The Wizard World

Chapter 6: Life (Part 3)

Chapter 6: Life (Part 3)

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An experienced warrior was pretty much just a veteran, but if one wanted to become a knight, he needed much more than just experience. He needed to experience many blood for blood battles, to finish all the impossible trainings, and to develop his own fighting style. After the stimulation of his true potential, he would be able to get the Life Energy Seed, and the seed would help him reach another level. With the help of the seed, he would become a knight after contributing to important tasks.

The Life Energy Seed was the most important thing for a warrior, and one would not become a true legend without the help of the seed.

Ye Song learnt some knowledge about it from Angele’s memory.

The Life Energy Seed was actually the Qi a fighter could develop from inside his body by training himself in the most extreme ways. It somewhat worked like a skill on the earth that could help you take hits without getting hurt. The baron once explained the whole process on getting the seed to Angele, so Ye Song was able to get a detailed comparison and reach a conclusion.

Also, not everyone could develop the seed. Only the talented ones could have the potential to do it, but the rate of success was still very low. Some of the strong warriors with the seed tried to help more people to develop it, and they came up with a specific method, which was by channeling their own Qi into others. People who got the Qi would be able to develop their seed slowly.

This method increased the possibilities of the development of the seed, and it also reduced the risks significantly. People could die from trying to do the extreme trainings, and this method helped some people obtain the seed from the beginning.

But still, this method could not help everyone become great warriors. The rate of success was increased, and two-thirds of them could actually benefit from this method, but the remaining one-third was still not able to take the seed in. If people’s bodies could not take in the life energy, the energy would just leak out of them, no matter how much was put into them.

Unfortunately, Angele was included in the one-third. He could not take in the seed by this special method, and that was the main reason why he did not train a lot. He became lazy, and he just wanted to be a playboy. Otherwise, the baron would’ve just pushed his Qi into Angele and helped him become a strong warrior. At least, Angele would have had the ability to protect himself.

Alad stared at Ye Song for a while, and it seemed he remembered Angele’s situation. He knew why Angele did not remember the basic training routines; Angele already gave up a long time ago.

“Well, let’s start the morning training again. Young Master Angele, please follow me this way.” Alad clapped his hands loudly, and Ye Song followed.

The children returned to their positions and started to do the exercises again. The boys started practicing slashing, and the girls started to practice shooting with their short bows. Ye Song followed Alad to a corner.

“Though it will be hard for you to become a knight level warrior, more exercises will still help build your body. Please try to do the routine every day.” Alad said while walking.

“I understand. Thank you, Alad.” Ye Song nodded, and he smiled. “The second son of Baron Karl isn’t talented enough to become a great warrior; I know it is a widely told story.”

“Probably.” Alad stopped talking.

“Are those children on the grounds gifted?” Ye Song asked.

“Young Master, they got the seeds from the baron and Knight Audis. They are training using the special methods taught by the two.” Alad answered.

Ye Song knew it was better for children to get the seeds when they were young. If they obtain the seeds at an early age, the seeds would grow stronger with the children. The stronger their seeds were, the stronger their bodies would be, and when they became adults, they would have well-developed bodies.

The baron and Knight Audis took the seeds when they were very young, too. Ye Song understood this point, but there was nothing he could do about it. Angele was not gifted, so Ye Song could not get the seed from the baron anyways.

At least Ye Song still had the biological chip in him, so he was not totally hopeless.

Alad led Ye Song to an empty ground at the corner. There was a shelf with long wooden swords on it, and most of these had been taken by the boys to practice.

Alad grabbed a sword, and he threw it to Ye Song. Ye Song caught it, but he felt the heavy weight of the sword. The wooden swords were actually heavy, and it was about three kilograms each. The length of the sword was about one meter, and the handguard made a cross with the blade. It looked like the most common crossguard sword.

Ye Song waved the sword several times, and he was able to hear the slashing sound in the air. Alad also grabbed a sword for himself, and he slashed once. A white flash appeared in front of him.

“The basics are simple, but not everyone can finish the whole set easily.” Alad said, and he performed a front slash while holding the sword with both his hands.


Ye Song felt the air blow over his face, and his hair got slightly blown to the back. The chip in Ye Song’s brain started to analyze the data automatically. A line of blue-colored data was shown in front of his eyes quickly.

‘Alad, Strength higher than 1, Agility higher than 2, Stamina higher than 2.’ Zero reported.

“This is the front slash. Please focus your strength on the lower edge of the blade. It will help you deal more damage to the opponent, and it will make the blade last longer too.” Alad explained, and he started to show different slashing skills.

Front slash, up slash, horizontal slash, point strike, and down slash were the five basic ways of wielding a sword. Alad demonstrated all of those one by one to Ye Song. Every time Alad performed a slash, there would be some air blowing all over the place.

Ye Song watched Alad’s actions carefully, and his chip was also recording the data in the meantime.

The chip finished its recording process when Alad finished the demonstrations.

“What do you think? Those skills are very simple, but it is still hard to master them. If you do them incorrectly, it might even hurt your joints. Please make sure you are doing them properly.” Alad said in a serious tone.

Ye Song nodded lightly.

‘Recording finished.’ Zero reported. ‘Please name the dataset.’

‘Basic sword skills.’ Ye Song confirmed the name.

‘Name confirmed as basic sword skills.’ The mechanical sound stopped after the confirmation.

Ye Song tried to select the data with his mind, and the data was shown within his brain. Alad’s demonstration was well-recorded, and he could see the images and hear the sound without any issue.

“I remember those skills, I have learnt them before.” Ye Song told Alad after making sure the data was stored properly.

Alad was a bit confused; he stared at Ye Song, and he tried to make sure that Ye Song was serious.

“Since you still remember them, please practice them more. Knight Audis should be teaching you today, but he left for duty. Please try doing the basic routine and get used to it. I have to go to the training grounds, please let me know if you need something else.” Alad said, and he left quickly after these words.

Ye Song smiled after Alad left. He waved the wooden sword for a bit. The chip helped him to analyze the process, and all the data was stored on it, but he still needed to do the exercises by himself. The chip was merely a tool for assistance after all.

Ye Song started to exercise following the demonstrations.

‘First, front slash.’ Ye Song thought.

‘Your action had a 31% deviation from the original data.’ The chip reported to Ye Song as he was trying to do the slash while holding the sword with both of his hands.

Ye Song was happy about the support function the chip had. It could compare his action with the data and make sure he was doing the slash properly.

Ye Song tried to modify his slash position.

‘25% deviation detected.’ The chip reported.

Ye Song modified his position multiple times with the help of the data, and he became close to the original data finally. He held the sword steadily, and he modified his position. He performed the slash when the difference was less than 5%, and he felt his action was very smooth.

‘Checking body condition, the action you just performed is enhancing the number 5, number 3, and number 11 groups of the muscle. Repeat the action 10526 times to increase the strength by 1.’ The chip reported.

‘Great… Only ten thousand times.’ Ye Song thought.

He started to practice intensely. The chip helped him to control his body condition well. It was much easier for him to exercise with the help of the data.

Hue! Hue! Hue!

Ye Song repeated the basic routine many times, and he could finally perform the skills smoothly and quickly. He also started to hear the blowing sound of the air, and it meant that he was getting closer to the results he wanted.

Ye Song was totally enjoying the practice, and he was trying his best to improve the basics.

Step forward, front slash, up slash, down slash, and horizontal slash. Ye Song was trying to do them in different directions.

His actions became smoother, and the sound got lighter after a while. Ye Song could feel himself improving. He totally got used to the basic routine of sword, and he could perform the actions precisely even without the help of the data.

Angele probably trained himself without telling others.

Dang Dang Dang! Ye Song heard the sound of the gong.

“Resting time! Dismiss!” Alad’s voice was very loud, and Ye Song could easily hear it.

Ye Song stopped his training, and he looked over at the middle of the grounds. He saw Alad hitting a gong with his hand, and the sound was loud and sharp.

The children on the training ground became loud after. They found their friends and started to walk towards the living area, and some of them went to grab a bite. There were also some children by Alad’s side, it seemed like they were asking him something.

Ye Song did not move, and the sweat was visible on his forehead. His face was red, and he was sweating everywhere. His vest was completely soaked.

Ye Song was doing the basic routine smoothly, but it was just the basics. Most of the children could do them easily. He didn’t get noticed by the others, because they thought that he should be able to the basic routine smoothly.

‘Show me my body condition.’ Ye Song said in his mind.

‘Body condition: Your right hand’s muscle group was slightly hurt, and your legs need rest. It would take about 24 hours for you to recover.’ The chip reported.

Ye Song was satisfied with the result, and he wiped the sweat with his hands. He was wearing the black suit from yesterday that looked like a hunting suit. There was a red belt around his waist. Ye Song looked nice and clean in the suit but the suit became completely wet after the training.

‘I will become a strong warrior without the seed.’ Ye Song thought calmly.

He stood alone in the corner, and no one tried to talk to him. Ye Song looked around the training grounds, and everyone was trying to avoid his sight. It was pretty clear that the children were looking down at him, but they could not do anything to him. Ye Song was the son of the baron, so they decided to just avoid him.

Ye Song was not concerned about this at all because he was not interested about the kids anyways. He put the sword back to the shelf, and he went towards the living quarters.

“Brother.” Ye Song heard a sweet sound from behind.

Ye Song turned back.

Maggie was there with a smile on her face. The fourteen-year-old girl was wearing a white top and a short skirt. The skirt could barely cover her leg. She looked very sexy with the skirt.

Ye Song thought Maggie’s clothes looked like the OL¹ suit on the earth. Though Maggie was not allowed to wear colorful clothes, she still tried her best to make herself look cute.


[1] OL is a slang for office lady.

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