The Wizard World

Chapter 19: Intent to Kill (2)

Chapter 19: Intent to Kill (2)

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“Young Master Angele.” Wade greeted.

“Old Wade, what happened? You look worried.” Angele asked.

“Nothing special. I am just too busy recently, and I am already old you know.” Wade said.

“Alright, could you do me a favor?” Angele asked before telling Wade about the thing Celia asked. Her mother, Miss Katyusha, wanted Angele to remove her fruit import tax.

“Sure, I can do that. I will remove the tax, but the amount of fruits she needs to import will not change.” Wade said and smiled.

“Yea, sure, thanks.” Angele smiled as well.

“Now I have something I have to take a look at…” Wade said.

“Sure, you can go.” Angele had nothing else to say anyways. Wade went up stairs quickly, and Angele decided not to ask what actually was going on.

“Well, I will just keep increasing my attributes. I want power. Zero, check my body condition.’” Angele thought.

“Angele Rio: Strength 2.1 to 2.6, Agility 2.5, Stamina 2.2.” Zero reported.

The Blue Bamboo Shoots were working well for him. His strength increased from 0.8 to 2.6. That was the maximum number the bamboo shoots could help him reach. Angele could feel that his body was resisting its efficacy, and he did not find any other helpful food after.

“Maybe it’s about time to use that power…” Angele made the decision in his mind.


Ten days later in Audis’s territory.

It was early in the morning, and the sky was clear. There was a clean river running through the verdant forest, and the cobble in the river looked nice and colorful. A group of soldiers were letting their horses drink water by the riverside; the baron stood underneath a tree and looking at the route. A middle-aged man was standing beside the baron; his hair was already white. There was a silver long sword on his waist, and he looked relaxed.

“I did not expect to see you here, Chris,” the baron said in a light tone, “I still remember the moments where you fought by my side during the wars.”

“Yea, and you are always on the frontline. You also taught me several fighting techniques. I’d be dead a long time ago if you did not help me,” Chris said.

“Wait, why are you here again? I thought you went to the north,” the baron asked.

“Karl, did you get the letter from the Dark Emblem?” Chris asked, “That’s why I am here. There is something I have to let you know about. Come with me,” he said.

“Sure, I haven’t seen you for a long time. We could chat for a bit, too.” The baron said as he started to walk towards the forest. Chris also started to walk, and they disappeared in everyone else’s sight quickly.

“I think no one else is here, tell me why you are here.” The baron stopped after walking a while and asked with a deep voice.

“Karl… I!” Chris remained quiet for a second and said.


Suddenly, Chris drew his sword and stabbed it right into the baron’s waist, but somehow his attack got deflected by something.

“Chris! You!” The baron did not expect him to attack, and he yelled, but Chris did not talk as he continued attacking the baron again.

“Traitor...!” The baron grabbed the greatsword from his back with his eyes filled to the brim in anger.


In the forest outside the castle.

Angele was disappointed as he walked out of the deep forest with his longbow in hand. It was already his fourth attempt in searching for the Crazy Mountain Bear. He wanted to slay it after he increased his attributes. He wanted to make it pay for what it did to his father. However, the thing never showed up even once. Angele had even tried to lure it out using blood.

There was nothing Angele could actually do if it just didn’t show up, so he decided to walk back to the castle. He changed his clothes and headed to the special library after he returned. That was the place he loved the most in the castle because it was quiet and peaceful, and he could enjoy his own time there.


In the forest, the baron laughed as he raised his greatsword.

“Farewell, Chris!” The baron said as he tried to attack.

“Ahhh!” Suddenly the baron’s right eye was struck by an arrow from the bush. Blood started to ooze out of his eye, continuously dripping to the ground. A green arrow hit the baron’s eye, making him drop his greatsword while in pain.

Chris took this chance to roll away and stood up quickly. Though the baron was badly injured, he still tried to remain cautious.

“Lisa! It’s you! AHHH!” The baron was yelling like crazy. He grabbed the arrow in his eye and pulled it out. Blood rushed out of the wound and spilled all over the grass. Two people walked out of the bush. One of them was a middle-aged woman who had a small bow in her hands. There was a black ring worn around one of her fingers.

“Long time no see, Rio.” The woman was very calm.

The other man made the baron become even more flabbergasted.

“Audis… You too?!” The baron could not believe what happened, but Audis stood beside Lisa quietly and did not say anything.

“Rio, you had such a high expectations for your future. You wanted too much! And the things you did for your son made too many people unhappy!” Chris laughed and yelled.

“Knight Audis’s son’s girl was abused to death in your castle, and the reason why it happened was because your son said he wanted that girl. You need to pay for what you have done!” Chris kept saying.

“Wait… You guys waited until I was on my way to the mine. Wade is in this too?!” The baron said. He stood up with his eye still bleeding.

“Yes, otherwise someone will at least notice you are missing. My sister was killed by you, and my father! Today is the day you pay for all this!” Lisa said.

The baron stopped talking. He was going through his memories with the people in front of him. The woman he loved, the man he saved, and the young warrior who admired him were all trying to kill him now.

“Kirin…” He also remembered the one he loved the most.

It was a chance for the three, and they looked at each other before attacking.

“Go!” Lisa yelled.

The three grabbed their weapons and started attacking.


“Father…” For some reason Angele just felt that something was going on with his father. He had just met his new father after the reincarnation, but he could really feel the love from him. He held his silver family insignia in his hand. There was an eagle surrounded by some thorns on the insignia.

“Something is wrong here… Wade was really worried there, and it seemed like my father knew nothing about it. Father had the most power in the castle so he should at least know if anything was wrong…” Angele felt so confused as if he felt like he missed something important.

“What am I missing…?” Angele said as he looked around the family insignia.


The door of the study was pushed open. Angele turned back and saw Wade standing there, smiling. There were four heavy armored swordsmen standing behind him.

“Young Master Angele.” Wade said. The four swordsmen drew their swords from their backs, and the atmosphere became heavy in the room right after. Angele stayed in his seat and put down the insignia.

“What are you doing, Wade?” He was surprised.

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