together and went towards the living area after crossing the training grounds. Angele’s individual bathroom was in the living area, and he asked all the maids to leave them alone. He also told Cecilia to stay in her room.

Angele led Celia to his bathroom. Angele thought the bathroom looked like a standard washroom on Earth, just without the toilet part. The floor was built with shaped stones, and the whole room looked grey. There were white towels on a stone-made stand.

Angele ended up taking the shower by himself because he was afraid that he’d lose control if he took a shower with Celia, so he asked Celia to wait outside the room. Also, Celia already told Angele what she wanted.


An hour later.

Angele felt refreshed as he walked out of the bathroom. Celia was still waiting outside quietly.

“I will ask Wade to help you with the things you asked,” Angele said, “have some rest.”

“Um… Okay…” Celia did not look at Angele directly and answered.

“Maggie!” Angele yelled. Afterwards, he heard the footsteps of the maid.

“Yes, Young Master.” Maggie said.

“Take Miss Celia back to her room. Go across the training grounds.” Angele asked.

“Yes.” The maid said, and she left the place with Celia.

Angele wanted people to know that he had ‘slept’ with Celia by asking the maid to take Celia back through the training grounds. There were many people there usually, and someone would often spread rumors. He was trying to help Celia get into a higher rank in the castle.

“Well, since I promised her, I’d better move.” Angele smiled as he said. He walked down the stairs after shaking his head. He went down from the fourth floor to the third floor, expecting Wade to be there. He wanted to tell Wade about the thing that Celia asked.

Angele went to Wade’s room and knocked on the door, but no one answered. Suddenly, he heard someone talking outside the window before he was about to leave. He then slowed his footsteps and walked to the window. The sound was coming from below.

“… Is that true?” Wade asked. Angele, however, did not catch the first half.

“Yes, Master.” The guard said.

Angele saw Wade talking to a guard at a corner through the gap of the window. He was a bit too late, and their conversation was already over. Angele could see Wade worrying about something, and the guard by his side remained standing quietly.

“Well, you can leave now.” Wade sighed as he spoke.

“Yes, Master.” The guard answered and left afterwards.

Wade stood at the corner for a while and left the place after sighing again. Angele could see him walking towards the living area.

“Wade would tell me if there is something I need to know about. This must be something I cannot help with.” Angele thought, and he decided to go down the stairs.

Angele met up with Wade right after he went down to the first floor.

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