The Wizard World

Chapter 7: Approaching (Part 1)

Chapter 7: Approaching (Part 1)

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Maggie was one of Ye Song’s best friends, and Ye Song decided to treat her like how he should.

“Maggie, what’s going on? Need any help?” Ye Song greeted.

“Just trying to have a nice, little conversation with you.” Maggie said, and she walked towards Ye Song quickly. She grabbed Ye Song’s hand, and she pressed her breasts on Ye Song’s arm.

“Well, actually I do need some help… Could you do me a favor?” Maggie got closer, and she asked.

Ye Song had just finished his training, and he was still pretty excited. He could feel the blood rushing in his veins, and he found Maggie pretty seductive.

“What do you want?” Ye Song asked. He knew Maggie came to the castle not so long ago according to Angele’s memory. Angele treated her both as a friend and a cousin, but Maggie wanted more than that. Also, it was actually common for cousins to have a relationship in the noble world, and there was no law restricting it.

Maggie had been trying to make herself look glamorous. She loved beautiful clothes, and she was enjoying her life. She did not want to just be a common person all her life; she wanted to be in a higher position. Maggie could also help her parents get better jobs if she had a relationship with Angele. That was what she was trying to accomplish.

The other young sister Angele had, Celia, was trying to get closer with Angele, too. Though her mother was one of the baron’s wives, her mother came from a worker’s family. Their rank in the family was much lower than Angele.

The situation in the family was a bit complicated. The eldest son joined the army and never came back after. Though the second son was not allowed to inherit the peerage, the Rudin Empire was in chaos and had no time to enforce the rules. Nobles were trying to make their territory independent, and the baron could even give the name to Angele if he wanted to. It was very likely that Angele would become the next baron, and Celia’s family would be under his control. Angele could force them to leave if he wanted to. Celia’s family did not want such thing to happen, so Celia decided to become close friends with Angele. They were preparing for the future. Ye Song would probably not choose Celia to be his wife, but if Celia could at least be in a relationship with him, her family would be able to keep their current position in the castle.

Maggie walked with Ye Song towards the living quarters, holding Ye Song’s hand the whole time. Some people were looking at them in envy, but some others were staring at them scornfully. Ye Song did not care anyways.

“My mother’s legs were hurting recently, and I am wondering if you could give her some easier work to do…” Maggie spoke in a light tone while not looking at Ye Song directly.

Ye Song did not answer her question, but he nodded his head to show that he heard her words. He walked back to his bedroom with Maggie quickly.

Cecilia stayed in the bedroom quietly and did not leave the place at all. It looked like she did what Ye Song asked. Cecilia’s face blushed when she saw Ye Song walking in with Maggie. Ye Song opened his closet, and he changed his clothes.

“Maggie, could you take her to the dining room to eat some food, and take her to the bath. Also, tell the leader of the maids to get her an individual room. Just say it was my order if she questions you.” Ye Song said.

Maggie thought Ye Song was going to have some fun with her as he brought her back to the bedroom. She did not expect such easy task. She looked at Cecilia and found out she had larger breasts than Cecilia. She was happy about it at least.

Maggie followed Ye Song’s order because she did not want to disappoint Ye Song. She grabbed Cecilia’s hands, though Cecilia was kind of scared.

“Come find me when you are done. I will tell Wade about your mother’s situation.” Ye Song said calmly, and he controlled himself very well. He actually wanted to do something to Maggie, but being in this world, Ye Song needed to control his desire.

“Understood.” Maggie was happy about Ye Song’s words. She bowed and left the room with Cecilia. Ye Song rubbed her breast for a second when they were trying to leave. He could feel the softness of it through his palm. Maggie was scared for a second, but she giggled right after.

‘Well, a little touching should be fine.’ Ye Song smiled. He did not want to get sick from controlling his desire too hard.

Ye Song went to practice his basic sword skills everyday after. He utilized his chip well and made his actions much more accurate. It did not take him a long time to finish the 10 thousand times of practice. Ye Song checked his body condition, and he did get a 0.1 increase in strength.

He also collected some data from the people that had similar age as him around. However, those teenagers all had the seeds, and their average body data was over 0.8; gender did not matter. He spent all those time to get the 0.1 increase but it did not even help get to the average level.

The baron and Knight Audis were busy dealing with those random criminals, and they had no time to mentor Ye Song. They gave the duty to Alad. Ye Song was actually happy about it because he needed the basics the most at this point.

For Maggie, Ye Song did not do anything to her after the incident of groping her breasts lightly. He wanted to learn to control his desire. Ye Song told Wade about her mother though, and she got a lighter job. Maggie was thankful about it.

Four days later.

It was early in the dining room of the Rio Castle.

The main members of the family were having the breakfast quietly on a long rectangle wooden table. Ye Song sat on the second seat because he was the one with the most power if the baron was not there. There were two other middle-aged women by his side, and they were the 3rd and 4th wives of the baron.

They looked gentle and beautiful. They were still very polite even when the baron was not here. There were also some children on the table, and they were all wearing noble suits with a black-red color. Celia was also there, and also the boy named Glue Ye Song met on the training grounds.

There were about a total of ten boys and girls there, and they all looked pure and pretty. They sat on their seats and were eating quietly. The only sound Ye Song could hear was the sound of the silverwares made.

Ye Song cut his steak into small pieces, and took a glance around the table. Old Wade was standing behind him, and Wade was the one who would enforce the rights of Ye Song when the baron was not here. Wade was a very skilled fighter, and the baron gave him the order of supporting Ye Song. He was here to make sure no one could rebel against Ye Song.

People around the table were the ones with enough power to be allowed to dine with Ye Song. Maggie and her parents were definitely not in the list.

Angele ate a piece of the beef, and had a sip of the soup.

“What is in today’s soup? It has a very different fragrance than before.” Ye Song asked because he found the taste of the soup a bit interesting.

“The baron caught some red single-eyed snakes the day before, and the chief put them into the soup with some mushrooms.” Old Wade answered politely from the back.

“It has an indescribable taste, but I like it. Red single-eyed snakes? We have those in the forest around the castle?” Ye Song nodded, and he asked.

“Yes, and there are many of them. The snake is filled up with its venom, and it would be very hard to find a cure if you get bitten by it. Hunters hate them. We barely have them on the table too.” Old Wade answered.

“Understood.” Angele grabbed the bowl and took a sip again. His mouth was filled with the soup, and he could taste the umami from it. The soup was creamy and thick, and there were chopped scallions floating on it.

“I want to go out for a while after the breakfast.” Ye Song said.

“It is not safe outside right now, it will be better if you can just stay in the castle…” Old Wade said; he did not like Ye Song’s decision.

“It’s fine, I won’t go too far away. I just want to check out the cavalries’ training ground.” Angele said.

“You can send some people to go with me if you are worried.” Ye Song insisted his decision.

“Okay, please just don’t stay too long out there.” Old Wade nodded his head.

Ye Song nodded his head to show that he understood.

No one talked after their conversation, and the table stayed silent for the rest of the breakfast time.

After having breakfast, Ye Song went straight to the door with two guards following him. Ye Song was considering his plan. He had a crossguard sword on his belt, and a bow with arrows on his back. There were about 50 white-feathered arrows there.

“Are you going to hunt?” A guard asked in a light tone.

“No, just trying to find some small animals to practice my skills.” Ye Song shook his head, and he answered. He was actually staring at the blue-colored data in front of his eyes.

‘Special food resource detected. Type: Meat, snake, named as red single-eyed snake. If you eat 109 of its eyes, your agility will increase by 1.’ Zero reported. This was the reason why Ye Song went out. One agility increase was huge to him. Ye Song would choose this over strength for now. He also wanted to check out his training results after these days, and he wanted to know how much he could do.

It was early in the morning, and there was still fog in the forest. There was an empty ground by the forest, and the cavalry team was already jogging around the ground.

Ye Song went around the ground with the two guards, and they went into the forest. There was only one main road outside the castle, and there were forests on both sides. Ye Song could see mountains far away from here. The cavalry squad did not notice Ye Song and his guards because they were used to it. They had seen Ye Song go out numerous times. However, some of them still saw Ye Song trying to get into the forest.

They were looking at Ye Song curiously. In the castle, many people were unsatisfied with the rules. They did not like Angele because they knew he was very weak. They did not want their castle to be ruined by a playboy like Angele. The cavalrymen that saw Ye Song did not come to greet him, and they would even become happy if Angele died in the forest.

Ye Song did not notice them as he was completely focused on his hunting plans. He did not have great strength, but with the help of the chip, he could perform many actions accurately. Especially his archery skills, he had almost 100% accuracy with the help of the chip. He practiced aiming on the training grounds at night when no one else was around. He could shoot an arrow with absolute precision at a range of 50 metres, and he thought hunting would be no problem to him.

It was about twenty meters in, and one of the guards stopped Ye Song from advancing.

“We should stop here Young Master Angele; we may not be able to protect you if we go in deeper.” The guard said.

“Okay, let’s stop here.” Angele said and smiled. He took his bow out, and grabbed a white-feathered arrow. He then nocked the arrow at the bowstring.

“Stand aside, you two. I am trying to find some targets.” Ye Song ordered.

The two guards looked at each other, and they decided to sit down. They did not want to block Angele’s vision. It was not a deep forest anyway, and it was not dangerous. They were not too worried about it.

“The only creatures here are the red single-eyed snakes and rabbit-umbrella squirrels. Let’s just make sure that no single-eyed snakes will get close.” One of the guards whispered to the other.

The other guard nodded his head.

Ye Song stood on the grass, and he surveyed the surroundings.

“I think my father once hunted a mountain black bear in the forest. Though he got injured severely, the skin of the bear is now a symbol of his power in the castle.” Ye Song said calmly.

“A mountain black bear is one of the strongest animals in the forest, and it is the king of the outer forest. But there is nothing to be worried here, we are two hours away from its activity space. We need to climb over that small hill over there.” One of the guards said but they did not know what Ye Song was trying to say.

One day in this world was 25 hours. Other than that, it was pretty much similar to the “time” on Earth.

“That’s good to know.” Ye Song nodded, and he continued checking his surroundings carefully.

“Though I was not able to take the seed, I am still pretty confident about my archery skills. I think I will get something nice this time.” Ye Song said.

He turned back quickly and shot an arrow right after speaking.

The arrow turned into a white flash in the air, and it hit the tree about ten meters away.

A grey small snake was pinned on the tree, which died within seconds.

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