The Wizard World

Chapter 21: Near (2)

Chapter 21: Near (2)

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It looked like the baron was trying to say something, but he decided not to talk. The wound on his eye made him lose a lot of blood, and he knew there was not much time left for him. If he did not take the arrow before the fight started, he could probably handle three knights easily, but now, he was trying his best to stay alive.

'I can't give up my life here, Angele still needs me.' Karl thought. The most important person to him was his son, and the beautiful woman he could sometimes meet in his dream.

"Why? Karl, are you afraid of death?" Lisa asked coldly, and she saw the baron was trying to escape. "Today is our best chance. You are not going anywhere!" She yelled.

The three surrounded the baron, but no one wanted to be the first one to attack again. They were hurt during the first several attacks, and the baron's power was out of their expectation. The baron was dying, and they could probably just hold their positions. The baron might try to at least get some of them if they started to attack again. At this point, no one wanted to make a dangerous move.


Angele was running towards his father as fast as possible. He was so fast that he could barely see the trees by his sides, and he was only looking at the front. Angele learnt the location of the baron from the dying old Wade. Angele was actually familiar with the location, and he still remembered the days he spent there when he was young.

Knight Audis took him to hunt there many times, and Angele knew the location when Wade said the name. He knew he had no time to waste, and his father's life was on the line. Angele almost reached the limit of his speed. He had an agility of 2.5, and it was about twice of an ordinary human being. However, it would take him a lot of stamina to maintain his speed, and he had to take some rest along the way.

Angele knew he needed stamina to help his father, and if he used up all his stamina, he might just die with his father. He also took the poisoned dagger back, and he wanted to use it as a secret weapon.


The baron slashed forward.


There were sparks flying off in all directions.

Audis blocked the attack right away, but his whole body was shaking, and there was blood coming out of his mouth. Audis's face was soaked with blood and sweat, and it looked horrifying. On the side, Lisa kept firing arrows towards the baron, but the baron dodged them easily by leaning to the sides.

Chris quietly moved his position, and stabbed the baron in the back. His slim sword went into the baron's strong muscle, but got stuck there. The baron used his elbow to fight back, and his attack landed on Chris's chest. Chris screamed and fell down to the ground; he spitted out a good amount of blood. It was looked like a bear pushing a human away.

The baron then pushed Audis back, and turned around. He ran into the forest behind him.

"He is trying to escape!" Lisa yelled. The three got excited, because they knew it meant the baron could not handle the attacks anymore.

Without hesitation, they followed the baron into the forest.


Angele ran to a high ground in the front, and he wanted to view the whole forest. The location he got was part of the forest and he needed some other intel. Luckily, his chip could do the job, and he decided to scan the area for living beings.

The high ground looked like an empty ground, and there were only some stones on it. No grass or plant could be seen. Angele had a great view of the area on it.

"Zero, scan for human beings, and try to recognize Karl Rio if you find any." He said.

"Scanning..." Zero reported.

Suddenly Angele's sight was covered with blue colored information and data. Human beings were being marked as red dot in the forest.

A group of merchants, two men walking around the forest, some robbers, and several red dots were shown by the edge of Angele's sight.

'Scan completed, Karl Rio was located, about 13.4 kilometers from here.' Zero reported.

'How's his situation?' Angele got excited.

'Losing blood, chasing by three knight level people.' Zero reported.

Angele left the high ground right away, and started to running towards the location at full speed.


In the forest.

The baron was running around some small paths. He started to feel the weight of his greatsword, and it was not a good sign. He could easily carry it for days if he was not hurt. The leather armor on him was broken into pieces.

There were three people following him in the back, and they were his best friends. But now the three were just trying to take his life away. The baron's face was getting paler and paler, and he was sweating heavily. Some of the sweats got into his wound, and he felt extremely painful.

His right eye was not bleeding anymore due to his excellent recovering speed, but the wound looked infected. The three in the back were not trying to get close, and it looked like they just wanted to waste the baron's stamina. However, the baron could not stop even though he knew their plan.

Suddenly an arrow was fired towards him, and the baron dodged it easily. The arrow hit the tree by the side, and dropped to the ground.

"You are not going anywhere, Karl!" Lisa's voice came from the back, and she sounded very tired.

"You guys are going to die too!" The baron yelled, and he knew it was a competition of their stamina levels.

Chris started to accelerate, and got very close to the baron quickly. He again tried to stab the baron's back, and Audis tried to attack with his greatsword from another angle. His greatsword was very heavy, and the baron could hear the sound it makes.

The baron rolled back and dodged the attacks. He then hit Chris and Audis with greatsword, and they flew to the side. The baron did not control his strength well, and the blade went into a tree on the side.

At this moment, Lisa jumped to front and tried to stab the baron with her black dagger. She was light and fast, and the baron was still trying to take his greatsword out of the tree. He looked at the coming dagger, and somehow he was very calm. He saw the angry face of Lisa, and he was not scared at all, he was actually thinking of someone else.

"Angele... How are you going to survive this world alone...?" The baron said while staring at Lisa.


Lisa's dagger was hit by a silver flash, and the two weapon sparked a little in the air. The silver dagger was thrown with extreme power, and Lisa's balance was broken in the air, she fell down to a bush on the right.

A familiar face appeared from the shadow, and everyone there was surprised.

Angele was breathing heavily, and there was sweat all over him. He was holding his sword tight.

"Father..." Angele said. The baron stared at his son, and he thought he was dreaming.

"I am getting you out of here, father!" Angele finally smiled after seeing his father was still alive.

"And I will kill everyone who is trying to hurt you! I am going to hang their heads over the entrance of the castle!" Angele yelled.

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