The Wizard World

Chapter 5: Life (Part 2)

Chapter 5: Life (Part 2)

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Ye Song was woken up by some noise after sleeping for a long time.

Ye Song got up slowly after opening his eyes. A white silky sheet slid off his body.

‘I thought I gave the sheet to someone else?’ Ye Song rubbed his eyes. He knew he gave the sheet to Cecilia last night.

Suddenly, Ye Song’s shoulder was touched by a small hand.

Ye Song looked at his bed, and he saw Cecilia was sleeping by his side. It looked like she was having a nice dream.

Also, Ye Song noticed that his socks and coat were taken off by someone.

‘Well, it looks like she did that for me.’ Ye Song guessed it right.

Based on Angele’s memory, he met with Cecilia for the first time while hunting outside. Cecilia was a shepherd on that mountain, and Angele became attracted to her appearance. The baron then took her back to the castle, and he sent her to Angele as a gift.

The girl came from a farmer’s family, so she actually knew how to help the family out. Her parents would be able to live a much better life if Young Master Angele was attracted to her. Also, she was not the only child in the family, and she also had an elder brother and a younger sister. She was not forced to be sent to Angele, but instead made the decision herself.

Ye Song learnt those things when he was checking out Angele’s memory, and he knew it was Cecilia that helped him take off his socks and his coat.

It was early in the morning, and the light went inside the bedroom through the windows. The air was a bit cold actually. The noise Ye Song heard earlier was from the guards’ training. Ye Song got off the bed, and he stretched for a bit. Ye Song got a morning wood like any other normal man, making him feel slightly awkward. Also, it showed that he was recovering well, stamina-wise at least.

Ye Song also woke the girl up as he left the bed, and Cecilia’s line of sight was right at his morning wood. She started to blush, and she did not know what she should do.

“Young Master Angele… Is there anything I could do for you?” She asked in a light tone.

Ye Song almost lost control when Cecilia asked with such a cute voice.

“Do you know the basics of housework? If you do, get me some water; I need to wash my face.” Ye Song tried his best to stay calm.

“Yea… I do…” The girl was a bit scared, and she got off the bed in panic. Cecilia then ran outside the bedroom to get water.

Ye Song finally relaxed for a bit. Though Cecilia was sent as a gift to him, she was too young for him. Ye Song did not want to do anything to the young girl because his sense of morality did not allow it.

More importantly, he was just fourteen years old, and he needed to recover from an injury. Having sex too early could impact the development of his body and make him weaker.

Though he could do anything he wanted to Cecilia, Ye Song successfully controlled himself with his reasoning. He also calmed down a lot after Cecilia left the room.

Ye Song was too tired to wash last night as he did not feel very well. He used to wash his face before going to sleep.

‘There is not much water around here, and it seems like people only wash themselves once a day. It is problematic that I cannot waste any water.’ Ye Song thought.

Ye Song walked towards the opened window, and he reached out to look down. There was a huge empty ground in front of the forest, and a group of guards in black armor were jogging. They were wearing heavy black full armors, and there were large crossguard blades carried on their backs. Each blade had a palm-sized width. They were doing their morning routine, and Ye Song could see yellow dust being blown behind their jogging paths.

“Eleven!” The guard that was leading the group yelled.

“Eleven!” Everyone else yelled after the leader. They sounded loud, but not perfectly synchronized. Ye Song could also hear the chirps of birds mixed in them.

Ye Song felt refreshed just by looking at them, and he was not sleepy anymore.

‘It is time to think of ways that could help build my body a strong foundation.’ Ye Song thought while looking at the guards, and then he rubbed his chin.

‘My chip has two main functions: one is analysis, and the other is storage. For Zero to do the analysis precisely, it is necessary to gather a huge amount of data. Yesterday’s results of my father and Audis were very inaccurate. The data was based on my sensory information. The storage can store a lot of data, and it works like a hard disk. It can’t replace my memory, however, so I need to find a way to transfer the data into my brain.’ Ye Song thought for a while.

‘If I want to strengthen my own body, the best way will be to train more, and the analysis function of my chip can help me find the best way to exercise.’ Ye Song kept thinking.

Ye Song waited for a while, and Cecilia brought him water and towel. He washed himself for a while, then afterwards asked Cecilia to stay in his room. Ye Song went down the spiral staircase after leaving the room.

It was still early in the morning, and there was not much light in the castle. It was still pretty dark around the stairs, and Ye Song carefully walked down while holding the wooden handrail.

Starting after going down from the fourth floor, a small window could be found by the stairs around every corner. Ye Song saw maids opening the window to get some fresh air while walking down.

“Good morning, Young Master Angele.” A maid greeted politely when she saw Ye Song.

Ye Song could still hear the noise of the guards’ training through the window. He looked at the maid, and she looked just like a normal girl under the age of twenty. The maids in the castle were selected by the baron himself. Only the cute and smart ones were permitted to stay and work, so Ye Song actually felt pretty good around those girls.

“Who are those guards training outside?” Ye Song asked.

“It’s Knight Anry’s cavalry squad.” The maid answered respectfully.

“Knight Anry?” Ye Song asked.

“Knight Anry is the adjutant of Knight Audis. It is possible that you don’t know him, he was just recruited not so long ago.” The maid spoke in a light tone.

“Okay, got it.” Ye Song nodded, and he started to walk downstairs again.

Outside the living area was a large, empty ground. The castle was built with a series of buildings, and in the middle of it was the activity area.

The early sunlight went through the small openings between the buildings. The golden lights looked like pillars, which stood on the ground.

The activity ground was a white-greyish playground.

There were boys and girls training there already. Most of them were wearing grey and white clothes; Ye Song could even hear them yelling.

Boys were using wooden swords to train chopping and slashing motions. The girls were training using small wooden short bows, aiming for the target at a thirty-meter range.

A burly man was standing by the edge of the activity ground.

Ye Song looked at the man, and he was wearing grey top with black pants. His body looked weaker than Audis, but he still looked pretty strong. He had his hands over his chest, looking at the children quietly. He was very calm.

The man noticed Ye Song looking at him, and he waved his hands towards Ye Song.

“Hey!” The man yelled. “Stop for a second! Come here everyone!”

The children that were training looked at him, one of the boys did a strong chopping motion before coming over, and it sounded like the blowing wind. Several girls looked at the boy, and the boy smiled happily.

“I said stop! Gelug, are you disobeying my order?” The man had an angry expression on his face.

“Yea, Yea, Yea, my dear Master Alad.” The boy answered uncaringly, and he put his wooden sword down. He started to walk towards the man slowly.

When everyone gathered together, Ye Song moved to the front of the group, and he stood aside quietly.

“We are welcoming a new member today.” Alad clapped his hands several times; the sound was evanescent but stentorian. “This is Young Master Angele. He just came back from Candia City, and you might have seen his face yesterday on the welcoming party.”

No one talked. The boys did not seem to care, but the girls were looking at Ye Song curiously. The situation was a bit awkward.

Ye Song was a bit disappointed. He was not here for the introduction; he just wanted to do the morning training.

“Master Alad…” Ye Song said.

“Just call me Alad.” The middle-aged man said politely.

“Okay, Alad, let’s not waste everyone’s time. I am still recovering from the injury, and I want to start from the basics. Can you show me all the general exercises?” Ye Song asked.

Alad was surprised for a second because he had told Ye Song how the general exercises should be done a while ago. Angele was trained before he went to Candia City, and he wanted to see all the basics again?

“Don’t tell me he doesn’t even know how to do the basic exercises…” Someone murmured.

“Stop!” Others were trying to stop the kid from being disrespectful.

However, some of the kids were looking down on Ye Song. In the chaotic age, everyone admired and respected the strong ones. People usually looked down on the ones who were weak.

Bunch of kids stared at Ye Song, looking at him like they were seeing a rare animal. Ye Song was trying to control his emotions, so he focused his mind on Alad. Angele himself actually did not remember the general exercises quite well, so Ye Song had no idea how to do those now. Ye Song would not be in such an awkward position if Angele wasn’t such a dumb playboy.

“Could you do that for me, Alad?” Ye Song repeated.

“Yea…Sure.” Alad nodded after being confused for a second.

“But I only know the basics. If you want advanced skills, it would be better to ask the baron and Knight Audis. They are very skilled with their swords.” Alad said.

It was probably true that Ye Song could learn advanced skills from his father and Audis, but Ye Song needed to practice the basics first. It was pretty much impossible to start from the advanced skills for him.

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