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Chapter 11 - Proceedings

Chapter 11 - Proceedings

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By the time Ouyang Shuo came into the central chamber, everyone had arrived.

On the front wall of the chamber was a water painting whose painter was unknown, with a few rough lines and pens under it. In the middle of the hall was a red sandalwood chair, with three normal chairs on both sides of it.

To his left, the first seat was held by General Shi, followed by Zhao Dexian and Zheng Shanpao. To his right was Cui Yingyu, followed by Zhao Youfang and Zheng Dahai.

He greeted everyone one by one as he sat down on the chair, saying simply, “Let’s begin. Yingyu, first report on the territories resources to summarize the situation.”

“Yes,” Cui Yingyu stated crisply, standing up. “Our stock of resources is currently as follows: 4750 units of forage and grain, 220 units of wood, 390 units of stone, 450 units of iron. Our resources output is currently: Logging, 100 units of wood per day; quarry, 50 units of stone per day. According to the current progress of our territory, construction is expected to encounter a shortage of wood, and it has been recommended to increase logging operations.”

Hearing her report, Ouyang Shuo did not immediately respond. He had taken the opportunity to look at the few construction blueprints that he had bought from the Basic Market again, and took a look at their construction conditions.

Ferry: Provides transport services on both sides of the river. Construction conditions: Public docks, ferry construction drawings, ferryman, timber 40 units, stone 20 units. Build time: One day.

Basic Terminal: Provides cargo distribution for docked civilian vessels. Construction conditions: terminal construction drawings, timber 400 units, stone 200 units. Construction time: three days.

Basic Shipyard: Constructs ordinary civilian vessels, including ordinary fishing boats and passenger ships. Construction conditions: basic shipbuilder, timber 100 units, stone 50 units. Construction time: two days.

Village Temple: the villagers believe in the land, raises morale of residents. Construction conditions: village temple construction drawings, timber 400 units, stone 350 units. Construction time: two days.

He calculated in his heart. Together with the basic barracks and the 5 civilian squares which had not been calculated, he was very sure about the resources needed for a grade 1 village.

After his calculations were complete, Ouyang Shuo started with this, “I just figured out some statistics a bit. To complete all of the construction projects, the total need for wood is 1240 units, for stone, 760 units. Very good report, very detailed. This does not include the subsequent construction materials of fishing vessels that we will be needing.”

“Our current timber production speed has been unable to keep up with our construction speed, adding to it is imperative. There are a total of 87 people in the territory. In addition to our special talents, 70 of them are farmers. The labor force is still adequate, so I have decided to increase the lumber field to 20 farmers.” Saying that, Ouyang Shuo turned to Zhao Youfang. “Manager Zhao, you have to do a good job of coordinating the workers, work hard to protect our timber supply.”

Zhao Youfang quickly rose and said loudly, “Yes! I will ensure the task is completed!”

Ouyang Shuo smiled, “In addition, your mission from a few days ago, how did it go?”

Zhao Youfang frowned and said, “These days I traveled the territory and found that within our territory there is only the single forest to the west. These woods are only expected to produce 8000 units of wood. Outside our territory, I have not probed because of fear of an accident.”

Ouyang Shuo pondered a moment, looking around the crowd, and said seriously, “Manager Zhao just raised a sharp problem. We are logging and quarrying outside the village, and are vulnerable to beasts and bandits out there. The terminal will be focused on construction of the ferry, but the shipyard and ferry will be outside our current security, and are vulnerable. These will be core industries of the territory, and we must ensure their safe operation.

“I am afraid it is difficult to take care of it all. For now, the top priority is to build the basic military camp, train up some militia, and improve the military strength of the territory.”

Seeing General Shi getting excited, Ouyang Shuo smiled and said to him, “General Shi, the task of forming the militia team, I give to you. Recruitment is set to ten men. From now on, I can promise you that as long as you qualify the men to be soldiers, the work teams of all the departments will release them to you.”

General Shi laughed, and said loudly, “I will no longer be an officer with no men! Please rest assured, Lord, that the final results will be a blood-thirsty and powerful militia, and will not disappoint the trust of the Lord!”

Ouyang Shuo nodded, and turned to Zhao Dexian. He took the building plans for the barracks, ferry, dock, shipyards and village temple out of his resource bag. “Elder Dexian, take the remaining five building plans. Arrange their overall construction order. For the next four days, all of the extra workers that come in, in addition to special talents, will join your construction team.”

Zhao Dexian quickly rose to take the drawings, saying loudly, “As long as the material is supplied in a timely manner, I guarantee that within five days all the buildings will be completed.”

As the Elder took his seat again, Ouyang Shuo continued, “With short-term plans addressed, I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about long term plans, so that everyone has a good idea where we are going. The ocean will be the core of the future development of the territory. Controlling the ocean, we will be able to strangle the trade throat of the world, and occupy the strategic center of the transitional wars in the future.”

“To achieve this strategic goal, we must build a strong sea fleet. Therefore, shipbuilding will become the core industry in the future. We are fortunate that our territory now has a senior shipbuilder.” Ouyang Shuo turned to Zheng Dahai, and said to him, “Master Zheng, I hope that you will be able to quickly find yourself apprentices, and cultivate a number of basic, intermediate, and even advanced shipbuilders.”

Zheng Dahai got up calmly, and said evenly, “I accept the task from sire!”

Ouyang Shuo nodded, looking around. “These proceedings are done for today. The arrangements for the tasks assigned by this meeting will be implemented one by one!”

Everyone else had risen, and said together, “We will live up to the trust sire has given us!”


It was the first year of Gaia, and the first ten days. After four days of construction, the construction projects of the territories were nearing completion.

The ferry, junior barracks, and the remaining five residences had been completed. The basic shipyard, basic docks, and village temple had also entered the finishing stage, and would be completed today.

The ferry had been built on the northern shore of the Friendship River, at the landing location of Ouyang Shuo and General Shi’s raft from the very first day, a very memorable location. With the ferry, they could cross the Friendship River, and explore the hinterlands of the Lianzhou Basin. Shipyards and docks were being built on the eastern side of his territory, near the canyon’s edge.

Over the past four days, sixty more immigrants had arrived, mostly lumberjacks, fishermen, and farmers, along with five special talents. An older man, nearly fifty but hale and hearty, and also easy going, everyone called him Old Man Zhang. Ouyang Shuo put him on the dock for the ferry, where he had once hidden his simple raft.

The biggest harvest was a twenty year old man of clear and beautiful appearance, almost childlike, named Gu Xiuwen. Although he wasn’t a scholar, he had passed the county tests and government assessments, coupled with his grade meant he was already a decently learned man.

What’s more special was that Gu Xiuwen, although he was only a black iron level talent, had a specialty. This showed that he had great potential. With a little training, he could be promoted to silver level at any time.

Name: Gu Xiuwen (Black Iron Level)

Identity: Shanhai Village Clerk

Occupation: Civil Service (Child Born)

Loyalty: 75 Points

Commander: 25 [Force]: 15 [Intelligence]: 35 [Political]: 40

Expertise: Strong knowledge of government (enhances the territory’s administrative efficiency 5%)

Evaluation: A penniless scholar from a poor family, literate and familiar with poetry and literature, and a modest gentleman.

Ouyang Shuo immediately appointed him as the clerk for the territory, responsible for paperwork, population registration and other work, and the first thing he arranged to give him was the task to prepare the population roster of the territory.

Gu Xiuwen could already win an evaluation of a modest gentleman, enough to explain his character. Ouyang Shuo was ready to train him as a future important internal affairs manager, and so he appointed him as a clerk with appropriate duties.

Thinking of the development of the past few days, Ouyang Shuo paced towards the northwest corner of the barracks. Er Wazi was leading two horses behind him, keeping them ready for him.

At the barracks door, General Shi was standing with his ten carefully selected recruits, eagerly waiting for this moment. Seeing Ouyang Shuo, he laughed and said excitedly, “Lord, come, come!”

Looking at the blunt and straightforward expression, Ouyang Shuo felt helpless, he could only smile and say, “Okay, I know you are impatient. I approve their class change, send them in!”

The area of the barracks was not large. The main entrance was a solitary wooden gatehouse, barely enough to deal with arrows. Through the door was a small exercise field.

On the west side of the exercise field, two targets were placed on the south side for practicing archery. On the west of the field were placed half a dozen scarecrows, intended for practicing fighting skills.

There were three rooms in the barracks: The Class Change Chamber, the Meeting Chamber, and the Officer’s Lounge. The east wing of the barracks was the dormitory for the soldiers, basically a large room with beds. The west wing held two rooms, namely a dining hall and armory.

The men came to the Class Change Chamber, and General Shi put his hand on the door, sounding a system prompt.

“System Tip: Congratulations to Player Qiyue Wuyi for opening the Class Change Chamber of the military camp! Commoners can be converted into militia, the cost is ten silver coins! Please select the number to be converted!”

“Ten people!”

“System Tip: The number of people is confirmed, deducting 1 gold coin from player Qiyue Wuyi.”

Ouyang Shuo saw the door slowly open to the Class Change Chamber, it was a dark room, and he could not see within. He arranged the ten farmers in a column, and one by one sent them into the room.

When the first militiaman came out, he already had a new look. His rags had disappeared, replaced by a new linen dress, with a simple leather breastplate. He was holding a simple spear, and his demeanor had become more determined and aggressive.

Ouyang Shuo took the opportunity to check the new soldier’s stats.

Name: Zhang Daniu

Identity: Shanhai Village Militia Team Member

Occupation: Militia

Level: Level 1

Combat Power: 2 points (attack/defense comprehensive index, the standard civilian combat power value is 1)

Consumption: 2 Units Forage / Day

Equipment: Linen Dress, Simple Leather Armor, Simple Spear

Evaluation: Just a peasant, in order to become a qualified soldier, needs long-term rigorous training.

Militia basically gained 1 combat power for every level they had. After it had risen to 10 points, they could make the transfer to a formal soldier, as they could not advance higher otherwise. Turning them into soldiers required an intermediate barracks.

In less than half an hour, all 10 farmers had been turned into militia. Compared to real professional soldiers, they were nothing. But for civilians, militia were dangerous enemies. Ouyang Shuo quickly gathered them into a squad, led by General Shi.

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