The Wizard World

Chapter 22: Leaving (1)

Chapter 22: Leaving (1)

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Angele's words silenced the three people behind. Audis looked at Angele and tried to figure out how strong he was.

"Good, I didn't know a playboy like you actually had such strong power. However, it is too late!" Audis said.

"What do you even mean by that?" Angele walked forward and stood by his father's side. He lowered his silver sword.

"It's simple." Chris coughed and said.

"You really think Karl is our only target? I think your castle is in chaos right now. We brought an army there." Chris said as he laughed coldly.

"Wade... And?" The baron asked.

"Karl, aside from your son, almost everyone in the castle is on our side. Just give up already." Lisa said. Her abdomen was greatly injured but she still maintained a calm demeanor.

"Also, Saladin's soldiers will arrive here tonight and their first target is your castle!" Lisa said.

"You are with the Saladin Empire?!" The baron got angry, and said. Angele had mixed feelings about this because he knew the Saladin soldiers he had killed were up to something.

Angele drew his sword and jumped towards Chris, trying to mount a surprise attack on him.


Chris was able to block Angele's slash, but he still took a hit. Angele then quickly attacked Chris with a low kick, smashing against his abdomen. Chris lost his balance and stepped back to stabilize his body. His face turned pale and stared at Angele with a surprised expression. Angele immediately seized this chance to finish him off, but his path was blocked by a greatsword.

Without hesitation, Audis tried to chop Angele's head off with a quick but precise attack. The baron saw the situation and tried to help, but Lisa jumped on him. Angele dodged the slash with ease and aimed his sword toward Audis's right chest, but his sword was blocked by Chris's slim sword.

Angele had just travelled a long distance at full speed on foot so he was out of stamina. After his attack was blocked, he had to step back and keep his distance with the two. Angele could deal with Audis by himself because the latter was already severely hurt. Audis had high strength while Chris had high agility; their abilities complemented each other.

The two became surprised at Angele's speed, and then they stopped attacking. Angele was gazing at them intently and trying to formulate a plan to win the battle.

"Master Audis, I never thought we would be in a fight like this. I actually find it funny..." Angele said as he was trying to recover his stamina.

"Me too. I didn't know you were so strong. Karl has a good son." Audis said in a light tone, and it seemed that he was trying to recover some stamina. He decided to have a little chat with Angele.

Angele smiled. Though he was stronger than Audis and Chris, he was still having trouble fighting the two at the same time. However, he had stored a great amount of data about Audis in his chip.

'Analyze the situation and devise a plan to execute Knight Audis.' Angele ordered.

'Beginning analysis... Gathering data... Finished. Plan completed.' Zero reported.

'Show me the plan.' Angele thought.

'Visible data placed in front of you.' Zero reported.

Angele started to see the blue colored information points in front of him and his vision was covered with helpful hints. Audis's weak points were marked with red dots and the plan devised by Zero was sent to Angele's brain. Zero suggested possible ways of attacking and the possible counterattacks Angele might face.

Zero could easily do that if it had enough data. Angele raised his sword and rushed towards Audis, and he struck Audis's greatsword three times in a row. He then turned around and dodged the attack from Chris. After dodging the attack, he rolled to the right and hit Audis on the ribs with his left elbow.

"Shit..." Audis failed to dodge it due to the weight of his greatsword, but he managed to punch Angele right in the chest in retaliation. Angele and Audis jumped back again with the latter's face turning pale. The strike inflicted on his rib was right at the wound the baron inflicted on him. Audis felt really sick and really wanted to vomit.

"Damn..." Angele stepped back right after he got punched. Chris chased him down and started attacking him again.

They both had high agility and they kept blocking each other's blades. Suddenly, they backed off after trading hits. Chris had his hands covered over his neck as he sat down by a tree. His face was drenched in sweat, and Angele could see blood leaking out of Chris's neck. Angele almost cut Chris's neck open, but Chris somehow dodged the deadly attack.

Angele's left side of his waist was stabbed and the wound looked like a bloody hole. He successfully stopped Audis, but he still had trouble dealing with Chris after. Audis and Chris were very close to the top level, and if they were not hurt before the fight, Angele would have a hard time.

However, the tides of the battle had been turned. Audis probably lost the ability to fight and was in great pain. He held his stomach with his hands, his organs were injured. Angele had twice the strength of a normal human being, and his low kick had been aimed right at Audis's weak point. Even if Audis could survive this, he would probably sit on a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Angele looked at Audis and stopped his wound from bleeding by putting pressure around it. He grabbed his sword with his right hand and turned toward Chris. They both took a hit, but Chris was still bleeding badly and his face turned paler and paler.

On the other side, the baron kicked Lisa on the waist and the woman flew toward a tree on the side. Leaves fell down after the impact and were soaked with the blood coming out of Lisa.

"It's over." Angele said. Though he was hurt, he still looked better than the other three. He won the fights with his sword skills and the help of the chip. Angele's body was not as strong as the baron so the baron could take more hits than him. He had to dodge as many attacks as he could because his body just could not ignore any wounds.

"Yeah, it's over." The baron walked over and looked at the three with mixed feelings.

"Heh... Karl... Your victory means nothing." Lisa laughed and said. She raised her head and stared at the baron in the eyes.

"The Saladin Empire is coming. They will take everything from you. All these years you spent will be burned into ashes... All..." She did not finish her words and spat out a lot of blood out of her mouth.

"So what?!" The baron laughed coldly and kicked Lisa right in the waist again. It was not a light kick, making Lisa roll several meters away. The blood was all over her body.

"Lisa, I will take 'good' care of your son and two daughters." The baron stared at her and said.

The woman on the ground wanted to say more, but her mouth was filled with blood. Every time she tried to talk, the only thing that came out was her blood. She was dying.

"Father, just finish them off. The Saladin soldiers are coming. We have to head back and deal with them." Angele said.

The baron was satisfied with how his son handled things.

"You head back first. I will be right back when I am done here." The baron said.

Angele looked at Chris and Audis. Chris was losing a lot of blood and Audis probably could not fight back anymore. He thought his father was not in danger anymore and now he needed to formulate a plan to deal with the Saladin Empire. Angele thought they needed to go back to the castle as soon as possible and get all the traitors. If this did not happen, they could probably fight the Saladin soldiers back. Now that the baron and Angele were injured and the castle was filled with traitors, the best plan would be leaving the castle with whatever was left.

Angele again looked at the three on the ground and nodded his head. He left the place quickly while keeping the pressure on his wound. The other traitors in the castle would not be able to fight him even if he was hurt. A normal warrior could probably never win a fight against a normal knight. Also, since their leaders were all dead, they would probably just surround him.

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